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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile


I have a great guest meme from someone who isn’t my species, but who nonetheless is full of silliness!

Gotta give it to these hens, they know how to get your Friday smile working, right?

I’m sure lots of my feline pals are gonna relate to my meme for this Friday.

I knew you would feel my endurance patience wearing thin with that smart phone stuck in my snoozing face!

And you know how humans are always poking fun at us for staring off into to what they think is just space?

Guess they better start thinking twice about makin’ the assumption we aren’t looking at anything. Little do they know.

Hope one of two of these caught your fancy.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile

  1. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Those are all very funny.

  2. Meme away! So cute.

  3. MOL! Those hens made us laugh.

  4. Mew mew mew funny meeMee’ss Savannah! Thee Roosterss are heelareeus an yur meeMee’ss are sue-purr funny!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  5. Love the chickens!!

    Do not let them know what we are looking at!! MOL !!!

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    Those are great 🙂 I often wonder what the cats are staring at so now I know 🙂

  7. Those hens – they are BIRDIES, right?

  8. Oh, I loved the hens one especially!

  9. MOL if the humans spent more time looking and listening they’d see and know more… of course the down side would be we’d need extra cat trees in from of the window as I’m not sharing mine, it would collapse under the weight! MOL
    Toodle pip

  10. Hehehe yep there is always something to look at Savvy

  11. hahaha I agree… there is never a nothing we always watch something :O)

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