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And The Move Is On—


Stop the press!!! Breaking News from Savannah’s Paw Tracks!!!

Our final move to our very own castle, and yes, WE OWN IT!—is taking place as I am typing. I sure do hope you will all forgive me and Mom L for taking a break.

I am announcing today that Savannah’s Paw Tracks will be on break until after July 4th. By then we ought to have all systems go, and I do mean “all” systems. We are moving internet service along with all of my toys, sun puddles and fave food. Oh yeah, and TKS will be taking along her own fave toys and stuff.

TKS and I are getting pretty stressed with all the comings and goings but Mom L and Dad P leave us with some special music selected specifically for “Cat’s Ears”. We are chillin’ with this music while they are out and about.

Of course Summer has arrived in full force during the very week we move. Our temps are gonna be around 106 F (41C) for the next several days. Needless to say, we are all trying hard to keep cool.

I sure do appreciate your patience with this short break.




Your Friday Memes Are Here!


Clearly this week The Kid Sage has a message to deliver to our Mom L and Dad P.

Yup! TKS is setting her boundaries before this big and last move gets going. So do you think she is being too demanding??

And for those who may not know about what a “pinky swear” means—here is the definition: “To pinky swear, or to make a pinky promise, is the entwining of the little fingers/little claws of two entities to signify that a promise has been made.”

I’m thinking Dad P better be sure his end of this “pinky swear” hold up! Don’t ya think???

And I have a guest photo but I do not have the name of the guest. I am pretty embarrassed but the photo has no blog name or kitty name but the photo just begged to be made into a meme!!

Now don’t you think this is a purrfect meme quality photo??

And of course, I, HRH Princess Savannah, who never ever does a single thing out of line—must ask that my pals stand with me in my declaration of complete absence of any misbehavior!

I believe one must protect oneself from such aggressive behavior on the part of any and all “products” in one’s own home—what say you all???


Come Fly With Me!


My posts are getting shorter and shorter the closer our move comes. I’m gonna join BlogPaws’ Wordless Wednesday blog hop and leave you with my latest Super Cat image. My flying invisibility cape is gonna have to be in top working order to get me from this castle to my next one. And it’s sure to be a happy landing!

I can see my flight path now!

I am getting pretty excited about taking the trip to my new castle. And just to think, I won’t have to pack up my stuff anymore ‘cuz this is our home, we own it!! APAWS!

Paw the badge and look for me on the Worldless Wednesday Blog Hop at BlogPaws social media site.


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