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Nine Reasons Cats Need Carpet on Stairs


Now I know lots of my pals do not have homes that have two or more levels so’s you don’t have the option of getting carpeted stairs installed. BUT—if you could—would these reasons help you convince your humans to add stairs somewhere for you?

One: Chin Rest

Chin rest while napping

Two: Sun shade

Shade from sun puddles that are too hot

Three: Nap cushion.

Cat napping on cushy carpet

Four: Recon tower

Reconnaissance post to know when breakfast is being served

Five:  TV review

Television overview to insure “age appropriate” viewing

Six: Massage table

Ahhhh—that’s just the spot between my shoulders

Seven: Sun puddle lounge

May I borrow your sun shades?

Eight:  Surveillance post

I can see all TKS’ actions from here

Nine: Cat tower!

A place to play with a fur buddy

The not so fur friendly stairs are always those like I had in our last rental home. Hard, unfurriendly, narrow, and no light.

Non friendly feline stairs

How do you like your stairs if you have them?


PeeEss—our foster boys are still with us.

Friday Memes Will Always Be Here


Ahem…koff…koff. Well I did not mean to trouble my loyal readers with my last post where I mention I am not sure if I outta blog anymore. Ya see, I write for all of YOU! And I didn’t know or understand I have such loyal readers no matter the numbers. So as long as I have pals who come by from time to time, I let Mom L know I wanna keep my bloggy goin’ for now. Purrs to all of you who left so many appreciative comments.

I am having a nap in our new bedroom chair. Don’t I look great on it? Unfortunately Dad P thought my dark gray furs might stick so now I have a bright turquoise beach towel spread over it and frankly, I think I look fab!

Now for the memes. My readers know how much I totally luvluvluv my peacock feathers. My BFGF Cathy Keisha gave a shout out to Mom L when I first came to live here to let her know I probably couldn’t refuse one and CK was right!

As all house panthers know, the human celebration of all hallows eve is coming up and bein’ a totally black cat is not always safe. What do you think of TKS’ attempt to blend into the furniture as a way of keepin’ outta the way for this human event?

And lots of you wanna keep up on the future of our two foster brothers so I thought you might get a kick outta seein’ the inside of their “actual” relationship!!

There you have it, Friday Memes are alive and well!


Monday Meowsie News: We Are Fosters!


Yep, you heard me right. Mom L and Dad P agreed to let me and TKS foster the two brothers from my blog post Part One: Snipping a Budding Cat Colony!!

Here are the two brothers, five months old, that TKS and I asked to foster. Aren’t they just darling!! Why I could simply turn them both into white kitties with my very special HHHSSSSSSSSS!

First up is Rocky “Rock Star”!

And next is Jessie “James”!

These two little cutie pies have been residing in my very special, healing and comforting palace for ONLY FOUR days, and already they have become more bonded and way more social with just about any biped that comes into their sanctuary AKA My Office!.

Yep, that’s them after their first day ever at a Petco Cat Adoption event. They hugged and groomed each other and then finally Rocky just hung his right paw around Jessie’s neck to let Jessie know “I got’chur back bro'”!

So Rocky and Jessie are living in my palace until the end of October. After that, I am not sure what else we can do to get them adopted. You see, I am not very happy with new kitties in my palace and I am not eating and starting to upchuck my food more often. And even TKS is not playing as much as she used to.

For now, I have asked Mom L if I can take a break from my blog and she agreed. I know I have been ever so absent from all my pals blogs’ comments and visits for over the last two years. So there is lots more going on for me than just the fosters. I think I have run “outta juice” so to speak. Not much more for me to share with all my few readers that is interesting. So unless I can come up with a blog content that is worthy of growing my readership, I may take a final bow, drop that mike and say “thank you” for sticking with me for my short time living in Blogville.

Hope to see you all in future.


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