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Used Cats R Better Than Used Cars


High mileage cats still run great.

Just like certified pre-owned cars! They aren’t at a shelter because they are defective or worn out. They may have simply outlived their former owners or been unable to join them at a hospital, nursing home, or new apartment.  Some cats get lost and end up at a shelter.  And many are brought to a shelter simply because the family doesn’t want them anymore…not their fault…just happens like I think it did for me…

BUT…you can usually get them for a low down payment (called adoption fee) and 0% financing! And they are certified—so have had their multi point inspections–spayed, neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to roll!!

Test drive one today…visit your local rescue shelter, nonprofit rescue group, or wherever you can check out certified pre-owned cats and dogs!

Einstein knew the truth about cats.

The genius scientist Albert Einstein discovered an important relationship between mass and energy. He described it using the mathematical equation E= (MC) 2. This equation means that your Energy level (E) is proportional to the Mass (M) of your Cat (C), twice over. The equation basically shows that if you adopt a cat with more Mass, like an adult cat, your Energy level will be much higher than if you adopt a cat with a low Mass, such as a kitten.

With an adult cat, you will sleep better, relax more, make fewer claims on your homeowner’s policy, and enjoy more Energy. There you have it. Are you going to argue with Albert Einstein?


THE most important reason…

to adopt an older cat is:

It might be their last chance.


My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter

My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter


 Without Contra Costa Humane Society…and their great place for cats like me…Kitty Corner…I would’a been toast in about 24 hours!

Paw Pats, Savannah

10 thoughts on “Used Cats R Better Than Used Cars

  1. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man on said:

    Oh, we love this!!!

  2. Not all humans know that cats are getting 15 to 16 years old – on AVERAGE. They think cats only live short lives I surprise some fellow humans when I mention my (now again) 2 will live for a lot more years to come (hopefully).
    So I think humans, who come to a cat shelter and have never had a feline before, opt for the younger ones not only because of natural kitty cuteness but also because they are afraid their new cat will cross the rainbow bridge to soon if they chose a grown up.

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  4. Bravo! Certified pre-owned cat? Hilarious! Ol’ K DD was well past middle age when we became roommates–thanks to the fantastic Alley Cat Allies who saved her from her shady lifestyle on the streets of DC…9 glorious years later she’s still as saucy as ever! I wouldn’t trade her for a swimming pool full of kittens. Although that DOES sound awesome.

  5. My human wants me to tell you that if she could, she would adopt them all.

    I think it’d be cool to have so many bothers and sisters around. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want them to take all my toys… hmmm I can share for a while but Spartacat is ALL mine!

  6. Peter on said:

    Nannah – U are so right. Older cats are so cool. And ya know, it often takes a little more patience and love with a kitty with a few miles on him or her than it does with a little cute kitten with no hard knocks from life, but there’s nothing like making a break through with a scared to death certified cat who just wants to be cared for and is too frightened to show it. So hang in there all you out there looking for a home. Some understanding, caring person will come along and BINGO! Love, Dad

  7. We hope all these fabulous senior citizens find a forever home like you did Savannah – and me too, although I’ve been here for twelve years so I was a tiny baby when my parents got me from the shelter. Maybe these little “highlights” you’ve got on this special new page will help them! We REALLY hope so!! 😀


    • You are so understanding…and luck you were picked when you were so small. Those of us who are lost, lonely, and without a home and over the age of 1year fast become the “forever unwanteds” ‘cuz humans seem to think we can’t change, or don’t want to play anymore…can’t be cute and so on. YOU totally know…we are cool cats forever…enjoy that Spring yard…S

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