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Caturday Review Day

Hiya! Savannah Here!

I was looking over some of my first posts, which I have already shared a little while I was moving…anywho…and I rediscovered one of my fave pages…

“Used Cats R Better than Used Cars”…it is found under my menu “Stuff I Luvluvluv”…but you can just click on the title and head straight over to it…

I hope you will “click” the linky and read my thinking about adopting adult rescue cats.

AND…here is a cute video of another resident at my former shelter, Kitty Corner…Sheba is 8 years old. She came to us with her sister and someone adopted her sis, but would not take Sheba too…sigh…they said they didn’t want to have to clean more litter boxes…oh well.  So Sheba is not a ‘laid back’ Senior Ladycat…check out her play moves…

Have a relaxing Caturday, Paw pats, Savannah

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20 thoughts on “Caturday Review Day

  1. rykersboyz on said:

    Way ta go Sheba! You show ’em those senior cat moves! Wishing a furever home for her really soon!

  2. Sheba is beautiful!
    My humans first wanted to adopt an adult cat after we lost Grouik. But since Milou and I were both adults already, there was a possibility that we wouldn’t accept an adult kitty (especially Milou if you ask me), so they opted for the kitten.

  3. Sheba is a wonderful girl!!! …and wow you have your own paw-screen that’s cool!

  4. Charlotte on said:

    Thank you for sharing Savannah:) Wishing you a good evening and a wonderful Sunday! Nose kisses!

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    Hello swwet savannah! As you may have noticed, my Staff has been a little UNCOOPERATIVE of late and I am going to have to discipline her rather severely if she does not straighten up and do my bidding! Is that an iPad you are playing with?? Katie Isabella has a post today of her very nice PAINTING and I has the jealous. Oh, and GO GIANTS!!!

  6. We hopes Sheba finds a forever home soon. She sure is cute, it is too bad she couldn’t stay with her sister. ~Scylla

  7. Hope you have a nice Caturday AND Sunday Savannah! Sheba looks like she’s got PLENTY of mileage left on her for sure!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  8. We giggled at the “high milage” on a used cat…The Baby is nearly 13 and she’s a TERROR with da bird!

  9. Hey beautiful have a chilled day xxx

  10. Check out those moves! What a pretty girl Sheba is.

  11. That Sheba is a cutie fur sure! Have a fun weekend Savannah!

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