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Momma Kat (aka Mandy) Is Home


I won’t keep you in suspense. Mandy, as I have named Momma Kat, will remain for the rest of her life in the care of her foster human. The foster human is also keeping all five of her kittens for as long as they live. It was determined by the foster that the tightly bonded family would suffer too much anguish if they are split apart.

Mom L has tried to get contact with their now permanent guardian in order to deliver Mandy’s Hope Chest. We have had no response after a few attempts to reach out to schedule delivery.

So I made another decision. I told Mom L it was time to find another cat who is as deserving as Mandy to give the hope chest items to. I’m sure Mandy won’t mind and would approve of the two adult male cats I have chosen.

We have never been able to get updated photos of Mandy and her five kittens, who are about ten to eleven months old now. But I thought you would enjoy viewing those that we have collected over the course of this story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alas, none of the five kittens have been given names either. The rescue organization and foster human decided that this family of six did not need to be separated to assist them in becoming more socialized to humans. They have therefore become more bonded to each other and even other cats in this home. They did not want to hurt the cats’ feelings by separating them. The foster believes separating them might mean taking a chance that someone might grow tired of them or decide to get rid of them which would leave them with never seeing their siblings again and years of loneliness and even pain.

The rescue did not promote Mandy or her kittens through their network of supporters since last summer. We do not know why. They have been listed on Pet Finder and the other cat rescues Mom L got to courtesy post them on their own websites. And of course, Mandy has been hugely promoted by all of you! Thank you for trying to help her.

I don’t know about you kitties and woofies reading this ending to Momma Kat’s Mandy’s story, but I don’t think we have the same feelings about sticking with our birth family as humans do. We are not the same as hawks, wolves, Sandhill cranes and others who mate for life. We are not like Elephants, wolves and Kangaroos who stick to our birth parents for a year or longer.

We can be separated and once placed in a loving home with a safe space in which to live and food to eat, we do not look back over our tails to see what happened to our siblings, or even our parents.

This makes me wonder if humans all too often attach their own feelings to us rescue cats and make decisions for our care based on what “they” would want. What about what “we” want like our very own humans to give us chin scritches and laps to nap on?

Please help me figure this out by leaving a comment to answer this question.

Can humans assign too many of their own range of “feelings” like “anger”, “guilt”, “sad”—to rescue cats, when considering a best placement for them?

Now allow me to introduce you to the two adult shelter rescue cats I have chosen to be recipients of Mandy’s hope chest. It will be split between them. (please do paw each photo to bigify—worth it!)

Charming Jack aka CJ

His rescue organization describes him and his story—“This poor little guy was brought in to a county shelter assumed to have been hit by a car and with his right rear leg in bad shape.  After being evaluated by specialists, it was determined that surgery could not fix the bad break and an amputation was necessary.  Three sturdy legs later, this guy is all purrs, pets and affection!”

Happily I can report that CJ has just been adopted into a marvelous home!!


Dad P provided limo service for Bailey when he went in for one of his checkups. His rescue organization describes him and his story.

“Once being fed as a stray cat, a woman found him in bad shape one day with his right eye badly damaged and his jaw out of alignment.  Taken to a public shelter, it appeared he’d been hit by a car and immediate care was needed.  His right eye was beyond repair and was promptly removed and his jaw was realigned and sutured as it heals.  Yet despite all of this, nothing slows his purrmotor down, nor his muffin-making with his paws in total contentment.  He is such an amazing soul!”

So there you have it! The hope chest contents are still going to adult shelter rescue cats who have survived being hit by a car—just like courageous Mandy!

Don’t forget to answer my question in comments. Here it is again—

Can humans assign too many of their own range of “feelings” like “anger”, “guilt”, “sad”—to rescue cats, when considering a best placement for them?


A Real Rescue Cat Is Talking


I am the cat you saw on Savannah’s blog for Sunday Selfie. Bet you are all curious how she came to know me, right?

Super Cat

This is the photo before I had Mom L apply some cool filters and whatnot. I was not having a fun time when she took this photo.

Super cat at clinic

Savannah asked me to come back again as a guest so I can share my rescue story. Mom L was helping out as usual at the Kitchen Cat Clinic that Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) hosts almost every week in Miss Gemma’s kitchen. Doc Josie is a feline cat vet, retired, and she gives her veterinary skill and expertise to CC4C. I think that is pretty cool, don’t you?

One week ago today, I was the first cat to be placed in a carrier on the table. I was supposed to be patient number one that day. But, I had other thoughts about that so as soon as my rescue humans placed me and my carrier on the table, I began my low warning growl.

The growl beging

You know the one I mean don’t you? Cats and woofies alike have a special low growl to warn others that we aren’t comfortable. And kitties and woofies I can tell you I was totally not having a good feeling at that point in time.

Because my warning growl was pretty consistent, Doc Josie and Miss Gemma decided that my exam ought to be carried out at my vet appointment which was on the same day.

Now how did I come to be with those humans, in that carrier, at that cat clinic?

Let me tell you the story of my amazing rescue! I found myself sitting beside the off ramp of a busy freeway on a very hot day about a month ago.

That ramp was scary

There I was, sitting there near some shrubs, watching all those fast moving cars whiz off that freeway and down the ramp. I had no idea what I was going to do. I hadn’t had much to eat, no water and as I said, it was hot, hot, hot!

Then I saw a car go by, but not quite as fast as the others. I could tell the lady was saying “Is that a cat??!!” I wanted to jump up and down to let her know—YES!! I AM A CAT!! HELP ME!!

But that car was quickly gone. Bummer! But then I thought, “wait a minute, what if they are going to come back?” I started to worry that maybe they wouldn’t see me clearly again—hmmmm—then I realized that I ought to be on the other side of that busy freeway off ramp.

So, I hunkered down low to be able to see how much space between cars I might have, and it was not an encouraging site I can tell you. I paced a bit thinking about just how to make that dash for my life across that ramp.

Well, I realized I did have nine lives so maybe if I used up a couple getting across that would be ok. Next thing I knew, I was taking a great old big deep breff, I watched the cars a moment more and then ZZIIIIIIIPPPP! I ran for my life across the ramp and landed with a big kerplop on the other side.

Whew! I made it! I think I might have seen a couple of my nine lives thinking about taking off as I sailed under and through those cars. But they must have thought the better of it and those two lives stuck around to see what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, that same car came back and pulled off the ramp to the side where they saw me. YAY!!! They found me!! Now I had to let them know how much I really wanted to get out of there and go with them to be safe.

So the man, Mr David, came over to me but he stopped and seemed hesitant because I had my mouth open and I was panting. Well, you know I said it was hot, hot, hot, right? Add that to my dash for life across the ramp and you can bet I was panting!

Just to make Mr David feel appreciated, I started to weave in and out and around his legs. You know that trick, right? I kept doing that to let him know I was really a good kitty. He still wasn’t sure. Mr. David hollered over the traffic noise to his really nice wife, Miss Jan and asked what they should do. Miss Jan thought for a split second and then she made the decision to scoop me up in her arms and get me into their car!!! And Mr David jumped in too and we were off!!

I was safe!!!!!

There you have it everyone. The story of my rescue thanks to Miss Jan and Mr David. They took me home and set me up in their garage all nice and comfy.  I couldn’t go inside because their resident cat who is sixteen years old, had never really been around other cats.

Liking the garage

But then they worried I wouldn’t get exercise while they were working to find a rescue group to help them find a home for me. And they could tell that I was a mancat who had never been neutered. Probably my large size and handsome head gave me away, although they did take a couple of looks under my tail. Not sure for what though. Anyway, they knew I needed exercise so they went shopping just for me!

And this is how I came by the name of Super Cat!

Super Cat arrives

Yes! I gave no resistance to getting into that harness and had no problem walking along on the leash. I was after all, safe!!

One more photo of Super Cat

But I still did not have a forever home. So CC4C committed to help Miss Jan and Mr David find me an adopter. They became very close to me and wanted my home to be special. Mr David put my Super Cat photo on his Face Book page and on the Next Door Neighbor network. He and Miss Jan took me to a Petco and voila!! A nearby neighbor of theirs saw me on Face Book and she and her husband wanted me!! That’s right! This mancat who was tossed away on the side of a freeway off ramp now had a family that wanted him—ummm—I mean “me”.

As Savannah always says, I have a HAPPY TAILS ENDING!!


NEVER FORGET MOMMA KAT—still not adopted nor any of her five kittens, now six months old

Momma kats search badge


Announcement! My Guest Sunday Selfie Is…


Hope you all remember by last Sunday Selfie Guest…an unknown kitten with an unknown fur color. Here she is again.

Let me know in comments if you think this kitten is one of the following:

  1. multi-color cow kitten
  2. calico
  3. white with “shabby chic” accents
  4. no clue

Just say the number in comments and I will let ya know what my readers’ consensus is about what color furs this sweet kitten is showing off on my Monday blog post!!

Come on Doc, just get it over with, ok?

Come on Doc, just get it over with, ok?

Most of you thought she is likely a calico cat, which is certainly possible and what Mom L thought too. But her tail resembled a tabby cat!!

My tail is showing

One comment from my gal pals Scylla and Chimera from ATCAD blog suggested she actually resembles a Turkish Van cat. I went to Ms Wikipedia and I must say, this kitten DOES resemble the “Tortie” fur color of a Turkish Van cat! (photo courtesy of By 3Leonards – en wikipedia, Public Domain)


This cutie was one of three kittens getting their vaccinations, blood draw for snap test and worming at Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) special Kitchen Cat Clinic hosted by Ms Gemma, President of CC4C, and Ms Josie, retired cat specialist Vet, Mom L’s good friend.

Mom L had not been for several weeks so this week was especially important. Mom L was able to visit with and take photos of several special younger patients. One of whom was of course, my guest for my Sunday Selfie entry this week. Here are her litter mates.


Aren’t they a gorgeous threesome?! There was a really nice tortie girl too, but she was a bit older. And Doc Josie’s reassurances didn’t make her feel a whole ton better!

What'd'ya want lady??

What’d’ya want lady??

Of course she soon learned what Doc Josie wanted and Ms Tortie was none too pleased.

hey Doc, how's about we trade places!

hey Doc, how’s about we trade places!

One more young’in was up for her blood draw and she took it like a champ!

Let's get this part over with, OK?

Let’s get this part over with, OK?

Sorry I was late getting back to you all with the outcome of my little poll from my Sunday Selfie, but wasn’t it worth the wait?


PeeEss—UPDATE TWO #MOMMAKAT  Momma Kat now has her very own set of homemade cat toys and nip mat made special for her by Miss Ellen from 15 And Meowing!!! APAWS!!

Momma Kat is still searching. Mom L is is helping me work on creating a very special #MommakatssearchHOPE CHEST for her to take to her new home. If you know of any brands who might be willing to donate any of the following, or anything at all, please let Mom L know at rodgerslcr at gmail dot com

  • three to six months wet food supply
  • bundle of toys (after all she is only two!)
  • three months litter supply
  • litter box and related items
  • water fountain
  • food dishes free from whisker fatigue
  • cat scratchers
  • cat bed
  • cat tree

Thanks to the  moon and back to all of you who have so graciously and kindly been consistently promoting #mommakatssearch for her forever home. I will be starting another push as soon as I have some items in her #MommakatsserachHOPECHEST.



Momma kats search badge

Purrs to all for helping #mommakatssearch

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