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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here ya go my pals—Friday smiles are back again! And our foster Kit Katie sure is adding some spice to our lives!

Yup! KK is learning fast just what  “hiss” smells like and she is gettin’ em up close and personal. She is getting right up to us before we hiss. Heck, it’s hard to not kind’a feel for the little kid. We know she just wants to be friends and snuggle and all that stuff. But as for me, I am just not gonna have it.

Even though my humans don’t do that “work” stuff anymore, I still don’t think Monday’s outta be allowed on the calendar! What do you guys think?

MOL!!! KK is just not gonna leave well enough alone! First she  “casually” stretches out her legs  thinking I won’t know what her real motive is. And yes, she got a hiss and a “fake” smacky paw outta that one.

Hope you have a smile going now to make your Friday a good one.


Katie still has had NO ONE inquire about her for adoption. Please do share her Petco Re-homing link and keep her badge on your blog to cheer her on. Appreciate your help.

Petco link:

Why did you return us? Update Katie and Lilly


Getting right to the point—Katie and Lilly were returned to Contra Costa Humane Society on Wednesday, February 20. They were adopted by a young family that just knew these two bonded young cats were purrfect for their family. They were adopted on January 11. This family had the girls for five weeks.

First up, let’s get past the blame. Let’s all look at how we manage the adoption counseling process for kittens. adult cats who have been fostered by loving care givers. This family thought they could manage having the older girl being shy and they would win her over. They could teach their very young children how to play carefully with the younger girl. None of that proved doable. No one is to “blame”.

But, how do we help kittens and adult cats who have suffered trauma at the hands of humans get adopted by truly willing and caring guardians who are committed to the cats they adopt for the long term? Give me your thoughts in comments please! We need to get better at selecting adoptive families!!

Truth be told, Mom L and Dad P and I have no idea. Everyone tried to do their best. But in the long and short term, when humans fail to be caring, patient guardians, the cats they adopt—no matter their age—are the collateral damage.

Long story short, Mom L and Dad P had to make the painful decision to separate Katie and Lilly. Lilly is still very outgoing, although she does now have issues with “stress biting” after having been played with by the children with their hands—nonetheless she is highly adoptable. Katie remains, with any other humans than Mom L and Dad P, shy and fearful.

Lilly remains at Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner, where she will likely be adopted quickly. PAWS CROSSED.

Lilly is no longer the skinny lanky youngster she was six weeks ago. She is still her same feisty self!

But seriously, how can Mom L and Dad P be the ONLY humans that sweet, lovable Katie can feel comfy with??

Yep, that is just the right touch

It doesn’t take rocket science to learn how to give a very scared and shy kitty some space to become comfortable with human touch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If any of my remaining readers have any suggestions about how we can best promote Katie’s adopt-ability, and show off her true loving self, please leave a comment or message Mom L.

We cannot, and I mean CANNOT, give Katie her long desired permanent home. She deserves humans who are younger who will not likely leave her before she is herself a “senior” gal. Yep, I said that honestly and Mom L and Dad P gave me permission to say so. Mom L and Dad P are in their seventies and Katie will likely outlive them.

Katie is playful, energetic, even with her permanent limp on her right front leg; likely from a birth defect or lack of care from being born in a hoarder’s household.

Katie had only been back with Mom L and Dad P for about six hours and she was already giving them her tummy for full on tummy rubs. How hard is that???

I will be creating a badge for Katie’s Adoption Campaign and I hope my readers will display it on their blogs, Face Book pages and Tweets. Please help us give Katie her chance for a loving, permanent home.


Did you have a busy weekend? We did!!


Our week-o-end was all about getting our two special irritating foster kittens adopted. Mom L and Dad P took the two kittens to their first two adoption days this Saturday and Sunday at a local Petco store.

You can tell from the photos that sweet Katie, the ten month old survivor from the apartment hoarding place, just shut down on her first day. It was really tough on her. Katie was only five months old when Mom L and Dad P rescued her and she had already had a litter of kittens ‘cuz Mom L could see she had been lactating very recently. Katie has had a struggle to overcome her five months of tragic abuse.

Katie terrified at being in a new environment

Now little Lilly, about eighteen weeks old, at first thought this was gonna be an adventure, so she was willing to check out what was going on.

Hey guys, can I get outta here?

And then Lilly retreated to her comforter, her Auntie Katie and the two hung together for the duration of two afternoon spent at an adoption site at a Petco.

Thankfully we have each other

It will be a long road to getting these two now very bonded kittens adopted. But more about that later.

Mom L also helped one of the local colony feeders get a new cat in for spay, only to learn this cat had a microchip!! Well, her name is Lily, she was adopted at our local animal services just about a year ago and the people and phone numbers on that chip said “not my cat”. So this sweet kitty is now available for adoption at our local animal services by December 12.

What do you mean ? I had a family and they abandoned me???

My last news update is about Stan the mancat. Unfortunately Stan does not appreciate being in the animal shelter…duh!!!???  So he is starting to “stress bite” anyone who pets him. He doesn’t break skin, just gives “firm bitey bites”. So after serious soul searching, Mom L and Dad P decided to return Stan to his former caretakers. They are a really nice family who are welcoming Stan back with open arms. We are donating an outdoor house for Stan and some food to get the family started.

I just luvluvluv humans!! and pets!!

I will have a SPECIAL BLOG POST on Monday, December 17 about a fund raiser to help my Paw It Forward work with our two current foster kittens, Katie and Lilly. Please do put this on your calendar as a “must read”!!


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