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Gotta Luv My BFGF!


I just wanna do a special post to give a great big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to my BFGF (best feline girl friend) Stunning Cathy Keisha and TW, her office admin.

I was pretty bummed that Mom L couldn’t get to Blog Paws this year, what with my blog being a finalist cause blog and all. But especially because TW was gonna be there with plush CK and plush Savvy really wanted to have a nice long BFGF chat. Alas, that never happened—BUT!

TW and plush CK did manage to score some really nice items for me and TKS and Mom L at the Cat Lounge. The cat nip we got was premium grade and Mom L has been stuffing it in lots of our refillable toys. But plush CK picked out these really cool ‘nip sticks that really got TKS going!

OMC!! This is like totally delish!

TKS could barely take a breath she was so caught up in this nip toy.

Puff, puff…I’m afraid to let go cuz I might loose this nip delight!

Then when I pawed into the room she really became paranoid.


I said “ok, ok Kid, don’t get your furs all in a knot!” I did have my time with this delish nip toy and I also enjoyed it lots. In fact we are still having a heck of a good time with it, so thanks a ton BFGF for thinkin’ of us at Blog Paws!!

And TW did not leave out Mom L! When Mom L saw what TW had scored for her, Mom L was over the moon with squealing and delight. She totally luvluvluvs her bright TNR t-shirt and the Triple T Studios cat necklace is a really pretty piece of jewelry. Mom L wears it lots and lots.

Great message and the necklace is so lovely

Of course Mom L was registered so she was able to get Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head to pick up her swag bag. We asked that she not mail it to us until after our big move. Another shout out of appreciation for Miss Janet for taking the time to send that big bag off to us!

Being a member of this cat blogging community is the reason I am trying to get back to my blogging and writin’ about the rescue causes I want to share with all of you. I sure am one fortunate cat to have pals like all of you.


Over the Threshold and Through the Door We Go


Catchy title don’t you think? Well, it’s about time I give you a peek at some of the incredible progress I have been making since we moved to our permanent home. Mom L thinks this home is changing all of us in lots of cool ways, and me especially.

I We have this really nice small balcony off of my our master bedroom. It was made especially charming when we had the redwood replaced to clean up some dry rot. Anyway, now it’s all nice and whatnot, Mom L used some gift cards Dad P got a while back to purchase a nice little table and chairs for them to enjoy having coffee on said balcony in the mornings.

Guess who they invited to join them the first time they used the balcony? Yup! Me and The Kid Sage. Now unfortunately when they made this invite, I was down stairs taking my second nap so TKS was the first to be invited OUTSIDE!

Hey! This air smells really fresh!

TKS enjoyed herself lots as she explored the balcony and what lies beyond and under it.

Is that our master bedroom on the other side? Am I outside??

Silly cat. She knew she was taking the big step to the outside.

Gosh, I can see all of our patio and the water.

And then she made a most remarkable discovery.

Hey Dad P! I can see through this crack all the way down!!

At least she didn’t forget about me getting my chance to be outside.

‘Scuse me, I’m gonna go get Savvy so she can be outside too.

I don’t know if TKS was ever outside before she came to live at my castle. But I sure was outside way more than I wanted to be. So being outside hasn’t been at the top of my priority list, na’mean?? I spent enough time outside trying to fend for myself and it wasn’t pretty. But, Mom L offered me the decision to be outside with her.

What Mom L? I know the door is open.

I could feel the really fresh air and I knew there was no screen between me and that redwood deck.

I don’t know if I wanna go out. Been there, done that

I took my time thinking through my choices.

Oh alright. I’ll come outside and have a look see just to please TKS.

I knew TKS was gonna interrogate me once I went back downstairs, so I took a little “walk about”.

Hmmm…looks like the neighbors have some pretty flowers on their patio.

Mom L wasn’t expecting me to do a critique of our out doors area, but hey? She invited me out, right?

Mom L? What don’t we have any pretty flowers for me and TKS to enjoy on our patio?

Ok, ok—maybe I was to quick to judge. I know we haven’t been here that long and Mom L has been busy with other stuff. So I moved right along.

Wow! I can see the water even better from here! Is that a fishie I saw jumpin’??

No kidding, we have fish in our fresh water marina and people fish for the fishies all the time from their boat docks. Our water moves all day long with the tides from the two river delta area.

I was very relaxed being outside once again, much to Mom L’s relief and mine. I am growing in my confidence every day since we moved here. Why I even allowed one of Mom L’s friends to pet me last week. In fact, I INVITED her to join me on my our new living room area rug to rub my whole body, give me ear rubs AND I let her pet my tummy!! Yes, I really did!! That, my pals, is progress!!


Tips for Successfully Moving Two Cats


Now these are my tips based on my experience of having been moved three times in less than five years. I know lots of you have your own tips that make moving cats successful so let me know in comments what’cha think of mine AND what else do you wanna add?  Oh, and of course this is about moving cats who are “indoor only”.

Tips for moving two cats to a new home

  1. Before you even consider making an offer, make sure the prospective home will be cat friendly for your indoor cats. Dad P tracked where the sun would come up and set over any home they considered to insure he could determine if we had enough sun for ample sun puddles.
  2. Making offers on a home and then waiting to learn if we got it was so stressful on Mom L and Dad P. But, they made sure to not raise their voices in front of the cats.
  3. Even while packing keep places where you have routinely played with the cats moving box free. Keep your bedroom, living room and at least one other space free from strange boxes. Never leave boxes surrounding any litter box.
  4. Stop and play with the cats whenever they approach you and ask for your attention. This helps reassure us cats that we are still keeping some routine in our lives.
  5. Keep meal time on time and stress free.
  6. Pack like a demon during the day but keep evening free for relaxing with the cats and play time.
  7. If the home you are leaving is going to be rented again or sold, do not allow prospective buyers, real estate agents or the landlord to convince you that “oh your cats will be safe, we won’t let them out so you can go ahead and leave.” HAH! One of you remain with the cats at all times.
  8. Plan ahead for what you will do with the cats on  move day. Prepare their safe space in advance, not the day of the move.
  9. Move day, make sure movers do not arrive before the cats’ breakfast time. Normal start to their day. Then gently but swiftly move them to their prepared safe space where they will remain while movers are in the house. Be sure to tape a Mover Warning Sign on the door of the room which is your cats’ safe space. Here is Mom L’s standard warning sign and she literally walks all movers involved to that door and reads the warning to them. She keeps direct eye contact so they know she is not kidding but she also uses a friendly voice. Works every time.

10. Ask movers to put your bedroom furniture on the truck last so it will be the first to come off. As soon as the master bedroom furniture is off the truck make sure it is placed exactly where you want it in your master bedroom. Make the bed then get a cat tree or two in the room, food and water dishes, treats, litter box etc. Hopefully you have already brought over your clothes so the closet is filled with things that smell like you.

Be sure the cats have safe spaces in the bedroom, like cat beds in the closet, etc. Finally, go back to the old home and collect the cats and bring them to the already completed bedroom which is filled with familiar things and smells. The movers will continue to unpack the remainder of the home but the cats will be chilling in a space they are already somewhat familiar with.

Well, those are my tips for how to move two cats successfully. That’s what Mom L and Dad P have done every time we have moved and it works like a charm. And this time we didn’t even need to stay in our “safe space” bedroom for twenty four hours—before we have stayed for a couple of days. By the second morning I was making a lot of complaints about being left in the bedroom.

Dad P and Mom L said enough is enough and after they had all the furniture in place so the rooms looked a bit familiar, they opened the door for us to begin exploring.

Guess who was first out that door?

Yep! Just like our last move I went first and The Kid Sage stuck close to my tail.

Lots of my “first day in new home” photos will be blurred. Mom L and Dad P only had their smart phones and well—I was hustling right along to see my new forever and ever home! You can see me moving pretty quick in this short video.

I’ll share some really fun and funny insights into our special moving day on my next Monday blog. TKS and I have had some pretty special moments during this time of adjustment and you won’t wanna miss out hearing all about some of them.

Thanks for dropping by to visit.


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