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Selfie On New Ekwipmint


Well it is about time! That’s all I can say. Finally Mom L invested in a new ‘puter for me which of course I will allow her to use when she isn’t doing writing for me. We are both trying to get used to the humongous new monitor. It makes everything like waaaaaaay bigger.  Mom L needs to move her chair back like 24 cat paws to see it!

I did manage to get my Sunday Selfie done and I went through a few filters and whatnot on LunaPic. Hope you enjoy the three I created for you.

My original photo showing off my flirty self and my white tankini on my tummy

Now for the dramatic black and white version.

Whoa! I am showing off my white paws

The third effect is an attempt to draw out the dramatic impression of my eyes—so how did I do with this one?

Drama is in my eyes

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Wordless Tells a Story


I would really appreciate learning from readers who view this post as to just what you believe The Kid Sage is thinking.

Sometimes words just get in the way of enjoying a moment.


I am joining BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Paw the badge to have a look at lots of wordless meaningful blog posts.

Two Species Selfie


It isn’t easy to get me to pose for a selfie photos and even more tough to get TKS to sit still long enough!

So I had this great idea.

Hey Mom L? If I pose will you take a photo of me and Nanuk for Sunday Selfie day?

Of course Mom L jumped to the chance and I posed perfectly.

Me and my bestest pal Nanuk

How’s that for gettin’ a great selfie with two species??

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