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I’m back!!!


Please forgive me for being absent from my blog for so long. But—my nursing skills have been on super delivery since before Valentine’s day. Ya see, Mom L caught this pawful cold virus that invaded her lungs and hasn’t wanted to leave—like furrever!! She didn’t leave her bed for TWO WEEKS!! Trips to doctors and then to urgent care when she had such a pawerful coughing spasm that went on for so long that she tore up something called an “intercostal muscle” in her lower ribs!! She heard this loud “pop” and collapsed in awful pain. So between that injury and this cold virus, I said to Mom L—”no blogging”!!!

You can see that all of us—Me, TKS, Katie, Domino and foster Reesie took turns nursing Mom L. Sometimes, we even did it all together. In that photo showing the cat tree, you can see Katie hanging out on the second level keeping her eyes pinned on Mom L while me and Dom took a much needed nap break. Foster Reesie made sure that Mom L had a fully functioning TV to keep her entertained.

And you can see that Mom L and I watched that super duper football thingy together. I haven’t hardly left her side for over two weeks!

But you know Mom L. She made sure that we were all rewarded daily with our treats. She never failed to deliver treats to each and every one of us to thank us for taking care of her.

Truth be told, Domino spent almost as much time nursing Mom L as I did. He cuddled right next to her and kept her warm.

Finally, Mom L has left her sick bed for a bit over the last two days. Her rib muscle is healing and her cough is manageable. So finally, I could not help myself and did a “face plant” next to her today in my exhaustion as her Head Nurse on duty.

We are gonna try to be back for my Friday Memes later this week!!


How we roll when the humans are away


Sometimes Mom L and Dad P have to get going really fast  and early in the mornings. All I ask is that Mom L NEVER forget to give us our morning treats, both those before and those after our breakfast. And she always makes sure we get them before they dash off.

Now you can see that our bed is unmade and we reassure Mom L and Dad P that we don’t mind if they don’t get our two daytime tents set up and the bed all tidied up. You all know that an unmade bed is the best ever for our morning nap time, right?

So first we each start trying out just where we wanna settle down. You can see me in my favorite brown and white flannel bed. I sure do wish I could remember who made this bed! And Sage picks the nice cozy bedsheets and Domino selects the blanket in between TKS and me.

I am sure that Katie is already on one of her beds on the floor next to our balcony sliding window. That way she can keep tabs on passing birds and the comings and goings in our back patio below.

Finally, we end up in our spots and spend a happy morning in slumber.

Do you prefer your bed to be “made” or do your prefer to have your bed left all messed up??


He’s doin’ it again!!!


So I need some help from some of my senior kitty pals who have had to train a juvenile male kitty about how to approach his senior cat. Any of you ever have to train one of these types of kitties? Remember when I posted about him tryin’ to take over my place on the couch? The Domino Kid , aka Domie, is back doin’ it in the same place again!!

You can tell by my alert ears that I may be deaf, but I sure as heck can feel his fat butt against my taileo. He starts to clean himself as if there is nuttin’ wrong with him landing on my hind end! The nerve!!

Then he starts to take some freebie whiffies of my tail and my butt! Good grief! Who teaches these juveniles their manners???? I can barely twist my head around ‘cuz I have arty-right-us in my neck. I sure wanted to give him a dragon hiss!

Then he gets all still and like “I’m not doin’ anything Princess Savannah”. HAH! I say. I am on the alert and ready to smacky paw him if he gets any fresher.

Next think I know, he is tellin’ Mom L that I INVITED HIM UP!!! SHEESH!!! As IF I would ever do such a thing.

Domie thinks he is all “innocent eyes” but I know the truth. And, thank Ceiling Cat, Mom L does too! Can you see him holding my taileo down? Like he thinks he can keep me from turning around to give him his comeuppance!!! Again I say “HAH”!!


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