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Waiting is tough—but worth it!


What do you do when you wait? And I mean like wwwaaaiiitttt for stuff like, well, you know—FOOD?

You know that I do love me some carpeted stairs, right? They are my very own personal cat tree. Even TKS doesn’t play on my “stair cat tree” like I do. She knows this is my domain.

In our forever home, my stairs are placed perfectly for me to keep an eye on all that goes on in the SOFR or “Source Of Food Room” which the humans call cat-chin I think. You now the room I mean I’m sure. Well, I hang out there every evening waiting—waiting—and waiting some more. Usually I have to sort’a entertain myself while I wait.

dumtee—dootalee—fiddle dee do—

I don’t wanna look impatient or such so I try to take advantage of whatever entertainment is on the TV. I can see it great from my stair cat tree. But usually Mom L has it parked on some stoopy thing like crime drama. You’d think by now she would know I’d much prefer the “Fish and Streams” channel that my pals over at Trout Town Tabbies founded.

Finally!!! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! FISH!!

Eventually, I have to let Dad P know that I am about done with this “waiting” for my dinner. Thankfully Dad P is a lot quicker on the uptake than Mom L is.

Dad P?! I have had it with Mom L’s TV—I am booored and hungry!

And like magic, Dad P has connected with me and my want and need and the next thing you know—I am dining on the stair cat tree landing. This is what I call SERVICE!!!

Yummm! Worth the wait!!

So let me know in comments if you WAIT is WORTH it!!! Come on my pals, share your experiences with makin’ the wait worth it!


What do you do in your spare time?


What do you do when you are doin’ what you do best? And your humans ask “what’re you doin’?

You wanna know what???

And then you get distracted by stuff goin’ on outside and the humans still wanna know “what” you are doin?

Holy Mouses!! Did you see what the neighbors kids just did???

And finally you can get back to doin’ what you were doin’ before all the distraction—and then the humans ask “what are you doin’?”

Seriously, you can’t figure out what I am doin’????

So finally you have to get into the noise making and purring stuff to let the humans get a clue as to what you were doin’ in the first place!!!  Crank up the sound on your ‘puters to hear my best bread makin’ motor!

So what are you doin’ your humans just can’t get a grip on????


Managing Your Down Time


After a busy exercise routine including laps chasing the EIRD (Ever Illusive Red Dot) and paw whacking my peacock feather up, across and down our stairs, I need some down time. Wouldn’t you? I mean after we cats put in our time at the gym, why we not only need but we deserve time to cool off and get a good rub down.

Let me give you the FYI (For Your Information) about how I manage my down time. First up, I find my Dad P and give him a direct eye contact stare while uttering a strong assertive “mroowwww”. I wait to make sure he knows I am talking to him, then I lead him to the living room area rug and throw myself down right at his feet. This is just the start of how I manage my down time.

Ok Dad P, get to it!!

He knows I am waiting and he dare not leave my side. My fave way to cool off is to get my furs brushed. All that air coming through and the brush slips through my furs really helps get my heart rate back to its resting beat.

Ahhh—that’s it! Strong but gentle strokes please.

Now if I don’t manage my down time, then Dad P might get the idea that “he” can decide just how I ought to be rubbed down. No siree —I make sure he knows I am always in charge of managing my down time.

That’s enough with the back furs, now move on to my special spot

I have trained Dad P well and he knows not to mess with my decisions when it comes to just how I want my rub down and cool off to go. He gets my meaning and moves right to give me a gentle cranial brushing. Such a delight, don’t you think??

mmmmm….this is just what I needed

Some of you may think I am a tough task master with Dad P, but trust me, you simply cannot allow your humans to start thinking they can determine how you “ought” to spend your down time. You won’t get what you want if you don’t develop some very direct looks to let them know when their time is done.

Watch my next move

You see it’s all in the “look” to get you what you want. Humans are pretty easy to manage. All I have to do is give Dad P one look and he knows I’m done with his services.

Stop right there! You already did my back furs.

And there you have it. A little lesson on how to manage you down time to be sure you get what you want. As soon as I gave Dad P the “look”, he stopped with the brush and left me to give my freshly brushed furs a good kitty spit bath.

How do you manage your down time with your humans??


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