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Gettin’ my grove on!


Some people may think that just ‘cuz I am seventeen + years old and pretty darn deaf—that I may not be interested in enjoying some “grove time”! I say—NONSENSE!! We seniors like to have our chillin’ and grovin’ time just like we used to; just maybe in different ways and not for a long play session.

Mom L put out some of my favorite catnip and watched to see if I noticed. Of course I did!!

First off I started sniffin’ around to find out just where she put all that yummy smelling stuff.

Oh my, oh my!! That was some very fun catnip! Maybe I over indulged, but heck—why not!

What did you say Mom L?? I couldn’t hear you over the noise in my head!

Oh!!! Yeah, I got’cha! Ummmmm—naw—maybe I don’t hear ya quite as good as I thought. But hey! Thank you for the nip trip tonight!!


Monday in my castle


My thinking is that you will all enjoy seeing each of us permanent castle residents; sans any fluffy photos of the “castle guests aka fosters”! Am I right?? I bet I am! So here ya go—first up is a very recent set of photos of me, getting on our couch with Mom L. Yeah, I know. I am showing you how much older I am and how much weight I have lost. BUT please!! Remember I am getting on my couch with Mom L so’s she can brush me and give me my left over dinner while I lounge on our couch. I am still a very happy Princess in my very own castle.

And of course TKS, always picks photos of her in boxes!! MOL!!! Sage is the ultimate connoisseur of all things labeled “Chewy” box!!

Sweet petite Katie is not an easy photo assignment. But Mom L managed to capture her looking as darling as she always does.

So how are things going in your own castles?? Please let us know in comments!!


My castle is ok—how is yours??


Hey my pals!! I am feeling lots better, but I still have some serious health challenges ahead. Unfortunately, I still have very bloody stools, so we know I am bleeding internally somewhere. I have Mom L and Dad P, Doc Josie and my regular doc all watching out for me. I still enjoy havein’ a sniff or two of a great Yeowzz nip rainbow! I am certainly not gonna toss in the towel just yet!! Send me your POTP and I just know that will help bunches.

TKS is starting to feel the “heat” of our oncoming Summer weather. But she knows how to keep her under garments cooled off! MOL!!

Now sweet Katie, she likes to hang out on a chair in the living room, near where Mom L turns on a floor fan when it gets hot. Katie looks so pretty against that red blankie, doesn’t she??

Now for our current foster kittens. We have four from the same litter, The Hole in the Wall Gang. And we have our approximately eight month old black diamond, Tiffany. All five went to their first ever adoption event this weekend. They spent three hours Saturday and Sunday hanging out in cages, hoping that some potential adopters might show up and claim them as their very own furramily members. Sadly, no potential adopters showed up on either day???!! But our fosters did great! They were no shy. They were playful and allowed Mom L’s cat rescue pals to do their mani-pedi’s and give them their second feline distemper booster shots. Such great babies!!

Mom L is promoting the four siblings using the theme—The Hole in the Wall Gang. Here are the graphics she created to make their marketing posters!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tiffany did great at adoptions too. Not shy. Very loving. But sadly, no one to admire any of these great kitties. Remember what our pal Brian always says, “Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!! More Forever Homes More Often! Purrrrr! Zip! Later!”


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