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I Thought We Talked About This Before…!!


What is it with HUMANS!! And their seeming FASCINATION with cats taking a BATH??!!

What! This is my private time!

No matter what we say to the human with the offending camera, they continue to persist in exposing our private bath time.

Pffft!! Get away from my private time with my tongue and my furs!

Still, after that they do not get the hint.

Excuse me!! Can you NOT HEAR me??

And so I must once again register my displeasure—from the “other” side of my nose!

Did that deliver my message??!! BEGONE!!

Does any other cat out there have this problem? And how about you woofies?? Do your humans take photos of your private bath time??? Please leave comments and photos if you can.


PeeEss—thank you all for your replies to my questions from my Monday blog post about what happened to Mandy’s (aka Momma Kat’s) safe tails ending. No, I won’t ever call it a “happy tails ending”. I simply cannot reveal all that I know, but she is safe and will be fed along with her five almost year old kittens. I could not help her find her true “Happy Tails Ending”. And that one is on me, Savannah The Cat.

Confused TKS—Confident Savannah


This is another report on my continuing progress—some of which is beginning to confuse The Kid Sage. You see not everything in my relationship with Dad P is exactly as it was when she first came to live in my our special loving, caring home.

I’ve already told about my progress in getting closer to, and trusting more, Dad P. You can check out my progress reports with him here, here and here, which is a very early report on my progress with allowing Dad P to feed me in the first six months of my adoption. If you haven’t been following me since April 2012 then you might wanna be sure to check that one out.

Now for my recent confidence which has caused TKS some confusion.

First you need to know that Mom L always sits on the couch with me at night to watch TV and Dad P always sits in his Mom L’s other chair and TKS gets to join him.

WELL! Was TKS ever shocked and confused the other night when Dad P did something different and SO DID I!!

What's Dad P doin' sitting there!!

What’s Dad P doin’ sitting there!!

And why the heck is Nana still staying on the couch without Mom L??

And why the heck is Nana still staying on the couch without Mom L??

And now you can see why I was staying still while Dad P settles into Mom L’s place on the couch.

Ahhh —Dad P you give such nice warm scritches

Ahhh —Dad P you give such nice warm scritches

Give me a shout out in comments if you think I am progressing faster as I get older. I’m doin’ a study for my meowmoirs.


Boldly I Go Forward


Are you ready for yet ANOTHER huge paw step forward in my recovery from trauma progress???

I heard you all shout out YES!!! YES !!!

Great, ‘cuz this is gonna be great!

So I always knew our living room is lower than our dining room. And I did know that there is a rail between the two. Now TKS stepped up and quickly started using that “between” the rails path to get from the upper dining area to the lower living room area.

I hesitated for one and a half years. BUT—

About a month ago, I started to enter my place on the couch next to Mom L by slipping through the rails and joining her. Guess what I also started to realize??

I realized that Mom L’s head/hair was right about the level where I could take a long look at her hair. Now mind you, these photos are really fuzzy as Mom L I took them using our paw phone.


Hmmm—now this is really interesting.

So I started to snuffle Mom L’s hair. Of course it tickled her and eventually she noticed it wasn’t some stoopid bug, but ME!

Snuffle, snort, tickle

Snuffle, snort, tickle

I did that for about two weeks. And then I started to get REALLY REALLY BOLD!

I decided that Mom L had way too many stray hairs in her hair style. What better way to help her control her hair style, and in fact improve upon it, than to add KITTY SPIT!!

Come’on guys, you know I am right! We cats have been using KITTY SPIT aka KS for eons. It keeps our furs sleek, shiny and wondrously luxuriously delightful to stroke.

So I decided to put my shyness to the side and help Mom L not only gain luxurious head furs, but also to help get a way much needed hair style.

Of course, I needed to get up close and personal—

Ah, here is where her hair style needs help—chomp

Ah, here is where her hair style needs help—chomp

Well she jumped like a kitten seeing a cucumber!!! HEY!! WOMAN!!! I am just tryin’ to get a hold on your hair style. Chill lady!

Next came the KITTY SPIT aka KS conditioner.

Let me give this some KS healing

Let me give this some KS healing

Have any of you tried to help your human with their seriously depleted hair condition and also lame hair styles?? What was their reaction. And more importantly—

Well who knew her hair could also be tasty?

Well who knew her hair could also be tasty?

—did you find your human’s hair to be sort of a different taste delight?

And to my woofie pals, do wolfies help their humans with their hair styles and conditioning as much as we cats like to go??? Leave me some comments as to how I can be of better service to Mom L in getting her hair style and conditioning looking better.



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