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Friday Memes Just for YOU!


I am startin’ to run outta photos so if any of my readers have recent fun photos of your pet human companion animals, send them to me. I will happily turn them into a meme! Ya know, just sayin’…

First up, as is only proper, ME! Seriously kitty pals, what human can ever expect us kitties to eat from the *shudders* floor? Clearly we are meant to dine where and when we please, correct?

The Kid Sage, aka TKS, on the other paw has far more deeply felt emotions to deal with, don’t you think?

Do you share her belief? No other kitty wants to lick another kitty’s paw?? Ever???

And of course our pal from The Kitty Platoon continue to supply us with unbelievable insight into their strange unique furramily.

I always appreciate hearing from you in comments which of the memes helped you get your smile on for the day.


PeeEss—paw the badge to check out all the super duper finalists in all the Nose-to-Nose Award categories. #BlogPaws

Friday Memes


It’s that time of the week to chill’ax and have a laugh or twelve before the humans get to their weak-o-end! Are you ready for some smiles??!!

Let me hear in comments if you giggled, snickered or guffawed!

Starting off with one of my favorite “looks”.

Now how can I possible attempt to even try to clarify for TKS that there is a “set” relationship between humans and us cats? Can any of you offer me advice in comments about how I can help her understand the little “nuisances” about this relationship??

And I simply cannot leave you without another insight into all things about “cat furramily”.


HRH Savannah Dines


“I’m ignoring you Mom. I cannot believe you said what you said and called me what you called me! How could you possibly come into my special ‘Savannah’s Room’ and suggest such a thing. So I’m just gonna keep on ignoring you.”

Savvy is offended

“Ok—now you have taken this too far! I suggest that you take that stupid smart phone and sashay on outta my room. What?! You can’t be getting ready to click that thing again? Seriously??

Ok, if you wanna play it that way, let me give you my best “Savannah turbo boosted sizzling glare”—see how that comes out as a photo for ya!”

Savannah turbo boosted sizzling glare

“Now I ask all of you reading this blog post—wouldn’t you have given the same kind’a glare if your human called you “spoiled” and said your Dad catered to you too much?”

I thought just as much. Anyone who wants to borrow my special “Savannah’s turbo boosted sizzling glare” just leave a comment. Or tell me if you have developed one of your own.”


#mommakatsserach #foreverhomeneeded

#mommakatsserach #foreverhomeneeded




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