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Late blog post you won’t wanna miss!


Sorry about being late to post today my pals, but Mom L discovered last night that she couldn’t see her puter screen well enough to edit my photos. She needed somethin’ she calls “cheater reader glasses”?? So off she dashed to the store this morning to buy some cheap “readers” so’s she could type my post. What a mom, right??

So I have shared before that The Kid Sage aka TKS enjoys a walk on the wild side now and then. This means going through the upstairs railings and walking on a very narrow ledge to get a better view of downstairs.

Well then I tried it and Mom L almost feinted! Yeah, I know I have a gimpy left hind leg from arty-right-us. But heck if TKS can do it why not me. So of course Mom L had to post about my little adventure and make a big deal outta it.

I just luvluvluv the quilt from this angle

Notice my hind toesie kind’a hanging there off the ledge? Sheesh! You’d have thought I was gonna fall or something.

As you know we have Kit Katie aka KK as a new family member. She delights in sitting on the top of the stairs thinking she can block me from being able to go down. HAH!! I know a short cut!

Guess where that short cut is???

I’ll just slip around KK

Yep! You got it right! That short cut takes me back out on that ledge that causes Mom L to have anxiety attacks!!

I can hop through the railing to that second step and beat KK down

Mom L did not appreciate my quick thinking about how to get past KK and avoid a lotta hissing and whatnot. She was turning kind’a bright pink from holding her breath by the time I got down to the couch.

It isn’t that far up there Mom L

I hate to see Mom L upset. What do you do when you have done something that’s pretty easy for you but seems to cause your human to get all bothered??

Let me know in comments what you do that causes your human to turn pink

In order to calm Mom L down, I decided to do something that would make her happy. So I let KK come up on my couch for a little nap session.

Mom L needs to take a cup of nip tea to relax her.


How do you manage?


So tell me my pals—how do you manage handling having your humans gone? And then back and gone again mmediately??

Mom L and Dad P had their little two day get away to our California Northern Sierra mountains. Fine, I’ll give’em those two nights away. An of course we has our new pet sitter Miss Kandi to keep us company and care for us. But seriously, wouldn’t ya think they could both be home the day they get back??

Nope! Dad P had to skip out that very first night home for a meeting, shmeeting!! Even if he was working on trying to get some city officials to help out with our community cat population challenges, nonetheless, he could have made all those folks reschedule, don’t ya think?

Luckily for me and TKS that Mom L was willing to pull double duty. I took up my standard position on her left on the couch.

And then TKS took up the right side of Mom L for her position for the night.  Of course she had to have one of the new cushy feather couch throw pillows for her “throne”.

And she sucked up tight next to Mom L…sheesh!!

And there was Mom L stuck in the middle so to speak!

Of course she had her good friend Mr. Butter to keep her company…he appears to be a very chillax’in California Chardonnay!!

Please, please tell me in comments what TKS and I can do to better manage the humans’ time with us when they come back from some silly stoopid getaway!


Friday Memes and Happy Tails Ending


I know from your comments that you have all enjoyed having me include some of my Paw It Forward project Delta View Cats as subjects for memes. So let me get right to it with my first guest from Project Delta View Cats! Miss Starlight was pulled from the colony by Mom L about 3 weeks ago, I featured her in a blog post.

I guess that post worked ‘cuz Starlight got her wish from that star she was wishing on!!

APAWS   APAWS for Starlight!

Now let me introduce you to the young lady cat who was my house cat guest for a week. Mom L pulled her from the colony ‘cuz she was injured and needed a check up besides Mom L knew she was friendly. Miss Whitey’s injury is mending and she got all her vaccinations and flea treatment at Community Concern 4 Cats clinic for free roaming community cats. I allowed invited her to stay for several days to get her used to being around human household sounds. We had some leaky eyes when Mom L and Dad P took her to animal services to set her on her path to find her family.

As you can see from her photo, she always had to have a chat with Mom L when it was time for her to go back into her “room” aka a forty-two inch cage. Mom L kept her in her office and Whitey got to be out and about when Mom L was with her. She got to taking offense at having to return to her “room”!! MOL!!

Of course you need my very own special meme featuring ME!! Right?

Bet’cha lots of you know that look and use it wisely!! Have a pawsome week’o’end!


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