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What’s crawling outta your kitchen sink?


Mom L and I let out shrieks when we saw this black sink monster appear comin’ outta our sink just yesterday! Do you have a black sink monster??? Maybe this is like some kind’a kin to that Nessie the lake monster over in Scotland???

Then we got closer and realized that it was just silly man Domino!! Crazypants boycat!!

He climbed outta of the sink finally and then he just sat on the kitchen counter, knowing he was gonna leave his furs on all those clean dishes. He didn’t event look guilty!

Last thing he did was square off in his meatloaf position and stake out what he thought was gonna be his claim to a part of the kitchen counter while Mom L was getting our dinner ready. HAH!!

He was “invited” down with a sweep of Mom L’s hand and when he landed on the floor, he got a sweet of my right paw whap! Why I never ever counter cruised. This boycat has to learn more manners. Right?


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10 thoughts on “What’s crawling outta your kitchen sink?

  1. He should have told her he was guarding the dishes

  2. A kitty is way better than the centipede that crawled out out of the drain in the bathroom sink once, when petcretary was brushing her teeth…she almost swallowed the toothbrush! That is a true story…yikes!

  3. Well, if something’s gonna be crawling out of our sink, we would want it to be Domino!

  4. Our Benny loves sinks too but he is more into bathroom sinks, not kitchen sinks!

    The Chans

  5. Domino just does what he wants!

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    Too cute. 🙂

  7. mary mcneil on said:

    Well, between you and Mo L you will get him “learned” !

  8. I wouldn’t mind that kitchen sink situation at all! So cute!

    Love and licks,

  9. Well, that’s boycats for you, Savannah. Of course a well brought-up ladycat like you would neffur, effur counter cruise, let alone get in the kitchen sink!
    Mind you, Domino has such a heart-melting look in his eyes, doesn’t he? One just has to forgive him.

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