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Luvluvluv me some Friday Memes!


Back again as I promised, with my newly created Friday Cat Memes. Of course I could do any specie of “memes” if only readers are willing to send Mom L some photos for me to play with…just sayin’…

Now, on to the first meme. Some of my long time readers will recall my lovely Reader Without a Blog, Ms. Dinah. Sadly she dashed to The Bridge couple of years ago and her housekeeper Ms. Martha, who always called herself “housekeeper” for sweet Dinah, has been searching for “just” the purrfect kitty to join her home.

Meet MARIAN!!! She is about ten years old and she was in need of a new forever home. Ms. Martha opened up her door and called “here Marian!” and that’s the end of the story. A Happy Tails Ending!!

Of course The Kid Sage just had to show up this week, so here she is in all her glory! Let me know in comments if you share TKS’ opinion of what “humans” think boxes are for.

And then there is my contribution for this weeks Friday Memes.

I am sure you all know the stoopy sign language your humans use when they are getting ready to grab place you in a carrier for some silly thing such as the Vet place. What do you humans do? Let me hear from expert woofies and kitties!!

Hope you all enjoy my Friday Memes!


Waiting is tough—but worth it!


What do you do when you wait? And I mean like wwwaaaiiitttt for stuff like, well, you know—FOOD?

You know that I do love me some carpeted stairs, right? They are my very own personal cat tree. Even TKS doesn’t play on my “stair cat tree” like I do. She knows this is my domain.

In our forever home, my stairs are placed perfectly for me to keep an eye on all that goes on in the SOFR or “Source Of Food Room” which the humans call cat-chin I think. You now the room I mean I’m sure. Well, I hang out there every evening waiting—waiting—and waiting some more. Usually I have to sort’a entertain myself while I wait.

dumtee—dootalee—fiddle dee do—

I don’t wanna look impatient or such so I try to take advantage of whatever entertainment is on the TV. I can see it great from my stair cat tree. But usually Mom L has it parked on some stoopy thing like crime drama. You’d think by now she would know I’d much prefer the “Fish and Streams” channel that my pals over at Trout Town Tabbies founded.

Finally!!! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! FISH!!

Eventually, I have to let Dad P know that I am about done with this “waiting” for my dinner. Thankfully Dad P is a lot quicker on the uptake than Mom L is.

Dad P?! I have had it with Mom L’s TV—I am booored and hungry!

And like magic, Dad P has connected with me and my want and need and the next thing you know—I am dining on the stair cat tree landing. This is what I call SERVICE!!!

Yummm! Worth the wait!!

So let me know in comments if you WAIT is WORTH it!!! Come on my pals, share your experiences with makin’ the wait worth it!


Friday Memes from Savannah


I was AWOL (away with out leave) last week for my Friday Memes post. So I am devoting this week’s Friday Memes post to ME!!

Come on my furriends!! Tell me in comments how many times your humans, peeps, pawrents whine  celebrate about how much your furs have added to their friends’ enjoyment of a meal at your home!!!

And we all know that humans just cannot keep their eyes off our eyebrows! BUT—who but your very best pals and family members will ever tell you when your eyebrows have more on one side than the other???

I am all ears to hear your comments on both my memes!


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