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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My memes today outta really rock your kitty socks! All three are from a Kitchen Clinic Mom L helped with yesterday at Miss Gemma’s, from Community Concern For Cats (CC4C).  It is kitten season going gang busters here where we live. Hope these kittens bring your Friday Smiles big time.

These kittens sure do know how to make a fuss!!! MOL!!

Yup! That’s pretty much sums it up, don’t’cha think?

And can’t we all relate to this?? Have a smiling Friday.


HELP: COVID 19 Kitten season in now on us


This is a 911 for all my readers! COVID 19 Kitten Season is upon us and it is far different than any other before. Across the USA, most shelters were hit with the SIP orders and closed their surgeries to Spay/neuter for rescues doing TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Our shelter in Contra Costa County California is only now considering a soft opening for such surgeries. During the last six weeks, the only low cost S/N clinic has been Community Concern For Cats (CC4C).

But they have not been able to meet the demand as most non-profit TNR clinics in the USA. Personal Protection Equipment, medications, etc have been diverted to human hospitals so TNR has been greatly diminished.

Here is some great advice from our pals at Berekley Humane Society about what to do if you or your friends find kittens this year.

What to Do When You Find Kittens

Of course you need to report any findings to your local TNR rescues just like my neighbors did last Friday.

Mom L received a call from someone she helped with a mom cat and six kittens in her backyard in 2018 at dinner time last Friday. Of course Mom L and Dad P jumped up and were off! The neighbor had the kittens, not in good health. When Mom L picked them up to move them from the box to our warmer carried, she could feel their little bones. And their eyes were almost swollen shut and encrusted. Clearly, as their eyes were still blue, and from their size, we think they were barely four weeks old. Thanks to the resident for calling us ASAP!!

Mom L called two of our most experienced contacts when it comes to pulling sick kittens through. Miss Gemma, President of CC4C, with over 30+ years working to save feral adults, kittens and abandoned community cats and their kittens, responded immediately! Mom L and Dad P dashed off with the three kittens to get them to Miss Gemma. The little Siamese was clearly the worst off, its eyes were both crusted closed and it could not stand it was so dehydrated; as were all three.

Miss Gemma said their fur was really funny feeling and so she bathed all three, fed them, gave them fluids and VOILAA!!! Less than twenty four hours later, here are the three kittens starting to thrive in Miss Gemma’s care.

Please do be on the look out for any kittens in your neighborhoods. This is a tougher year than any we have had in the last five years.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I say better late than never, do you agree?? Here are some memes that will surely get a smile going for you.


I think it’s important to have that “certain look” that keeps the humans guessing my intentions. Do you have a “certain look”??

As for my pal Hitch, he finds he has to remind Miss Dorothy about how sharp he keeps is fangs. You know, so’s none of his humans get funny ideas about rubbing his tummy without permission and whatnot.

You gotta give it to my new pal Jameson, from Braying Ass Farm, for coming up with a yoga move all the humans are trying to match!

Hope you have a smile going.


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