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Friday Memes Ready to Go!


I am getting excited to hear from my readers that you enjoy having me include some of my rescue cats in my Friday Memes. So without paws, let me introduce you to Spike. He is a five month old dude who was the more outgoing of a bonded set of brothers.

As you can tell from his furry outward purrsonality, he was the more “marketing oriented” of the two bonded brothers. And his style worked, they were adopted TOGETHER!!

And then there is another pawerfurrl photo from my Reader Without Blog Miss Dorothy. Sweet Angel Tigger was such an expressive cat.

What did you say?? What?  You just  said this is nothing new??? That all cats are expressive? Why I do think I totally agree!

And then there is always my sisfur The Kid Sage. She just has one adventure after another.

Seriously, if a kitty doesn’t want that buggy taste on its tongue then maybe it ought not chew?

What have you chewed lately that you wish you had not??



How’s Your Grooming Going?


“A groomin’ we will go, a groomin’ we will go—meowie ho! A zowie go—a groomin’ we will go!”

Oh hey guys, you caught me right in the  middle of my fave part of my day. I was just headin’ over to my groomin’ tool after my dinner.

ahhh—time for some fur cleaning

I don’t know about all of you, but sometimes Mom L doesn’t have time to give me a little assist with my fur grooming so I have a purrsonal groomin’ assistant who stands in for her. Why don’t you come along and check out Ms. Groomer with me?

Come on along to meet Ms. Groomer

Ooops—sorry you had to see Dad P’s gym shoes. Just ignore them and follow along.

There you are Ms. Groomer! How’s your evening going?

Ms. Groomer and I became like best buddies after about year from when she first became a part of my castle staff. In all honesty, I must admit that TKS was the first to make use of her superior services. But now, well we both enjoy her attention to detail. I always greet her with a soft touch of my chin furs.

ahhh…thanks for the chin scritch…I needed that

She is so accommodating and very flexible on her hours of availability.

What’s that? Oh why thank you for being willing to stay late just for me

Ms. Groomer has a very solid foundation so that no matter how hard I push her, she just pushes right back which gives me the best ever chin, neck and back scritches ever!

ummmm….ahhh…nice neck scritches

I like to take my time to move through her strong stiff fingers to get the max outta my fur grooming.

Give a bit more pressure on the upper back, ok?

Ms. Groomer is so understanding. She always knows just where to add the best pressure. I can confess, I probably leave about a kabillion pieces for my furs on her strong fingers every day. Why Mom L has to clean her brushie fingers once a week at least!

Alright, I’m moving on through for the lower back furs

And there you have it. My Ms. Groomer is the bestest groomin’ pal I could have. Never as good as Mom L or Dad P with my fave hand held devices. But, when a kitty needs a groomin’ right after dinner, Ms. Groomer is my groomin’ tool of choice.

What’s your fave groomin’ tool if your humans are not around to give you a good brush??



Friday Memes Continue


First up is yours truly—ME!

I’m hoping this meme will get some of my readers started talking about just where our feral cats look for their next meal. Will it be you? Please help by donating DRY CAT FOOD to your local cat rescues who focus on TNR and feeding our feral aka community cat colonies.

Now moving on to my newest cousin, Miss Dazee. She was rescued by Mom L’s massage specialist during the Napa fires. Miss Dazee was a stray cat surrendered to a Napa public shelter. She had to be relocated to make room for the fast growing number of “owned” cats being brought to the shelters when the humans could not take their kitties with them to local human shelters.

So Miss Dazee is learning to rule her very own human castle. How do you think she is doing so far?

Don’t you think our pals from Trout Towne Tabbies are gonna luvluvluv Miss Daizee’s attitude about burds?

And my closing meme is from another guest. Please welcome Bowzer!! Mr. Bowzer is a part Rag-a-Muffin cat who Mom L and I helped rescue from the streets in our new home city. He had a really bad ouie on his hind paw that required a drain and lots of pain meds for the gentle giant Bowzer. You see Bowzer was abandoned on the streets, and even thought weighing in at over fifteen pounds, he is indeed a gentle giant!

Here he was, after finally getting that nasty cone of shame off, taking his first good kitty spit baff for like a week!! And there are the lady cats—all wanting selfies with his mancatly magnificence!

So how did I do this week with my Friday Memes? Do you have your Friday smile goin’ yet???




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