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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am here!! I am on time!! WOO!! HOO!!

I have a quick and dirty aka “Mom L didn’t have time” couple of memes for your Friday Smiles. First up is my new Court Jester, Eowyn.

Next up I have a pawsome part Maine Coon cat that was rescued last year by a caring elderly couple. They kept Mr Cat until his severe heart condition forced him to travel to The Bridge. He knew love, caring and a warm home. APAWS for all kitty rescue peeps!!

Thank all of my followers who continue to join me in Pawing It Forward to help save the lives of so many abandoned community cats that our humans just treat as “throw away” trash.

Yes, my castle residents are having some dark times right now. That, totally, influenced my post. Thankfully I, and my castle family, all have a safe, warm and caring home. I can only wish that for every cat that humans toss away without any thought. Sigh—we miss you Miss Betty White! Please do remember to donate to your favorite rescue in honor of Miss White on her 100th birthday January 17!


The life of our Court Jester


As you all know, my new castle introoder furramily member, Eowyn, was appointed as my Court Jester. And she certainly has lived up to that assignment. She has also taken on a completely new role, but I will tell all about that in another post. Stay tuned!

As for her Court Jester role, she does not disappoint! Eowyn cannot stop thinking about ways to get any and everything that she deems as edible into her mouth! We keep our kitty treats in nice hard plastic containers so “some cat” aka “TKS”, cannot chew into a plastic baggie. Well—my Court Jester has figured out how to get those containers to pop open!

Now every container is hidden inside drawers, cabinets, the oven etc.!!

My Court Jester aka CJ—has no limits to what she is willing to do to demonstrate new and silly antics! She has discovered a love of warm piles of clean clothes and the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper!! Seriously??!!

And Eowyn aka CJ, is now introoding onto my our master bedtime with Mom L and Dad P in the morning! What a scamp! You can see her trying to get close to me on my our master bed during my our morning routine of having coffee, TV and treats with Mom L and Dad P. Just look at her brazen closeness to ME and then her luxurious stretch, without one care in the horror she instilled in me and TKS!!

She tries out every single thing she can to see if  she can make me laugh! HAH! There she goes into Mom L’s bedroom trash basket; then she sits waiting for Dad P to deliver tasty licks of ice cream which has always been Dad P and TKS’ special thing. And now she is hangin’ onto Mom L’s side of the bed every morning during my our treat time!!

And there isn’t a new box that shows up that she doesn’t try to hog! Not to mention her lack of discretion in showing up during Mom L’s preparation for her daily spit bath shower! That CJ is in the shower before Mom L can even turn on the water!!

Finally, she demonstrates some civility and shows off her “gentler, sweeter” side.

Until she then does the thing that drives Mom L over the edge into fear—and she hangs out on the outer teeny tiny edge of our upstairs railing.

Mom L is not a fan of this behavior. Are you?


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My first of the year 2022 Friday Memes are from guests. I hope they carry all of us through this New Year to peace on our small globe of life in this universe. And my purrayers are that humans will finally, in this coming year, cease to ignore the dire plight of all abandoned community cats. I know, I know—many of my readers say “why can’t you ask for this for all abandoned domesticated animals”?

And I say “because in my USA, we “former” abandoned community cats (aka “Me”)—are the most at risk from this thing that our public animal shelters are calling “Community Sheltering”. This is supported by academicians and public animal care with little to no input from our treasured, in the field, TNR cat trappers.

First up is a Master Yogi, rescued abandoned kitten—now living the good life!

Next up is my new sisfur, Eowyn. Dumped in a city park.

And now you have a message from our colony cats, proudly cared for by our Delta View Cats all volunteer, nonprofit, group in Pittsburg, CA.

They know peace. With each other and with humans, if only humans will allow them the time and care to return to humans’ promise that every cat will have a home. Just sayin’—


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