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Friday Memes Just for You!


Come on my pals, come get your Friday smiles going. I have some super special memes just for your delight.

First up is one I wrote for Mom L. You see, when she was in Africa, she fell all smitten over these weird looking animals called Wart Hogs. Seriously! So this meme is for my Mom L.

Yup, there ya have it. Those little feisty creatures in all their mud bound glory!

Of course I had to include one for myself after that. And I dedicate this one to my pals at Trout Towne Tabbies.

Sure do hope that one gets those Trout Towne guys a giggle or two.

Now for a meme from our current foster kittens. The smallest, Lilly, is now off to be with her sibling. So we just have Katie with us now. And if all goes as hoped, Miss Katie will be headed off to finding her very own permanent home in the next week!! These two sure did help each other out a lot, don’t ya think?

That’s it for this Friday’s Memes. I sure do hope you will give me a shout out in comments to let me know what you liked!


Me and The Kid Sage


I figured it was about time for you to see some recent action from me and TKS. You see, we DO have a life outside Mom L and Dad P doin’ this whole community cat rescue thingy. Seriously, we truly do. Check out our recent activities.

I still have the best ever play sessions with Mom L on my own personal carpeted two flights of stairs. I can’t really get up on any of my cat towers anymore ‘cuz of my arty-right-us in both my knees. Bummer, total bummer I can tell you for sure. But, Mom L and Dad P made sure I got carpet on the stairs and play like a crazy pants kitty almost every day and night!

Check out my whiskers in their forward hunting position

You can see I still have it with my huntress skills just by how my whiskers are positioned for that mighty paw whap to kill that peacock feather.

And then I still have my amazing “Savannah stare” which Mom L always tries to capture just purrfect.

Look into my eyes and go pour more kibble snacks

As for The Kid Sage, aka, TKS…she has found pure total kitty cat pleasure when Dad P decided to start sitting on the bed next to Mom L rather than in his chair in the morning TV news and electronic paper viewing time. TKS is over the moon having Dad P love her up every morning.

Zzzzzzzz….total bliss

Of course she just had to show off and let Mom L grab a “cheese-cake” shot too!!

Look into my eyes and make Savvy get off the bed

There you have it. That’s what’s happening at my castle currently. What’s goin’ on at yours? Let me hear in comments if you have a moment.


Friday Memes Are Comin’ Back!


I promised I would be comin’ back but it hasn’t been easy so far. BUT…Mom L and I have managed to create a couple of memes to help you put on your Friday smiles!

What can I say? I just felt that need to get my tail furrs all lined up before Mom L continues with that photo op.

And my second meme for your delight features my two kitten fosters. Miss Katie, the oldest, is about eight months old now, and she has bonded with seventeen week old Lillian. They are a total crack up to watch when they play!!


I sure do hope you enjoyed my Friday Memes. As always, I am hoping some of my readers will offer photos for inclusion in this Friday series.



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