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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I must say that Mom L and I giggled making these two Friday Memes. Hope you will too!

This lazy guy is indeed a stray cat that has taken over his caretaker’s home. He even naps with their dogs!!!

Well—don’t ya ever wonder what the heck our humans do with all that stuff they pick outta our litter boxes and put in those little plastic bags??? You really wanna know, don’t ya?


Katie photo shoot


I don’t know if Mom L has had such a struggle photo shoot for a long time. She is always in search of grabbing a photo of Katie, WITH EARS UP.. Not an easy thing to grab when the subject kitty is still so very shy and timid.

But, Mom L lassoed Dad P to assist and here are their outtakes.

Mom L: “Katie, can you look at  me with your ears up?”

KK: “Like  this Mom?”

Mom L: “Not quite honey. Try to get them BOTH going straight up at the same time, ok?”

KK: “Lemme try again.”

KK: “oops, sorry, Dad P distracted me. Why did he do that?”

Mom L: “He was trying to help you get both ears straight up.”

KK: “Sigh—I’m so embarrassed. Can’t you just be OK with showing off my lovely white shawl that drapes so perfectly across my shoulder?”

Mom L: “Oh Katie, your shawl is very special!”

KK: ” How’s about making do with a great profile photo??”

Mom L: ” Hmmm—that’s not really what I am hoping for sweetie.”

KK: “Ohhh—tummy tickle!! Lemme sort out my tummy furs so’s they don’t tickle me during my photo shoot, okay?”

Mom L: ” Of course little one, do what you need to do.”

KK: “Domino is photo bombing my special photo shoot!! Dad P!! Get him outta here!!”

Dad P: ” I got him KK. Now try again for Mom L.”

KK:” How’s this one?”

Mom L: “KK, every single photo of you is always special and always just purrfect.”


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I had fun creating this week’s memes. I had Mom L go back in time to look at photos from many years ago. Hope ya like what I came up with!

You did note the look on my face, right???

These two tabbies are brofurs who lived with a dear friend of mine, Miss Josie. She used to be my Vet before she got old and quit retired.

And there you have it. The Domino Kid is not always a team player when it comes to toys. He will lock onto a specific toy and carry it all over the house, growling all the time to make sure the rest of us know that HE has claimed that toy!!

Do any of you do that???


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