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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here are my holiday memes for your great big Friday smiles.

Yep, TKS just hasn’t yet got the hang of this thing called “sharing”. But Kit Katie is teaching her for sure!

Kit Katie aka KK, has brought such magic into my castle. Even I, Princess Savannah, am thankful for her being with us.

What can I say?  TKS aka Sage, has been such a blessing to me over the last five years. She always has my back. She always checks in on me. Sage is also Katie’s playmate.

My castle is complete as of 2019.

Hope you have a great big smile that will carry you through the holiday season.


My Progress Still Shows


I know I am late posting today but stuff just happens, ya know??

But I really do wanna share some progress I am making in getting used to having other humans visit my castle.  As my long time readers know, I don’t get in Mom L’s lap, even though I know she really want me to. But I’m still thinkin’ about that. You also know that I am a bit stand offish when visitors come.

That’s what’s been changing more and more over the last year of so. One of the biggest jumps I have made in progress is when some human comes to visit and sits on MY our couch on MY the third cushion.

Mom L had a visit from her special yoga pal, Miss Kriss. She came to have a cuppa tea and cheer Mom L up as she is recovering from that nasty virus. Miss Kriss clearly didn’t know that she say on MY cushion on the couch. It was a real shock to Mom L when I strode over and hopped up right behind Miss Kriss!!

I hope she gets my hint! And LEAVES!!

But Miss Kriss didn’t get the hint.

Mom!! She’s on my cushion!! Get her off!

I gave Mom L my best stink eye and still I had to endure Miss Kriss on MY cushion! I finally gave up and found another spot. But I was confident enough to actually get behind her and touch her!

And then, Mom L’s neighbor came over a couple weeks later. Mom L sat on MY cushion and Miss Val sat on Mom L’s cushion. Now what was I gonna do?

Bah humbug!! I don’t like the middle cushion!

Yup, I marched right over and much to Mom L’s shock I hopped right up and settled on the middle cushion. Not my choice but hey, I’m making progress even at age 13!!


Flashback Friday Memes Still Keep You Smiling


So far it looks like you have enjoyed my Friday Meme Flashbacks. Let me try you out on a couple more. You tell me in comments if I can keep these coming once in a while.


Can’t wait to read your comments to see if you remember these and they still made you smile OR if they are brand new to you!


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