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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I know I missed my Monday blog post, but my typist, Mom L, was out late the night before tryin’ to catch three more kittens! Mom L has only caught one of the four that were next door to us about three weeks ago. Time is running short before they become too old to try to socialize!  Humane caretaking of abandoned community cats and kittens has no time clock on it. I betcha lots of you now all about that, right?

Well I did manage to put together some memes, I hope they make your Friday start with a little smile. If you have one of those cars that is silent running, you will probably get your first smile from my guest, my former foster kitten Toci.

Yup! Mom L has done that once and it wasn’t one of those “silent running” cars either!!! MOL!!!

Even though I am now deaf, I have always, and still do, respond to the sound of a cat food can popping open!! Sigh…great memories.

And that is our foster kittens Laughing Samantha. She is such a clown kitten!! She now rides around on Mom L’s shoulders whenever she gets the opportunity!!

Have a smiling Friday!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am so sorry I missed last Friday. I hope at least one or two of my new memes can make up for you not being able to get your Friday smiles going!

First up is a photo Mom L took when she pawticipated in a grammar school’s summer cap for kiddos about 8-10 years old. It was introducing them to the concept of what is “Animal Rescue”. A pal from NorSled was doing it so’s Mom L went along to learn.

Yup! These two sisters, only 15 weeks old, got to introduce the kiddos to what rescue woofies might look like!

Next up is TKS. She really worked hard on this meme so I hope you will give her a “shout out” in comments about how great she did!

Another guest closes off my Friday Memes. I do not know his name, but he was rescued by my pet sitter Miss Kandi from a not so good guardian and now is living the best life ever with his new family.

There you have it! Hope you are smiling!


Busy, busy—not my favorite word!


I missed doing my Friday Memes post last week ‘cuz Mom L was busy, busy, busy with a bunch of community cat rescue stuff. I know, I know, this is impawtant work for me too but golly gee whiz! I really like making up my memes!! So how’s it goin’ at your castle? Are your humans always busy, busy, busy???

So here’s one example. We loaned a trap to a nice woman who needs to trap a semi-friendly young adult kitty who she is feeding in her backyard. She calls him “Pi” like in “pirate” ‘cuz he has one eye that is not right. Anywho; she made a neuter appointment for him so Mom L and I loaned her a trap. She has even bought a very nice outdoor shelter for Pi and she really loves him!

Sadly, as you can see in the photos Pi has a serious issue with his right eye. The Vet will do what he can when he gets neutered this coming Friday; but Pi may lose that eye. I will let you know next Monday if I can.

Then we helped trap another backyard kitty that has been suffering with pain and discomfort in his mouth. He has been drooling and crying when he tries to eat; especially hard food. He does much better with soft food. So we helped the caretaker trap him and get him to our county animal shelter for diagnosis and hopefully treatment. Unfortunately, he needs a very expensive dental due to severe gingivitis and stomatitis. He needs most of his toofies extracted and our county shelter has the dental equipment, but they do not have Vet time to do the work. His caretaker, Miss Melissa, calls him Cookie! So we got Cookie set up at her home inside in a 36 inch cage so he can wait comfortably until we can get him into a Vet hospital for his dental and extractions. He goes in this week on Wednesday and we already know that the cost will exceed our Delta View Cats Emergency Medical Fund. Soooo—Mom L is busy, busy getting some fundraising started online. If you wanna help Cookie’s mouth get all better, you can donate on our website at Or on our Facebook page. Just note “for Cookie’s toofies”.

He’s a real cutie, isn’t he? The shelter gave his caretaker some pain meds to put in his food until we can get him his dental.

And of course Mom L and Dad P have been busy, busy, busy trying to get all five of our foster kittens adopted. Tiffany is about eight months old and she is very good at adoptions; although she does nap her way through most of the time!! MOL!!

The kittens are often split up into two cages. You can see Laughing Samantha and her sister Jessie James cuddling together for a nap. And then one time Laughing Samantha was with her brother The Domino Kid. We set them up so Tiffany can be in a cage between or next to them.

Of course what would kitten season be without Dad P finding a mom cat and four kittens in the back patio of the vacant rental next-door to us!! So far, our trapping efforts have been wins for the mom cat and kittens and mostly losses for Mom L. She did trap one kitten and one of our Delta View Cats volunteers, Miss Jennifer, is fostering it. The kittens are about 5 weeks old.

We also have a sweet black juvenile kitty in a cage that Mom L trapped last night when she was trying to catch more kittens. This kitty will be spayed this week then released. As you can see, there are no dull moments around my castle right now. What’s up with all of you!!


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