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He’s doin’ it again!!!


So I need some help from some of my senior kitty pals who have had to train a juvenile male kitty about how to approach his senior cat. Any of you ever have to train one of these types of kitties? Remember when I posted about him tryin’ to take over my place on the couch? The Domino Kid , aka Domie, is back doin’ it in the same place again!!

You can tell by my alert ears that I may be deaf, but I sure as heck can feel his fat butt against my taileo. He starts to clean himself as if there is nuttin’ wrong with him landing on my hind end! The nerve!!

Then he starts to take some freebie whiffies of my tail and my butt! Good grief! Who teaches these juveniles their manners???? I can barely twist my head around ‘cuz I have arty-right-us in my neck. I sure wanted to give him a dragon hiss!

Then he gets all still and like “I’m not doin’ anything Princess Savannah”. HAH! I say. I am on the alert and ready to smacky paw him if he gets any fresher.

Next think I know, he is tellin’ Mom L that I INVITED HIM UP!!! SHEESH!!! As IF I would ever do such a thing.

Domie thinks he is all “innocent eyes” but I know the truth. And, thank Ceiling Cat, Mom L does too! Can you see him holding my taileo down? Like he thinks he can keep me from turning around to give him his comeuppance!!! Again I say “HAH”!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Get your face all set to start smilin’!! Here come my Friday memes—

First up is me, or course. How many times have you heard this and no one ever knows just what that mean? I mean there are grape presses, garlic presses, mustard seed presses—heck there is probably even a NIP press! Why do ya shout out “STOP  THE PRESSES!”

This next meme is contributed from one of the fifty colony cats my nonprofit, Delta View Cats, has the privilege of care of. Her name is Princess.

Our silly dilly foster kitty, seven month old Reesie Pieces, is getting to explore my whole castle now. She gets herself into some might interesting spots, don’t ya think?

There ya have it. Hope you are smilin’ now!


Monday with Katie


I asked Mom L to search for some of our favorite recent photos of Kit Katie aka KK aka Katie. She is still very shy and only allows pets mostly from Dad P and then mostly at night after everyone else is off to get ready for bed. She is such a darling little girl, only about seven to eight pounds tops. She has the cutest short legs and little crooked mouth after having lost all her toofies from stomatitis.

We made this very short video of Katie giving herself a face wash. She does this very often in this very place and position. She just gets a kick outta hangin’ off the stair through the railing, just above where Dad P’s recliner chair is.

Isn’t Kit Katie just the most darling little girl kitty?! We all love her so very much and hope you all admire her too! Happy Monday!


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