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Are All Dark Photos Throw Aways?


Do you often find that it’s tough to take photos when ya don’t have enough of that “natural light” all the expert photo folks talk about? Well let me tell you this, you don’t always need that “natural light” to make a dark photo come alive.

There are tons of great photo editors free on line. Mom L and I totally luvluvluv Pic Monkey and Pizap. And we really appreciate Photo Elements—far less costly than Photo Shop. We are not experts, like “hardly”!! But we can maneuver around these three photo editors and have learned they can help save an otherwise assumed disposable photo.

Mom L was ready to delete this one and then I held up the “talk to the paw” sign and she backed off.

ugh dark

Actually, we both liked this one and even found that with some simple cropping the darkness added to its charm—what do you think?? I just focused in on the subject and did nothing more.

focus on the subject

Then we decided to do a bit more using PicMonkey. Here is our final edited photo. Please tell me what you think of our final version versus the other two above in my comments.

Savannah in beauty

Savannah in beauty

There was one more photo I wanted to try and save. Mom L agreed. Great pose, don’t you think??


Next we did a bit of editing in Photo Shop Elements.


Lastly we did a bit of touch up using Pic Monkey.


I want you all to know that no photo these days seems to be a total “throw away” given all the online photo editors we can use.

Let me know in comments if you like my newest photos of “Savannah in Beauty”.


Playing Around with PhotoFunFace


Woo Hoo!! Mom L and I had so much fun playing around with the online editor Photo Fun Face. We just layered away using their pawsome filters.

I am joining my pals from The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  Paw the badge below to transport over and enjoy all the other Sunday Selfie photos.

Sunday Selfies Badge

Here is the original photo we started with.

Just hanging out in our bedroom

Just hanging out in our bedroom

Our first filter.

Not bad, don't ya think?

Not bad, don’t ya think?

Then we added a second filter on top of the first.

Where did my eyes go??

Where did my eyes go??

Lastly, we added even another filter on top of the first filter.

Our most fave filter

Our most fave filter

Do you have a favorite photo in this series?? Just wonderin’?


Friday Silly Photos


Remember a couple of weeks ago I shared some important progress of mine that happens only at night? Well Mom L decided she would try for a photo of how relaxed I am sleeping up tight next to her. This is gonna be grainy cuz it kind’a pix-lated when we did some editing.


And The Kid Sage never fails to provide equal opportunity for silly photos. Our house cleaning lady, Ms. Norma, was here on Wednesday and she laid her nice black sweater on the bench in Mom L’s office. Little did Ms. Norma know that the bench is TKS’ fave place to sleep so she can keep an eye on Mom L.

Now this photo for sure took some doing cuz Mom L didn’t even SEE TKS until she almost tossed something on top of her!!!

Black on black

Black on black

Do you have any silly photos? Feel free to share them in my comments!


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