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Friday Memes from Southern Africa


I asked Mom L and Dad P to let me try to paw at writing some memes from their Africa safari photos. I sure do hope you all get a tickle outta the ones I picked!

This baby elephant startles Mom L when she heard rustling leaves outside their tent on afternoon. She unzipped her tent door and WOW!! There was this not so little elephant kitten baby.

There were about twelve to fifteen adults and baby elephants so close you can see Mom L’s front porch chair!!

And then there is this young lioness who is just not happy with the start of yet another commute to find her next meal.

This pride of twelve young lions and lionesses was already fat and happy but ready to go out and search for desert.

And then at their first safari camp, Mom L discovered a whole new meaning of “road hog”.

There you have it. Hope you don’t mind I am starting to share some of my peeps’ photos from their Africa safari as memes. These photos just beg to be shared, don’t ya think??


Monday Meowsie News: Can we please get some POTP?


I decided to let my little foster kitten Miss Lillian aka Lilly have the blog post today. As you can see in the following photos, she kind’a sort’a took over Mom L’s computer so I just said “go for it kid!!”

Hmmm…now that is one fine photo of a darling kitten

As you all know, I don’t try to help Mom L with the blog technical stuff. I am more of a “visionary” cat. And besides, I just can’t jump up on her desk anymore—darn arty-right-us!! But Miss Lilly sure can get up there and I think she did a mighty fine job of it.

Oh, nice composition…but it looks a tad off focus on me!

So Miss Lilly tinkered a bit more and finally seemed satisfied.

I changed focus to me so’s to not wake up Auntie Katie

What can I say, except that our foster kittens, nine month old Katie and four month old Lilly, have been with us for almost five months and they are tryin’ to take over my blog!!

Now about the POTP request in my headline. You see, sweet Miss Lilly has been very sick since about last week of October. She has been to emergency with Dad P two times and to three different clinics. Unfortunately, her blood work indicates, but doesn’t prove, that she may be a genetic liver shunt kitten. Mom L and Dad P are taking her to a special Veterinarian tomorrow, Tuesday.

Please if you have a moment, send sweet precious Lilly your most kind and caring POTP. We may not be able to save her so she can find her forever home. But Mom L and Dad P sure as heck are gonna try and The Kid Sage and I are right there with them.


Friday Memes Just for You


Back again with my feline memes. Hope you get your Friday smile goin’ when you see them. And if any of my readers are willing to send me some photos I can use to create even better memes—AWESOME!! Woofies, kitties, and bunnies and all are welcome!!

My first Friday meme is from me, Ms. Savvy Do…I so do not appreciate any “V-E-T” visit.

Yup, that’s me! I recently had to undergo a V-E-T exam because it was first, my annual checkup and second I was sneezing up a storm. Mom L and Dad P must have tracked in some germs and I had a classic Upper Respiratory Infection—aka URI. After some not well received by Princess Savannah liquid meds, I am now in full recovery. But gag me!!! Who wants that junk squirted down your throat?

Moving on, the next meme is from a recent rescue mancat. Mom L named him Stan the Man!

Stan has his neuter tomorrow and also his Vet check. We hope his lump on his neck is benign and that he graduates with flying colors so he can go to adoptions. He has  line up waiting to promote him!!

And then we must hear from The Kid Sage aka TKS.

What can I say? TKS just can’t keep her paws off any chik-hen!

Hope you enjoyed at least one of my Friday Memes. Let me hear some shout outs for your faves in comments.


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