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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am getting tired having to make up excuses for Mom L not getting my blog post done on time. Once again, there is a second castle guest and I haven’t even been able to move the current one out!!! This one is a boy cat and lordy is he whiny!! I can hear him through the walls and I am mostly DEAF!!! Well, more about him in another post.

I have a couple of guests for my Friday Memes. This man cat lives with my former veterinarian, Doc Josie.

I sure would give that new fangled heating pad a try, wouldn’t you??

Next up is a guest rescue kitty, Tomas. He is about 15  months old now. We helped get him and his mom into a wonderful forever home when he was only about ten weeks old last year. He is sharing something his mom taught him when they were living outside and it got really hot!

And Sage, aka TKS, wanted to pop in this meme she created. She thinks it’s pretty funny—what do you think? I said no one would “get” her irony—do you?

Thanks for coming by today. Apologies for being late once again.


Peek-a-boo Katie


My little KK enjoys my carpeted stairs almost as much as I do. For KK, the stairs are a place she plays “peek-a-boo” with anyone in the living room!

KK enjoys hangin’ down from a step to watch what’s goin’ on in the living room and to find out what’s up with the TV. She has to lean over pretty far to check out the TV. One of these days she is gonna go tumblin’!!!

Watching her go through all her stair antics is a favorite pass time for Mom L. That’s because Mom L knows that from her perch, KK can also keep track of the comin’ and goings of the litter box behind Dad P’s favorite chair in the living room! MOL

What can I say? KK is a cutie pie, don’t ya think? Let me hear in comments what you do to play peek-a-boo in your home.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Do ya ever wonder just what the dentists dream about? After looking down peoples’ mouths all day? I bet’cha this Dash Kitten Team member has it right. What do you think?? MOL!

And now this!! When was the last time you got on an airplane? Flying coach?? I think our former foster Buddy, now living with Spitty’s human, does a pretty accurate imitation of what it feels like.

I suppose you have all heard about this water shortage goin’ on all across state of California? Well, I can tell you, it has all of us wondering how we’re gonna deal with stuff that uses water…

And there you have it from Carmelita. Do you ever worry about this?


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