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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I decided to keep my Friday Memes inside the family this week. I know that the ugly COVID monster is on the downturn here in my state, BUT, just keeping us safe inside my furramily. At least that seems like a pretty good excuse for Mom L’s not getting my thoughts translated in time for this post! What to do with an aging typest—let me know in comments how you are managing your again typist’s constant need for “a nap”. Seriously!!

Yup! Sage has that right. What the heck is it with humans wearing muzzles, walking dogs without muzzles??? 

So, so you ever find yourself plopping down somewhere and wondering just why did you even bother getting outta bed? Happens to me all the time. Can’t be age, ya think????

Katie wants to start a little tradition here on my Friday Memes. She wants to do a once a month meme that represents her “thoughts for the month”. Let her know what’cha think in comments.

There you have it. From my furramily to yours. 


Ambassador Katie at work


I am not sure if I have ever told you all what an ambassador our Katie is whenever we have a kitty guest in Mom L’s office. Katie is always the kitty to sleep on  the bedding Mom L leaves at her closed office door. Katie sends her pawsitive soothing energy to the kitty guest to help them adjust to our household noises and whatnot.

We have a new kitty guest, Gigi. She is in a six cat colony at a city equipment lot where there are lots of park equipment, trucks and such. Mom L and Dad P noticed she went missing a couple weeks ago and they found her at the area where they have our Delta View Cats food pantry. Anyways, they could tell that Gigi was injured. The photo is not great but you can see her furs are a mess on her neck.

Anyways, Gigi’s story will come to you later. The heart warming story I am sharing today is about Ambassador Katie. Gigi is living in a comfy cage in Mom L’s office. Recovering from her abscess treatment 10 days ago. So to help her on her journey to socialization and healing, I suggested they open Mom L’s door and let us kitties come visit. Of course TKS and KK were front and center!!

Katie shushed TKS when Sage started her low growl. Katie was totally focused on making Gigi feel welcome and safe. 

Mom L? Tell TKS to leave please. I need to comfort Gigi.

Gigi knew quickly that Katie was no threat. Gigi even showed Katie her tummy!! (hover cursor over photo to view comments)

After only three days in my castle, Gigi is starting to think she just might show off a teeny bit of her REAL SELF!

Unfortunately, Mom L discovered that one of  precious Gigi’s abscesses is back. She will have to go to emergency tomorrow. Purrs and POTP for our sweet kitty house guest Gigi.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here’s hoping you find your Friday smiles really fast!


WELL SAID! From my long time, now Angel Gal Pal Mistletoe!! My bestest furriend, as an RWB (Reader Without Blog) Miss Dorothy’s heart kitty Mistletoe. She is happily chasing butterflies at The Bridge, but certainly never forgotten!

Sigh—TKS is always so confused when she thinks she is doing ‘safe’ exploring. And yet, is anything ever ‘safe’ with TKS??

As always, I enjoy providing my readers with a little little thought from me to get you thinking about what your reaction is to my personal meme.  Is your life an upside down question mark? Why? I really truly wanna know


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