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Friday Memes with Smiles and Tears


Let’s get right to the Friday Smiles part!

And as you can see, I have my whiskers ordered to ATTENTION!!

Of course TKS wanted to join in the Friday fun.

Sad, sad, sad…but she is Dad P’s daughter. Both luvluvluv whatever chimes their bells. Actually TKS goes for the plain vanilla ice cream but Dad P is the “choco-holic”. And don’t even start to comment about chocolate being dangerous to us kitties. This is a fun meme!!! We know chocolate is bad for us kitties!

Last meme, not a funny one, but certainly one that is ever so poignant and sad. My early followers will recall the desperate struggle Mom L and Dad P went through in 2013 to save our Cuzin Leo. All of Blogville helped with his medical costs and sending him the most effective healing purrs.

Sadly, Leo chose to make his final trip Over The Rainbow Bridge in December, 2018.  He struggled with heart issues, probable kidney issues, undetected by Dad Dave. Leo’s death has weighed heavily on Mom L and Dad P. I think we will write a tribute for him in the coming weeks. But his loss hit very hard. Mom L will work with me to tell Leo’s story later.

For now, please, hear his appreciation for all that Blogville did for him in his struggle to live through hepatic lipidosis.

If you remember Leo, please share with me in comments what you remember most about him.



SNIP, SNAP, Snippity Snappity


Well Mom L and Dad P spent another day at the quarterly SNIP clinic. I have posted so many times about this totally awesome community cat spay/neuter clinic that I fear my loyal readers are tiring of it. BUT—we do not tire of this 4 times a year PAW IT FORWARD opportunity.

Ummm…is this gonna hurt??

I want to make this post about the “special cats” we experience when Mom L and Dad P volunteer. First, and thankfully I have not photos, one kitty, a very “feral” kitty, was found to have a possible broken femur and tail. She had her tail amputated, and she was to be returned to her caretaker/feeder with the broken leg hoping for some recovery. The important learning is that the caretaker asked that she not be euthanized. The caretaker wanted this kitty back and is willing to keep her in “recovery” inside her home until the kitty can manage on her own outside where the kitty knows best.

The injuries were likely the result of being hit by a car. So what do you think my readers? Good decision? Questionable decision?

It is so difficult for event the volunteer veterinarians to make these judgement calls.

And then there are the incredible, clearly purebred cats that come through Mom L’s “admission table”. Thankfully, the humans who brought this purebred Ocicat in were more than willing to care for him after his neuter.

The last photo simply shows this incredible kitty after being sedated. Mom L followed him from admission all the way through being discharged to his rescue family. And yes, this male cat is purebred, Ocicat, who just showed up in the backyard of his rescue humans. Such is the reality of community cat rescue.

Another incredible cat group represented today were Lynx Point Siamese.

We had youngsters and adults. Amazing community cats, abandoned either as adults, not spayed/neutered or even as juveniles, not spayed/neutered. The end result is the same. The cats are left to reproduce, not cared for and well—just abandoned. These cats are not “feral”. They are afraid, don’t trust humans, but if they do not “run”…then likely they are willing to try just one more time to trust humans. Meaning, they are not “feral”.

Feral: Feral cats are the result of a domestic cat being abandoned or lost and left to fend for itself. The offspring of the domestic (now considered feralcat are usually never handled by people and become terrified. Many times, when approached by people, they will hiss out of fright.

So many of the cats coming through our SNIP clinic are not “feral”. They are simply terrified after having been abandoned by humans. And because all community cat rescues do not have sufficient numbers of “fosters” for these adult abandoned cats, we can only “return them to where they are being fed”.

Please, do not abandon a cat. They are not able to live “off the land”. Please do not “shoo away a community cat looking for some love and a meal”. Please, call a local community cat rescue and ask for help. Every cat deserves love, kindness and a safe, warm place to live out its life with good food and understanding that the kitty did not make a decision to live without human caring.

Thanks lots for reading my post,



Friday Smiles from Friday Memes


It was tough getting my Friday Memes post up. Mom L and Dad P are at it yet again. Another “house guest” with fur. Whatever!

Let’s get going with some fun stuff. This first meme comes to you from my pals who are “Readers Without Blog”, Sir Hitch, servant to his mistress Mistletoe even though she be “OTRB”.

And I just had to use one from Dad P’s dear friend, Miss Martha. She has a new Librarian, named Marian, who is now her task master. Marian is also a “Reader Without Blog”.

Of course The Kid Sage had to add just one more.

And there you have it. My offering to you my readers. A smile for your Friday.


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