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Holiday Blooper


I am joining the last Pet Blogger Blooper Round Up Blog Hop for 2016. My thanks to The Lazy Pit Bull for hosting this once a month Friday event in 2016.

pet blogger bloopers badgeWe haven’t had much in the way of photo bloopers this month ‘cuz I asked Mom to back off on the product reviews. TKS and I were gettin’ tired of having to pose, especially when there is so little natural light in our rented town home this time of year.

So for your delight, I give you Mom’s blooper for this week—tryin’ to take a photo of me checkin’ out our Christmas Tree.

Introducing myself to my 2016 Christmas Tree

Introducing myself to my 2016 Christmas Tree

Sadly, our tree is a fake tree so not much to sniff. One sniff and, well, you know—I’m done. Likely this will be my last photo of me and this year’s tree.

I sure do hope all of my pals are having a loving holiday season. I am late, late, late with my holiday cards and whatnot. Hopefully now that Mom is done for this month with her consulting at my former county shelter home I can redirect her attention to my blog and visiting my blogging pals.

Please don’t forget that Momma Kat has an incredible hope chest filled with all she needs for her first three months in an adoptive home. Sadly, she hasn’t had enough attention to help her get socialized to humans and so she has bonded mostly to her kittens. And even more sadly, her kittens are now seven months old and also socialized to each other, not humans. None of them, nor Momma Kat, have had any interested adopters.

Please, if you have any suggestions about how I can promote Momma Kat with her hope chest more effectively, leave me your comment.


#mommakatsserach #foreverhomeneeded

#mommakatsserach #foreverhomeneeded

Wordless Wednesday with Cats


Mom and Dad visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  last week. Check out the book they found in the gift store.

Don't ya just wanna go out and buy it right now?!!!

Don’t ya just wanna go out and buy it right now?!!!

And this is how The Kid Sage and I chose to spend our day today. Chill’axin!!

Sigh...such a tough day

Sigh…such a tough day

We are joining Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

blog paws WW


My Pal Easy Rider The Weim


Early in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, November 30th, the earth beneath my paws stood still… I was up getting a drink of water. Next, a soft gentle wind entered the bedroom, stroking my whiskers, whispering to me “Give it to the Weimaraner”.  A single tear slipped from my eye, then the other eye, falling gently on the floor.  I knew my woofie buddy, my first woofie special pal Easy was on his way to The Bridge. He came on the gentle breeze to let me know.

Easy in his silver grey mist fur

Next I felt a soft stroke on my head and I knew that Mom, even though away from home, was reaching out to me as soon as she also learned of this earth stopping event. I know she began to weep with me. Our woofie pal with the gorgeous silver grey mist fur was headed to become a star in the night sky. No one knew then that he and his kitty buddy Sammy would receive their wings together.

Easy was bigger than life itself. He was fearless, a risk taker, a loving companion to his human Mom and Dad and one of the very best pals to have in Blogville. If you ever want to read a humor blog, then Easy’s blog is at the top of that list. Mom and I visited to make sure we didn’t miss any laughs.  His retelling of his Christmases over the years were blog posts not to be missed.

Weim Christmas 2015

After Christmas 2015

You had to know about Easy’s BIC—Bad Idea Catalog to know when a post was gonna make you laugh for sure. I still wish his Mom would publish all those BIC posts together.

Bad Idea Catalog reveals almost too much!

Girls Night Out a blog post for the Bad Idea Catalog

And then there were the many posts where Easy disclosed without shame the many DIY—Do It Yourself projects his humans got involved in. Always as must read.

Easy always helped his Mom with his blog.

*sigh* where is the Momster with the thumbs when I need her?

*sigh* where is the Momster with the thumbs when I need her?

Not only was Easy the best furiend to his Mom and Dad, he was also their special bed warmer!

What? Do I look like an electric blanket?

What? Do I look like an electric blanket?

Easy was full of life and he filled his life completely. He was a joyful woofie, always having a great day. Easy loved to run and his beautiful soft silver grey mist ears flapped madly in the wind as he sped around his garden running and playing and living life to its fullest.


If you have never visited Easy’s blog, you won’t know the depth of loss to pet blogging. I hope you will visit and learn what you may have missed. His human Mom and Dad said it all in their blog header—
“Easy Blog…All about our truly best friend”


PeeEss…you can read my tribute to my mentor Sammy here. I knew Sammy was leaving on the day I wrote this post.


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