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Happy Thanksgiving (safe) Day


I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but this one is sort’a special. This is a day to give thanks for all that we not only “have”, but for all that “we can do and share with those in need”.

Now that’s just my senior cat’s purrspective, but I bet’cha I hear some pawsitive shout outs from my readers.

As for me, I am sharing my special yummy wet cat food with the forty abandoned community cats we help feed around our waterfront area in Pittsburg, CA. My special PAW IT FORWARD effort is called Project Delta View Cats. Catchy title isn’t it?? MOL

Please be sure to share your American Thanksgiving Day good will to Support Your Local Street Cats! They deserve it and they need it! 

Here is our local Street Cats’ message for this giving holiday. 


Happy Tails Ending: Just like we like them!!


Remember two weeks ago when I asked all my readers for some help promoting precious Scotty’s search for his forever home???

Well it happened!!! Scotty was abandoned by his humans when they moved and Miss Kandi started feeding him around May, 2020. He was so dirty and thin.

After several months, Miss Kandi was able to win his trust so that she could pick him up and bring him to Mom L and Dad P to transport him to our county shelter for his neuter and vaccinations. They thought he was so nice that they kept him to help him find his forever home. Sadly for Scotty, the noise at the shelter was his undoing and he just withdrew. We found him a really nice foster home and they have had him for about three weeks. He was already fattened up by Miss Kandi, but now he was able to keep his white fur really white!

One of our volunteers with Project Delta View Cats posted Scotty on her Nextdoor network and the very next day a pawsome Dad and his even more pawsome young son, 12 years old, asked to visit Scotty. Long story short, Scotty is now living with them and about to start the best part of his life ever!1

Oh my! I do like nip!!

He is such a love bug. He always gives a little growl to start the conversation with a human, and then he shares his tummy for rubs and purrs.

Why yes, I do believe I want to live with you

Please give Scotty a huge round of APAWS!!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here come some smiles to get you ready for the week-o-end!

Oh my what a fuss Mom L and Dad P got into when they saw that HUGE charge on their plastic!! Sage’s paw has now been wiped off that account.

Here’s hoping none of you have been asked to “smile” while at the stabby place. If so, sure do hope you tried to run like Katie did back in February! No good comes from that vet person prying open your mouth—just sayin’!

Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Have a great week-o-end!


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