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Amazon sent two too many!!!


I managed to get Mom L to sit down and take my dictation for some short posts I’ve been working on while she was recovering. I have been going around my castle lookin’ for some fun photos I could use when we get back to blogging on time again. Hope you like these couple of “snaps” I caught of TKS lookin’ like she is kind’a making pals with Domino!!

Yup!! I caught them in an Amazon box and so I say—”Amazon, you delivered two too many black cats!!”

As if that isn’t enough proof that TKS is startin’ to warm up to Domino, I don’t know what is!!


Stuff going on at my castle


I know I have been absent for a whole week!! No Monday and no Friday Memes last week. Lots of stuff is going on here in my castle. First of all, Mom L had a cardiac procedure last week to address giving her relief from Atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter junk going on in her heart. She had to spend a whole day and night in that hospital.

During her procedure her careless anesthesiologist didn’t protect her eyes good enough and his little curtain cloth swept across Mom L’s eye and severely scratched her cornea!!

So she woke up with unbelievable pain in her chest from the ablation procedure and she couldn’t explain very well that her left eye felt like it had a wood stake jammed into the corner of it!!!

So by 10 PM that night, the cardiologist Doc finally got the on call eye doc to visit Mom L. He put some ointment in her eye and he then put a patch, taped real tight, on her eye. That gave her enough relief that she could sleep a bit. But you know hospitals—they aren’t a place to get much rest.

So Mom L has to rest her eye and can’t be on the puter very long to write my blog. So we agreed I would tell you what’s going on so’s you don’t think I just up and quit!!!

We think we might do a Friday Memes this coming Friday, but we will see what her eye doc says on Tuesday during her follow up visit.

And Dad P? Well besides taking care of Mom L, the four of us cats ( Me, TKS, Katie and Domino), he has been responding to a call for help to rescue eight kittens and a mom cat that were dumped at our city’s Marina right near my castle. So far, we now have nine kittens, six from one litter and three from an older litter and one of the mom cats. We just caught her today. Our Delta View Cats  nonprofit community cat rescue doesn’t stop just ‘cuz Mom L is in bed!!!

I have my tent made right next to where Mom L has been resting in our bed. And at night I sleep hugged up tight to her chest so’s I can hear her ask for anything.

Please know we miss all of you and we will be back very soon!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


This is my pal Levi. He is demonstrating the way humans used to get water from the ground to their own kitchens. Only Levi—well…he, ah…yeah…he really believes that he can only get his water if he raises his leg and pumps it. At least he has good muscle tone in the left hind leg!

Mom L did another of those Kitten Kitchen Clinics and this kid says it all if you ever had just one too many of anything the night before!

Hope I gave you a reason to smile today!


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