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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


First up is a slam dunk from one of our former foster adult abandoned community cats. Remember Carmelita?? Now known as Amelia and living her best life ever being doted on by her kind and compassionate peeps.

Next up is our River View Park old time colony member, Hercules, trying to help a recently dumped six to seven month old juvenile learn the ropes at one of Delta View Cats‘ park feeding stations. Way to go Herc!!

Next up is another River View Park colony member, Sabrina. She just made a shocking discovery.

I sure do hope you are smiling now!


Tough life for The Domino Kid


As you know, I still have one last member of The Hole in the Wall Gang hanging around my castle. The Domino Kid is actually trying to make himself charming and darling and, well, you get my drift. He thinks he’s gonna worm his way into a permanent spot in my castle guard. HAH!!!

Just look how lazy he is! He is stretched out somewhere practically all day long! At six months old ya think he would go out and find himself a job or somethin’ like that!

He even kisses up to my Dad P by climbing into his lap then falling asleep. He thinks he is so cute with that little upside down pose! Harrummppfff!!!

He poses next to my our leopard flash tunnel and does this little stoopy head tilt thing. ICK!!!

Why he is even providing my little Katie with lots of play time and games of tag all over my castle.

I just don’t know what to think. He sneaks onto my our king size bed at night after I am all snuggled against Mom L’s chest and tummy and he slides up tight against her back!!! Why he makes her the filling in a kitty kat sandwich!!! Good grief!!

Why I just don’t know what to think of this situation anymore!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a pretty silly line up of memes for you today. Hope you are ready for some giggles. First up is TKS.

Seriously, what do ya think she see’s coming her way??

The above is our foster adult cat Seniorita Mirabel. She has been in a foster home for nine months. So sweet and loving and gentle. She has now been adopted two times and returned because she is “too shy”. Mind you, both adopters had her for less than 96 hours. Please send Mirabel your “high fours” in comments to send positive energy to boost her morale. We do not know how many more times she can stand being returned.

This is a backyard adult cat named Tiger that we helped get his entropion eyelid surgery done about two years ago. He now rules his caretakers  backyard!! What a hunk!!


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