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Remember Sam? I have an update!!


I posted on July 29th the tail tale of Sam aka Samantha aka Sammy’s capture to be able to treat a severe injury. We thought Sammy was a girl, then a boy, then a girl and finally once we got “him” to our county animal services, they confirmed “IT’S A BOY”!!!

Well Sam was released from Contra Costa County Animal Services (CCAS) to Miss Jane’s care in early August. CCAS staff and medical docs treated him like the elegant young mancat he is. We are proud that CCAS is one of our key partners for my latest Paw It Forward Project, Project Delta View Cats (PDVC).

We also have the great good fortune to have a wonderful working relation with Furry Friends Pet Relief as they are the rescue that found a very reasonably priced veterinarian, Central Boulevard Vet Hospital, who knows how to manage feral kitties, to do Sam’s much needed dental. Sam was boarding on stomatitis so we weren’t sure what would happen and how many toofies he might need extracted.


Good news!! Sam had NO extractions!! And one of our wonderful volunteers, Miss Kandi, donated the cost of his dental. So after that, Sam went to have a very nice relaxing recovery at Miss Jane’s home.

Check out the amazing set up Sam had thanks to Miss Jane and her hubby Mr Bob. Sam was catered to and cared for and we believe he is ready to be released back to our park colony this next week.

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I know that Sam will always remember Miss Jane, his protector and care giver. He will be looking for her to serve up his meals once released at PDVC’s park colony.

So tell me all about any successful recovery stories you have when you helped out an injured or ill community cat?


PeeEss—Mom L is having her first cataract surgery this week so I won’t be back until next Monday. Paw hugs, Savvy

Friday memes for your Friday smiles


I got Mom L to get those opposable thumbs working overtime to get her back in the swing of getting my blog posts done. Hope you enjoy the results!

Can you just imagine how many other peeps and kitties are wishing they hadn’t had that second helping???

Yep, that’s TKS! Anything to get more chik-hen!

And so Mom L did indeed move to the other side of our bed to take her own afternoon nap. It’s called “Training Your Human 305” upper division course.


Visit long over due: My Three Moggies visit in Northhampton, England


The title tells it all. Mom L finally was able to visit our long time cat blog pal My Three Moggies.  Miss Michelle started blogging about her three lovely kitties about the same time I had Mom L start my blog. Miss Michelle said I was the first cat blogger to “like” her blog!! That was SEVEN years ago!!

Long story short, Mom L and I developed a virtual friendship with Miss Michelle and Mr Craig and their cat family: Eldest Sir Archie; next Squire Henry and youngest Oscar. Mom L fell in love with Sir Archie, who is now about sixteen or so years old.

Miss Michelle brought Sir Archie in on his royal bed so Mom L could sit with him for a long anticipated visit.

And yes, Mom L had very leaky eyes!!

Miss Michelle and Mr Craig lost their youngest Oscar in February of this year, but Mom L was able to also meet and greet Squire Henry.

He stayed long enough to have bite and then dashed off to do some late afternoon hunting.

Mom L and Dad P were treated to a royal feast at My Three Moggies. They didn’t know where to start there were so many choices!! YUM!!

Of course they also met Mr. Ben, the lovely addition to My Three Moggies, a rescue rough coated collie. He very nicely posed for his photo.

Mom L and Dad P had enough time to do a quick visit to a nearby ancient church. The first noted Vicar was dated about 1300 AD!!

Finally Mom L and Dad P had to depart, but Mom L and Miss Michelle had to make sure they captured their moment of firmly establishing their international friendship! Mom L had  to confess to Miss Michelle that she never expected Miss Michelle to be so tall!!  MOL!!!

Mom L and Dad P left on the train promising to meet once again!!

My friends, never ever mistake our virtual cat blogging friendships as only that, virtual. When Mom L and Miss Michelle, Mr Craig and Dad P all met—it was as thought they had just left off from some conversation started last week. They KNEW each other! They recognized each other as friends.


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