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My Moves Just Keep Goin’!


Last I reported on my continuing love of playing was last October I think?  I still find time to play with Mom L and she always stops whatever she is doing if I look like I am in the mood for some silliness!!

All I have to do is through myself down at the base of my carpeted steps; I use them to get on the couch cuz’ my arty-right-us makes it tough for me to jump up anymore. Anywho, Mom L knows that is my invite for a play session!

I sometimes turn myself inside out and upside down going after my peacock fevver! My BFGF Cathy Keisha put me onto peacock fevvers when I first arrived at my castle and I have never refused to play with one ever since.

You can check out some of my moves on this itty bitty short video!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


*tucks head under front paws* I am so embarrassed I did not get to warn you about not being able to post my regular Monday blog. Sigh—”putters”!!! Love’em and hate’em I say. Yep, Mom L’s lappy toppy died early last Saturday morning and she could not get it resuscitated until later Monday night. Bummer!!

BUT!!! I am baaaackkkk!! with my Friday Memes!  I get to go first.

Why do cats always get blames for just trying to help our feathered and furry furiends get a little air in their furs and feathers?

And there you have it from KK! Humans are indeed edible, so go ahead and take a bite or three!!! MOL!!!

TKS is forever our Amazon box lady. She makes those boxes LOOK GOOD!!!

So be honest, have you ever “fluffed” the furs or feathers or even the scales of another household “pet”? Just askin’ for a furriend.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hope your are ready for some giggles! Here you go—!!!


And if that doesn’t get your Friday Smile going—try this one out!!! Meet Sebastian and Pepper, livin’ the life on a forty foot boat !

Last try to get you smiling for your whole week-o-end!! You’ve already met my latest castle guest, Buddy

There you have it. Hope you are smiling—maybe even laughing just a bit!! MOL!!!

PeeEss…Buddy has left the house! Keep a sharp look out for him!


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