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Are You Ready for Friday Cat Memes?


Hope you arrived at my blog with your giggle ears on!

TKS steals treat

You know TKS does the ole’ kitty dumpster dive in the mornings to rediscover each and every day where Mom L has stashed our cat treats. Well, TKS stopped doing this about three months ago. And just this last week—TKS started it all up again!

Now let me introduce you to some kitties who appeared at the now infamous Cat Kitchen Clinic (CKC) for Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). Mom L totally enjoys each and every weekly CKC because all the kitties are street cats aka community cats aka alley cats.

luvluvluv my schmousie

This cute Russian Blue kitten is apparently a foster fail! SHOCK!!!

lumps in my bed

On the left in the above photo is a mancat known as “Sweet William”. Apparently, he attracts all female cats to his “boudoir” as it were. That orange and white ladycat is clearly not purrleased to find there was already a Russian Blue ladycat ensconced in Sweet William’s bed before her!!! Willy is a true ladycat magnet!!!

Hope you had a good time visiting. Thanks lots for stopping by.


Momma kats search badge

At Last! Back on my tower doin’ my thing!


My long time readers will recall that I once played like a crazy cat gymnast on my first kitty tower. I was a diva on that tower and outta  have applied for that Cirque du Soleil! And yes, Mom L had to do some stoopid stuff to make my eyes look better…but I think she made them look like I was whacked out on the nip! MOL!!!

I am rockin' this acrobatic stuff

I am rockin’ this acrobatic stuff

I have not played on my first ever cat tower since 2012. When we lost our owned home in 2012 and moved, I never played on it like I used to when I knew it was residing in our very own home. Then we moved again, another rental home, and I didn’t like where it was then. But Mom L who knows me so well, finally found a place where I can play with her like I did four years ago!!

That is what we call SAVANNAH PROGRESS!!! PeeEss…notice the positioning of my whiskers in the photos and tell me what you see in comments.

Come on Mom L—give it to me!!

Come on Mom L—give it to me!!

(hint: whiskers relaxed)

I begged Mom L to bring it on!!

Give me what ya got Mom L!

Give me what ya got Mom L!

And Mom L delivered.

I 'm gonna get you feather buddy!

I ‘m gonna get you feather buddy!

We are now playing every day on my long time cat tower pal. Good to be back where it all began with Mom L and learning to play like a cat who feels safe, treasured and loved.

Check out my powerful paw grips!

Check out my powerful paw grips!

We end every play session with a look of anticipation for the next one!

Another one later Mom L???

Another one later Mom L???


Remember Momma Kat

Come on kids, drink up

Come on kids, drink up


Let the Photo Captions Roll!!


If you visited me last Wednesday then you will recall that I offered my readers the opportunity to put some words into a few kitties’ mouth’s!!

I giggled reading the captions, hope you do to. Here ya go with all the captions from my readers.

From Edie Chase:

Handsome brown tabby sort’a Maine Coon type cat.

Photo One

Wait! What??

What’s going on here?!

Photo Two

"Scuse me while I exit left!

I think they’re aliens, I have to get out of here!

Photo Three


They are aliens, they are trying to eat my face off!

Same photos above of Handsome brown tabby sort’a Maine Coon type cat

Miss Dorothy Williams

  1.  What?
  2.  No way! You’re kidding!
  3. Get out! I do NOT have fleas!

Two French Bulldogs:

  1. I am at the Dogsters touchy feely office getting checked
  2. Aren’t I the cutest thing.
  3. Tongue out Tuesday

Black and White scardy-cat boy 

Austin from CATachresis

Photo Four

Yes I am handsome

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders

Photo Five

Mouses! Here I go

Hey! My tux is not for sale!

Photo Six

What did you call me?

You’re gonna do WHAT?

Photo Seven

Can I get some help over here please

I want my lawyer … NOW!!!

Same  photos above from above: Black and White scardy-cat boy 

Seville from Nerissa’s Life

  1. Who are you?
  2. Of all the ignominious…
  4. If I ignore her, perhaps she’ll go away.

Miss Dorothy Williams

4.  You’re going to remove what?
5. Yes, those!
6. Stop staring!
7. Gone! Sigh!

Erin, The Cat Princess

4. Are you my ride home….. My mum said never to go with strangers…. are you one?
5. Ummm…Are you sure this is the way to the cab?
6. The fare is HOW MUCH? Look me in the eye and say that again!
7. WOW! The view is great from up here…. Is that big bright thing the moon?

Dinah—a feline reader without a blog—but she does have staff!

Anyone can be nervous in a dance contest.
4. OK, it’s my turn now. Hope I do really well.
5. Tango, baby tango! Romance is in my eyes.
6. I can do an Irish jig, too!
7. How’d I do — waiting for the scores.

And now the captions for the last series of photos—

Anxious brown short coated tabby

Bear Cat

Photo Eight

Excuse me!

You want to put WHAT, WHERE?

Photo Nine

I can't believe she is doing this

ONE WAY ONLY! Can’t you read the signs?

Photo Ten

Come on guys, give a cat some help

Well, THAT’S undignified

Photo Eleven

ppffttt!!! on all of you!

Yeah. I didn’t feel A THING. Nope. Absolutely NOTHING happened! I’m cool

Miss Dorothy Williams

8. What you doing back there?
9.  Hey! That thing is cold!
10. You’d think they’d warm it up before shoving it up there!
11. This is what I think about you guys!

You guys are all the best blogville pals ever for pawticipating!!

I was laughing my furry tail off reading your captions. Gotta luvluvluv Two French Bulldogs creativity about aliens at the stabby place!! Right?? Totally what it feels like goin’ to that place!

If you have a particular favorite set of captions you wanna give a shout out to in a comment, please do. The authors will be so proud you acknowledged them!

A special message to all my readers who are sticking with me in 2017. I know I have been a rotten buddy when it comes to leavin’ comments and whatnot. For that I am so very regretful, but I can only do so much without Mom L’s thumbs. I hope you unnerstand—sigh. My reader views are so far down since November 2016 that it looks like Mom L and I may have to decide to toss in the kitty litter and call my blog quits. I’ll let ya know in the next few weeks what we decide.

No matter what, it has been my privilege as a former adult shelter cat to try and make a difference for all those kitties and woofies who have no voice like I do. Thank you all for following me and keeping hope alive for all those rescue kitties and woofies who are left behind.

Until next time—


PeeEss—remember Momma Kat. I do not know how long it will take. Momma has no inquiries and same for her kittens. It looks like MK was a feral 1-2 year old. Thus, she is very shy, only beginning to become socialized. She does have a sweet nature, can be picked up, and is comfortable with other cats. I am hoping the rescue will give her a new name. I hold her Momma Kat Hope Chest in storage so that it will go with her whenever she finds her true home.

However, I have had a sad fallout with the rescue and they no longer trust me. This rescue is a truly honorable organization and I know I am at fault for their lack of trust in me. I don’t know what to do so I continue to fulfill the promise I made to MK in my heart…I will stick with her until she has a home. I just wish she had more updates on her progress. Purrlease hold MK in your hearts and prayers.

Momma Kat with two kittens behind her

Momma Kat

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