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And It’s Another Guest Selfie!!


No, no, no—I am not gonna ask you to “guess” what’s up with this guest selfie’s story. I just think it’s way cool to mix up the selfie images with some guests. Trust me, TKS and I have been collecting our own selfies to bring to you next week.

But, don’t ya think this is the most interesting kitten fur colors?

This cutest ever kitten arrived at Doc Josie and Community Concern 4 Cats Kitchen Cat Clinic a couple of weeks ago.

What is that lady doing with my bloods???

What is that lady doing with my bloods???

I thought this kitten deserved to be my guest Sunday Selfie, hosted by my pals from The Kitties Blue ‘cuz she has the coolest fur markings!!

Let me know in comments if you thing this kitten is one of the following:

  1. multi-color cow kitten
  2. calico
  3. white with “shabby chic” accents
  4. no clue

Just say the number in comments and I will let ya know what my readers’ consensus is about what color furs this sweet kitten is showing off on my Monday blog post!!

Now here she is with some cool filters, frames etc. from Dreamscope, PiZap and Photofacefun!

kitten selfie

And another—

kitten selfie 2

Just one more—

kitten selfie 3

Hop on over to The Cat On My Head to view tons of other selfies!!

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Have You Had Your #CATMEME for Today?


Well, actually—to be perfectly honest, it’s not “me” who is present in today’s #catmemes. In fact I have a guest who is NOMS (not of my species)! Isn’t that pretty awesome?

Please welcome my bun pal Sir Speedy, A Very Cheeky House Bun from across the pond!

Speedy in jail

Come on guys, let’s give Sir Speedy a “Get Outta Jail Free Card”!!

My next guests are from the same cathold household, but alas, alas—they are not allowed by the head peep, Ms Dorothy (RWB…reader without blog), to have their very own cat blog. I know tons of my readers will recognize Ms Dorothy as she is often in lots of your comments. She has been with me for about four years now…give or take twelve!

Moving on—Ms Dorothy has a biped son who is not only a night owl like our very own Summer’s human, but he dabbles in photo ops to  capture moments for family and friends. Thankfully, I, Savannah the Cat, am his “friend”.

Ms Dorothy and Mr Jacob happen to be allowed to live in a home owned by their four cats—Mistletoe, Hitch, Pumpkin and Tiger. Mistletoe was one of my very first Real Rescue Cats Are Talking: Life Saving Interviews by Savannah. Her story is worth the read, trust me. And Hitch was kind enough to be a guest blog post in 2013, again please visit ‘cuz it’s worth a read for sure.

Hitch leads off their guest #catmeme contributions—and I have many more to come over the following weeks *wink, wink*

Kiss my paw

Next up is Tiger who is total performance artist!!

What A Feeling

Please give me a round of APAWS for all three guest #catmeme contribution.

And now, where is YOUR #catmeme??


Who Has a Kat Fit Bit?!


Do you ever think you have played way more than you outta?? Come on, dish!  Tell me the truth. Are you ever outta breath?? Just from running and running chasing that ever elusive red dot or feather? By the way, how many of you have your very own “Kat Fit Bit”?

Ummm...I may have hurt myself with that last sprint

Ummm…I may have hurt myself with that last sprint

Well, I think I may have overdone myself this weekend. I was having so much fun chasing the feather with that red dot in the middle of it, I winded myself!!

Whew! I gotta get more fit!!

Whew! I gotta get more fit!!

That feather simply did not give up. It just taunted me more and more.

Come on feather, I have my forty second wind now!

Come on feather, I have my forty second wind now!

Target on sight!! Ready! Kill!!

Got'cha now sneaky feather!

Got’cha now sneaky feather!

What a workout! I feel I gained back at least one and a half lives!!

I have reached my ten thousand steps!! YAY!!!

I have reached my ten thousand steps!! YAY!!!

How do you use your Kat Fit Bit??


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