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The Story: Sunday Selfie Mystery Guest


I have always wanted to say this even though there probably aren’t any more news presses that work these days—

I am certain you all remember my blog post about the mom cat and her kitten who are our first successful cat trap effort. Well, mom cat aka Mandi and her kitten aka Boogie, have been living for a week in my our office, in those luxurious cages I shared last week.

Boogie clearly showed signs of being open to human touch and interaction.

So we are already set up for her to move to Kitty Corner once Mom L and Dad P have her more socialized. Right now they are teaching her how to play with humans. More on that next week, so stay tuned.

It broke Dad P and Mom L’s hearts, but we had to release Mandi back to her home at the lodge where she was trapped. After a week, she still had little interest in human interaction. But, there is still hope for Mandi. Her feeder, Miss Kandi, is working with her to try to get her to allow pets. At least Mandi won’t ever have more kittens to care for as she is about five years old. She needs to enjoy her life without kittens to care for.

Mandi was very much ready to go home too.

She clearly knew exactly where she was once she was released. Please watch this eleven second video. You can see that Mandi knew she was home the way she darts behind that wooden pallet, her refuge for over a year or more.

Miss Kandi continues to feed Mandi and we hope their bond will continue to grow so that we may once again offer Mandi the opportunity of being adopted into a caring home.

The same day that Mom L and Miss Kandi released mom cat Mandi, I also had Mom L taking care of another adult abandoned cat on the opposite street corner. Miss Kandi has named him Pumpkin! And that fits for sure!!!

Pumpkin is fortunate that my former cat, Vet Dr. Josie, was willing to travel to Pumpkin’s Corner and administer his rabies, FVRCP and flea treatment— right on the street corner he calls home! And that is how Dr. Josie rolls—anything for the kitties!!

Pumpkin needed those vaccinations to be able to allow Mom L to take him to our public animal shelter where he well go on temporary “Owner Surrender” status to learn if he can tolerate being in the shelter while he waits for an adopter. Mom L can spring him loose in three days if he doesn’t adjust well. Pumpkin is so friendly, loves pets, purrs, can be picked up—he just needs a chance at a new home. You see, his former “family” abandoned him on that street corner when they moved from the apartment complex. He is likely a senior cat.

So there was one more Paw It Forward Project over the weekend. Miss Kandi had a new male kitty to join her little 6 pack over where she works. His name is Sweet Pea and he was not neutered. So Mom L and Dad P got him into the new cat clinic for Community Concern 4 Cats just this morning.

I really want to hear from any readers about what you think of my latest Paw It Forward Projects. I had Dad P and Mom L working on not one, not two, not three but FOUR projects this last ten day. How do you think we are doing so far???



Success with a Cat Trap


Mom L has been putting up some photos of a Mom cat and her four to five month old kitten on our Face Book pages. So if you follow her, then you may have seen some of these photos.

But, I am here today with the back story and progress that we made just yesterday on our new Paw It Forward Project! You got it! I’m gonna make sure this cat and her kitten are spayed, neutered, vaccinated to keep them healthy if they decide they still wanna live in the outdoors. Dad P and Mom L spotted them just up the street from our home. They were living behind a really nice Elk’s Lodge under a super warm, dry and cool large patio with a great roof. I named mom cat “Mandy” and the kitten “Andi”—we didn’t know what sex the kitten was at the time I was writing this blog post. (pEEeSS Andi is a GIRL!!)

Mom L started by feeding them in a double bowl but Mandy always stayed behind to keep watch over Andi and make sure she got enough to eat. So, Dad P suggested feeding them in separate bowls and a distance apart. You can see that Andi kept an eye on her mom to make sure she didn’t leave her. And Mandy was able to eat a really nice evening meal all by herself.

Of course unknown to Mandy and Andi, Mom L was plotting to get them positioned outside that lodge enclosure and eating together so’s she could finally trap them. Amazing that Andi became very accustomed to Mom L in just a couple of days and would come bounding over within just a few feet of Mom L. Andi was eager for her yummy meal. Mandy on the other paw took a few days more, but even she warmed up and started to come right to the food bowl without any hesitation once Mom L walked away several feet.

Isn’t she pretty? And you can tell she kept her eyes on Mom L just to be sure her baby was safe. They would retreat behind the fence and a wooden pallet to do their after dinner cleaning.

Next Mom L and Dad P brought out this amazing trap one of Mom L’s community cat rescue pals created! Yes, he came up with this design on his own and built it. It is crazy effective too. It has a hard floor with a little porch. You can put some yummy noms on that porch to draw a kitty close. And that is a drop door, which is able to be managed with a small device like a garage door opener. The door can be dropped shut tight from across a street!

First night, which was our Saturday, that Mom L and her pal tried the trap—KABAM!!!! They caught BOTH Mandy and Andi!!! Mind you the kitties were terrified, but they were now gonna be taken care of and there will be no more babies. They both went in yesterday morning, after spending a quiet night cozy in our warm garage, for their Spay and Neuter and vaccinations, rabies and flea treatment and micro-chipping. Mom L’s pal Miss Kris was able to get them into a place called Fix Our Ferals for free service! Awesome, huh?!!

Here is where they will come for their recovery and attempts by Mom L and Dad P to socialize them. And yes, Mom L’s office is once again off limits to me and TKS.

After a week or so, if Mandy/Andi don’t show any sign of wanting human contact, then we will release them back to that lodge. They have a really nice lady who feeds them twice a day and they are even now in great condition. Beautiful furrs!! And good body weight.

Check back next Monday for another update on how things go.


Foster Kittens Update: Going, going, GONE!!!


I am totally sure you all remember those three pesky cute foster kittens we had, right?

Well I have spent a ton of time asking Ceiling Cat to please help those kittens break outta my former shelter Kitty Corner. Now you know I think Kitty Corner is the best place for any cat to be if it’s lookin’ for a forever family. Heck, I may have waited a whole year, but look what a great family I found! Nonetheless, a shelter is a shelter and not a true home, right?

I cannot keep you in suspense. Chloe and Rocky went to a home together. As soon as the man and woman entered their room at Kitty Corner, Rocky and Chloe moved in on them! They loved their ankles, asked to be pet and in general—made the humans into a bowl of mush! They so wrapped them around their little paws those humans never had a chance!!

Interestingly, Jessie stayed in his cubbie and outta sight. What’s up with that?? Right? More on this later.

So off go Chloe and Rocky together to their delightful forever home.



And now for the Happy Tail Ending for precious Jessie. On the very same day, after Jessie rejected first the man and woman who adopted Chloe and Rocky, and then he rejected the next couple, an man and woman with their twenty + year old son—Jessie would not respond at all when the two men tried so very hard to make friends with Jessie. He did love on the woman’s ankles and allow her to give him some pets. But clearly, he wasn’t taken to the two men. So this family moved on to adopt another cat. Mom L and Dad P worried that Jessie was left alone.

BUT—a very nice young woman came in just an hour or so later, and Jessie was ALL OVER HER!!! Jessie finally picked out his forever human!!

Same day, within three hours—all three of our foster kittens were off to their forever homes! How much better does that get??


Our three now “former” fosters all together.

Thank you all for caring about our three kitties.




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