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Friday Memes of a Different Type


I decided I wanted to use some of my Friday Memes this week to share some news as well as introduce some of the members of the community cat colony we are helping feed. Are you up for something different? Hope so!! ‘Cuz here it comes!!

This is one of the more stand offish colony members but he asked me to deliver a message to my readers. You see sometimes humans get so caught up in their own stuff and worries, that they don’t look around careful enough to check out who else might be with them. Community cats kind’a just blend in sometimes and so humans don’t realize they are there and need help finding their next meal.

See how this tabby blends into his surroundings? If humans don’t stop to pick up those pine cones they could miss him altogether!!

And now for the news. Do you remember my Friday Meme last week showing cute Gemma making some bread to share with someone if only they would take her home? Well, her bread making worked!!!

Gemma purred and head bunted her way into her new human Mom’s heart! The lady got her husband on Face Time so’s he could see how special Gemma is and he immediately agreed—BRING HER HOME!! It’s especially wonderful ‘cuz it’s kitten season and most humans are wanting kittens right now. But this caring lady, who lost her sixteen year old kitty a couple of months before, was ready for another mature loving cat to be her one and only. APAWS for Gemma’s bread making!!

And now for a regular Friday Meme brought to you by The Kid Sage. As always, she pushes the limits of what is “allowed”!!

Mom L about lost it when she saw TKS up on her dining room buffet where there are things that a cat’s tail can easily knock off and break. Nonetheless, TKS continues to like that spot ‘cuz it has nice warm afternoon sun. So now there is a cat tree there—but of course TKS sometimes prefers that nice buffet.

Do you do anything that gets your human all rattled?? Share with me in comments!!


Another SNIP Clinic—We keep on rollin’!


Another SNIP (Spay, Neuter Impact Program) clinic has come and gone. Mom L and Dad P were on duty yet again in early April for their favorite way to spend a Sunday—working a SNIP clinic. This time they also volunteered to help with setting up the county animal services shelter space so’s it would be all ready for the cats and volunteers the next day. The set-up is done as soon as the shelter closed on Saturday at 5PM. And with all there is to do, the hand full of volunteers who helped were done by 6:30PM!! AMAZING!!

First they have to lay down paper everywhere they will be walking except in the surgery area. That paper has to be taped down and it takes like a bazillion yards of paper let me tell you!

And then they have to clean out all the area they need back in surgery. The shelter uses some of the space SNIP needs for storage like this space below.

Store room by week day and vaccination room SNIP Sundays

You should have seen this space before SNIP volunteers moved stuff out. It was packed!

On SNIP Sunday that room becomes critical to the cats’ final medication administration. Here they receive flea/tick treatment, all their vaccinations and any other final meds required.

The other space that really needs lots of set up is the other part of the surgery where the cats are shaved and readied for surgery.

You can see there is a lot of stuff behind Dad P walking along there in the first photo. By surgery morning, this area is ready to rock and roll gettin’ the kitties’ all prepped for their surgeries.

They also get a good thorough checking for any other medical needs like abscesses, mani/pedi needs, ears cleaned and whatnot.

Finally on SNIP Sunday the cats start comin’ in to be registered. As my regular readers know, all the cats must be brought inside a cat trap. No carriers. This clinic is specifically for community cats that have been trapped either by individual community members or by local community cat rescues.

Here are some of the sixty eight cats that were SNIP’d in April. (hover that mousie over photos for captions purlease)

So many cats, young and old, are our cherished patients today.

Other kitties were just as worried as the little marmie boy, but really this is gonna be a best day for all of them.

All but the most friendly will be released to live their lives outside with their feeders making sure they get at least one really good meal a day.

If you have a community cat rescue near you please be sure to donate any spare green papers or supplies. Almost all rescues have Amazon Wish Lists and that’s an easy way to help them out.


PeeEss—Let me apologize for being missing on my Friday Memes post last Friday. My typist and photo editor was kind’a out for the last few days. Mom L had a real meowie ouchie in her back and wasn’t movin’ around so great. But she is able to paw my key board for me today! YAY!

Memes for All


I’m gonna get right to my first meme. Yours truly is startin’ off the memes this week. This one is for my pal across the bay, King Spitty!

Think about THAT King Spitty!!

Next up I know my readers have enjoyed seeing some of my Paw It Forward rescue cats show up in my memes. So here you have two of my latest rescue kitties.

First sweet Koko you all met in an earlier blog post right here!

Mom L and Dad P go to visit Koko at his Pet Food Express “temp” home. He is gonna get a new roomie tomorrow, but you have to come back on Monday to learn who that is.

And now for adorable Pumpkin, all fourteen pounds of him!! He already has rescue partners wanting to transfer him from my county animal services to their own rescues.

Don’t you think just about anyone would want this lovely mancat???

Let me know in comments if you enjoy seeing some of my Paw It Forward cats show up in Friday Memes. I like to keep this light and fun and don’t wanna have my readers miss out on the silliness TKS and I are known for.


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