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Friday Memes From Our Cat Colony


First I gotta let you all know that Mom L and I are so very sorry we could not post on Monday. Sunday was the year’s second SNIP Clinic and Mom L and Dad P both worked the clinic in the morning. Then Mom L took Katie to Petco adoptions ‘cuz Dad P had his turn the day before. Mom L could not lift her thumbs to type for me.

And today, she is not over her six hour visit to Emergency hospital on Tuesday night when she suffered a severe unexpected vertigo attack. Never ever never happened before and caught her and Dad P off guard. We kitties spent Wednesday and Thursday in bed with her…yes…I mean “all” three of us.

Mom L is the bump in the middle

The next day the tent came down and you can’t see TKS, but she is right up by Mom L’s head. I allowed Kit Katie to get on the bed closest to Mom L as this was her first time serving Nurse duty.

Ok KK, you take good care of Mom L

We hope to be back again with full health next week. But for now, here are a couple of memes I created for your Friday Smiles. The first kitty is from the SNIP clinic Mom L worked with Dad P this past Sunday.

Calico girl going in for spay at SNIP clinic…not happy!

Miss Cali gal was whacking the trap when anyone came near her! She was very feisty but now she will never have to take care of kittens again. SNIP spayed, neutered ninety-three community cats in six hours. Everyone including veterinarians, registered vet techs, etc. are volunteers.

This next kitty is a newbie to the park colony Mom L and Dad P help manage near us. Mom L is going to trap her to learn if she is friendly enough for adoption. She has the cutest short tail, so part Manx. She is ear tipped, but her white markings on her hind legs make her look like a bunny in motion when she walks and runs! Very cute!

I will be reporting to my readers all about the new program Project Delta View Cats that Mom L and Dad P co-founded for our city. We have a pilot project in place where we are testing all our protocols, recruiting volunteers and working on fund raising. The pilot project is in the area where we live, including the River View Park colony cats, and others along our Pittsburg, CA marina area.

Katie still searches for her forever home so please keep her in your thoughts and send some POTP her way.



Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

Kit Katie’s Challenges


I’m just gonna step up right here and right now. I don’t want Kit Katie to live here anymore. I don’t care how much she tries to win me over. Ain’t happening folks, not one teensy bit. And The Kid Sage pretty much feels the same, sort’a.

So I am gonna turn this blog post over to Mom L.

Hi everyone, Mom L here.

We are indeed having troubling times with our two resident adult cats, Savvy who is a senior at thirteen years old and Sage who is middle aged at seven years old. They hiss, snarl at Katie, which we understand is cat speak for “not on my turf kid”!! And yes, we had Katie separate for about five months when she was first with us, and with Lilly. We do know how to introduce a new kitty.

But doing so with our two grouchy girls has been so stressful for Katie, she developed conjunctivitis and kitty chin acne. And, no, we do not feed nor water with plastic anything.

This is photo shopped

And this is what she really looks like because her eye drains constantly now.

Two vet checks later, and they believe she has a scared tear duct in her right eye which means this draining discoloration forever. As if her limp in her right front leg wasn’t enough to hold her back from being adopted.

Finally, Sunday, Community Concern For Cats, at no cost, allowed us to have Katie’s front legs/shoulders to be X-rayed. And yes, our good friend and feline expert retired Veterinarian Miss Josie found that Katie does indeed have an abnormality in her right shoulder joint. It doesn’t have the smooth joint connect that her left does. Another detriment to potential adopters, but at least now we have proof that she isn’t suffering, has adapted well and runs, plays and loves life even with this itty bitty bump!

Katie is only isolated to my very lovely office enclosure at night. She likes to have a bit of privacy and we need to sleep. We have her out as soon as she has her brekkies and she has come to join us on the bed with the other two snarky girls!

Katie literally begs them to accept her and allow her to snuggle, play with them.

I just love the view of water and birds!

and then this…

There she goes with her “show me her tummy” routine…sheesh!!

And this…

You can see my tummy, ok?

And more…

don’t ‘cha think I am sweet?

More again…

oh, are you gonna let me get a whiffy of your tail?

More simply got her a hiss from TKS…

Katie has discovered that she can have her long morning nap right near Savvy, on the outside of Savvy’s favorite tent. TKS used to grab this spot but Katie gets there faster even with her limp!! MOL!!!

Dad P and I thank all of you for believing that Kit Katie, sweet KK, has already found her forever home. However, we know that for her to live her entire life with us (and she will likely outlive us) means that she never again knows that warmth of snuggling with another kitty as she did with Lilly. She never again knows the joy of chasing and “ressling” with another kitty. Her life will be lived by half.

Katie retires to the stairs to look down on family nights, with Savvy next to me on the couch and Sage next to Dad P on his recliner chair. Katie has no place to spend time with us in this family routine. Oh yes, we try and we try, but it isn’t happening.

Dad P and I ask that any of you who are willing, please help us help precious Kit Katie find her much needed forever home. She has earned it, she deserves it.

You can find Kit Katie’s profile at the following links:

Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing

Please don’t ever think that we don’t love this very special survivor kitten. What she endured from birth until the time we rescued her from her horrific hoarding situation is unthinkable. All we care about is her ability to live a joyful life as she so deserves. Sharing her with any of your friends, relatives, contacts, etc. in the San Francisco Bay Area is greatly appreciated.

Show Katie’s badge on your blog with great pride.

Dad P and I appreciate you hangin’ around to read this blog post.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here ya go my pals—Friday smiles are back again! And our foster Kit Katie sure is adding some spice to our lives!

Yup! KK is learning fast just what  “hiss” smells like and she is gettin’ em up close and personal. She is getting right up to us before we hiss. Heck, it’s hard to not kind’a feel for the little kid. We know she just wants to be friends and snuggle and all that stuff. But as for me, I am just not gonna have it.

Even though my humans don’t do that “work” stuff anymore, I still don’t think Monday’s outta be allowed on the calendar! What do you guys think?

MOL!!! KK is just not gonna leave well enough alone! First she  “casually” stretches out her legs  thinking I won’t know what her real motive is. And yes, she got a hiss and a “fake” smacky paw outta that one.

Hope you have a smile going now to make your Friday a good one.


Katie still has had NO ONE inquire about her for adoption. Please do share her Petco Re-homing link and keep her badge on your blog to cheer her on. Appreciate your help.

Petco link:

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