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Keep away game is fun!!


Do you and your fur sibs ever play “keep away” with a cherished toy? Dad P, Mom L and I witnessed the three youngsters doing just that! It all started with Domino finding an old, small, red mousie toy. Likely from about three Christmas’ ago. It has been in the bottom of our toy basket for a while.

Domie loves to carry his toys around, then stop to play with them in front of Katie and Foster Reesie and then grab them away and dash off. He waits for them to follow him.

Well, Foster Reesie snatched this red mousie away and dashed up to the first flight of stairs to the landing. She proceeded to toss that mousie all around; up against the wall; grabbing it in her paws and mouth. All the while watching Domie, out  of the corner of her eye, looking all wistful seeing his cherished mousie being mauled by Foster Reesie!! MOL!!!

You can see Katie sitting all cute and polite on the upper steps. She waits for her moment. When Foster Reesie is taking a break and brofur Domie is still in shock—Katie makes her move!! SNEAK ATTACK!!!

I thought Mom L was gonna spit out her wine watching Katie’s professional move!!! Here are our “game” participants.

How do you keep score when you play Keep Away??


My foster kitty Reesie’s Pieces needs your help


Reesie Pieces, like the candy, is sweet and waiting for her family to take her home to love her forever! Will you help Reesie get her prayers answered?

I am asking my followers to please post my foster kitty, eight month old Reesie’s Pieces aka Reesie on any social media that you use to help me help her find her forever home. Dear Reesie has been with me since September 2022 and she really needs to get into her very own home so’s she can make it hers for her lifetime. But, Reesie is black and sadly, we have had only one inquiry about adopting her. We take her to a Saturday and Sunday adoption site and potential adopters stop by to admire how luxurious her fur is, but then they move along to the kitties that are other colors.

Reesie was born to an abandoned mom cat, who cared for her kittens as best she could, given that she had to constantly search for food for herself and her babies. Reesie was already four months old when trapped. All hissy and spitty. But with patience and kind touches, NOW—Reesie is all kissy and snuggly and cuddly and purrs like a champ!!

Reesie is fully ready to get to her forever home. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and planning on stealing your hearts!!

If anyone is interested in learning more about this darling fluffy little eight-month-old female, contact Mom L aka Linda Rodgers, at rodgerslcr at gmail dot com for more information.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping Reesie get her answer to her prayers for her very own forever home. She is such a fun little girl!

Please feel free to use my video or any photos to help you make a special social media post to promote Reesie’s Pieces.


Help make a Happy Tail Ending


Ok my pals. I have a great big humongous favor to ask. Please share, share, share our current foster juvenile kitten, now five months old, darling Binky!  And yes, I so loved my blogging pal Angel Whisperer’s writer, sweet Binky, that I borrowed her name to continue to remember her in my heart. Originally, we named this darling kitten Licorice. And Mom L started calling her “Reesie” as an acronym of the last four letters of her name “rice”. Anyway, once we posted her on several adoption portals, we quickly learned that the kitty’s name draws attention as much as her photos. So we renamed “Reesie” to Binky just last week. Getting juveniles adopted is a real challenge given that so many adopter are looking for “kittens”. Little do they know that our juveniles are already taught to use the litter box, not use their claws or mouths/teeth when playing with soft skinned humans etc. !!

So here is Binky! She is a gorgeous medium long haired black house panther. She has tufts in her ears and one her paws and her tummy!

Can you see how intent her eyes are? And isn’t her sweet round face just so cute you just wanna smooch it!

Binky is really stepping out now and so enjoys human interaction through wand play. And she loves showing off her tummy furs.

PLEASE!!  Share this post on all your social media especially if you have family, friends, or business contacts in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Have them contact Mom L aka Linda at inforpdvc at gmail dot com. Binky is fully vaccinated, spayed, and chipped and ready for her forever home!!

You can find Binky aka our Reesie on Petfinder here. Her adoption fee is already covered through Delta View Cats ‘cuz we are her huge advocates!!!


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