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Dealing with stress


Well you got a great ole big humongous clue in my last Monday post about where my stress and anxiety are coming from. I do not deal well with anything stressful, never have and now that I am mostly deaf, it ain’t gettin’ any easier.

“HOW?” you ask is my stress showing up?

Let’s just say I didn’t have a chillaxin’ morning, na’ mean?? I had, ummm…ahhhh…*how to say politely*…”Ok, I had a serious incident of the squirts!”  Told ya it wasn’t pretty. I left clues to my embarrassing incident on my  on our king size bed, on the stair carpet and of course, in the litter box.blankies

So bad that Mom L and Dad P had to give me a butt baffy. *hangs head between paws* Oh the shame of that baff.

Kittehs, I am not sure I can hang on with this potential introoder lookin’ more and more like she is gonna wanna stay in my castle. How have you coped with some youngsters showing up, in your comfy senior years, and trying to become head of your castle? I need help my pals, serious help.


Monday Fun Day


Savannah: “What’s that you asked Mom L? Oh, you want me to keep an eye on The Kid Sage while you are out gettin’ some stuff for your new monitor. Why sure, I can do that, no problem.

That monitor sure arrived in a might big box don’t ya think?”

Picture of innocence

The Kid Sage aka TKS: “Hey Mom L, can I play around in this way cool humongous big box while you are gone? I promise to not bug HRH Savannah if I can hang out in this box, ok?”

Humongous box

Savannah: “Well I must say—those Fed Ex folks are certainly punctual. I only called them about ten  minutes ago and there they go with my special humongous package I am sending to Tasmania—or was that TKSmania???”

What’cha mean HRH Savannah? You think I need more bubble wrap?

Savannah: “Yep, there goes that humongous package !”

Send off!!

Savannah: “Hmmm—I wonder if Mom L will notice her humongous monitor box is gone?”

What would my readers do if they had a humongous box to use?? Heh…heh…heh



My Purrsonal Selfie


It’s about time I show up again on my own blog post for my Sunday Selfie, don’t ya think?

I have a few enhancements to offer you for your consideration all taken from one single photo of me from last night. The lighting was crappy but Mom L insisted I pose so here is the original photo taken with her non-sophisticated smart phone.


Now here are some other fun effects all created using online photo editing. Not a lot of change in the first photo, right?

not much change

Photo 2— getting some serious artsy stuff going.

Photo 2

Photo 3—even more artsy stuff and, well, missing my ears!!

ear artsy

Please let me know in comments which of the three renditions of the same photo you like best: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3.

I am joining my pals from The Cat On My Head for their infamous Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Click that badge and transport to view tons of fun animal selfies.

Sunday Selfies Badge


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