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I need more rest


I am sure some of my readers must have one or two youngster furramily members, right? Well, since I allowed my humans to add another feline to my castle, I am finding I need a lot more rest! Just watching her tires me out! Doe that happen to any of you??

She and Katie do a lot of boxing matches. Some are short like this one. Others go on for twenty minutes!! Exhausting watching that!!

Then I have to watch her bunny kick the living life outta Dad P’s clean socks, still warm from the dryer!


She has no patience. She is already had one recon mission to see if she could get away with sitting for a few moments on my throne king size bed. Next time I’ll have to show her what a smacky paw really looks like.

And if she doesn’t get enough food!! There she is, caught red pawed by Mom L! Stealing kibble from her very own kittens’ cage cup!!! Look at her use her paw fork to scoop out the kibble and carry to outside the cage!! No shame!!

Like I was sayin’, this is exhausting to have to watch. Thankfully I don’t have to participate with her in her playtime activities. And then, she looks all innocent, and lays her little head down for a nap! HAH!! I say she is just closing her eyes for show! She is actually plotting what mischief she can get into next!

No wonder I am just exhausted at night and fall into deep slumber on the couch while Mom L watches her TV stuff. Sigh…


My Winter Tent


Do you have a favorite day time napping spot during the Winter? I sure do. And my Dad P knew as soon as our weather finally turned chilly, that he had a task to take care of. My Dad P is my Winter Tent Builder every morning. What a guy!!

Mom L took photos while I snoopervised Dad building my Winter Tent. I never leave the bed while he makes our bed and then builds my Winter Tent. Here is a little video I pawed together for you to see how I make sure my Winter Tent is just the way I like it!

So let me know what you do for your favorite Winter naps.


Dealing with stress


Well you got a great ole big humongous clue in my last Monday post about where my stress and anxiety are coming from. I do not deal well with anything stressful, never have and now that I am mostly deaf, it ain’t gettin’ any easier.

“HOW?” you ask is my stress showing up?

Let’s just say I didn’t have a chillaxin’ morning, na’ mean?? I had, ummm…ahhhh…*how to say politely*…”Ok, I had a serious incident of the squirts!”  Told ya it wasn’t pretty. I left clues to my embarrassing incident on my  on our king size bed, on the stair carpet and of course, in the litter box.blankies

So bad that Mom L and Dad P had to give me a butt baffy. *hangs head between paws* Oh the shame of that baff.

Kittehs, I am not sure I can hang on with this potential introoder lookin’ more and more like she is gonna wanna stay in my castle. How have you coped with some youngsters showing up, in your comfy senior years, and trying to become head of your castle? I need help my pals, serious help.


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