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Tough life for The Domino Kid


As you know, I still have one last member of The Hole in the Wall Gang hanging around my castle. The Domino Kid is actually trying to make himself charming and darling and, well, you get my drift. He thinks he’s gonna worm his way into a permanent spot in my castle guard. HAH!!!

Just look how lazy he is! He is stretched out somewhere practically all day long! At six months old ya think he would go out and find himself a job or somethin’ like that!

He even kisses up to my Dad P by climbing into his lap then falling asleep. He thinks he is so cute with that little upside down pose! Harrummppfff!!!

He poses next to my our leopard flash tunnel and does this little stoopy head tilt thing. ICK!!!

Why he is even providing my little Katie with lots of play time and games of tag all over my castle.

I just don’t know what to think. He sneaks onto my our king size bed at night after I am all snuggled against Mom L’s chest and tummy and he slides up tight against her back!!! Why he makes her the filling in a kitty kat sandwich!!! Good grief!!

Why I just don’t know what to think of this situation anymore!!


A Joyous Happy Tail Ending


Remember our absolutely darling little Hole In The Wall Gang of four foster kittens?? Well our gray tabby Butch Cassidy found his forever home!!! Now we only have The Domino Kid to help get to that special family where he will live happily ever after! Butch has always been a silly boy! Quite the character. In the photo below, you can see him on the far left, nursing away. He often nursed upside down!! And in the photo of him biting his sister Jessie’s leg, you can tell from the look on her face that she was fed up with him attacking her and screaming for her MOM!!!

Butch was never shy with the camera. We thought for sure he would be the first to get adopted. Nonetheless, he left us at five months old and he is sorely missed by his bro’ Domino.

The super nice couple who adopted Butch, now named Ritchie, wanted a companion for their very active two year old female kitty named Bumps. They also have a sixty (!) pound woofie and Bumps has had no luck getting Riley to play with her!! MOL!!

Ritchie spend his first few days in the large bathroom and then was allowed to be with his new Mom in her office. He always did like to offer his advice when Mom L worked on her computer and he is keeping that tradition going.

His introductions to Riley and Bumps have been slow and steady. Interestingly, he is more inclined to interact with Riley than Bumps!

Our foster boy loves his sink time and as he always did, he enjoys showing off his gorgeous tummy markings.

This is one of the last photos Mom L took of our boy Butch Cassidy. That’s him and The Domino Kid at adoptions. Just look at those handsome long white whiskers! Now Ritchie just needs to become the playmate his adopters wanted for their sweet kitty Bumps. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!


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