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Lives we shared—and lost


You all know that we, meaning me, Mom L and Dad P, are very involved in our 501c3 non-profit we call Delta View Cats, right? We only serve on city of Pittsburg, CA and we are a very small all volunteer group that is passionate about promoting and delivering humane management of our city’s over population of abandoned community cats. Part of our work includes humane management of several small colonies around our city’s marina and waterfront area. Probably about 45 or so cats and sometimes, kittens.

This includes 13+cats we feed every day who live in a long standing colony at our waterfront city park River View Park. This park has long been a favorite dumping area for humans who want to get rid of their cats and kittens. You may remember, that our two foster kittens, Frodo and Arwen and their Mom Eowyn were all dumped at this very park August 26 of this year.

I want to share with you, my furriends and your humans, the side of our TNR work and colony management work that is both so fulfilling and also sometimes filled with sadness and loss.

We have come to know and love and share in the life of Elizabeth. A beautiful part lynx point Siamese girl who has lived at this park since she was abandoned there as a kitten, along with her sister. Her sister was willing to become socialized and lives a happy safe indoor life with a former colony feeder. But Elizabeth chose to live her life with the colony. We have shared her life for probably ten to fourteen years. Only recently she was beginning to allow our feeders to actually pet her beautiful furs.

Early the week of our Thanksgiving, a couple who feed noticed that Elizabeth was suddenly looking extremely poorly. We put out a call to all of our eighteen volunteers to see who was available the weekend following Thanksgiving to watch a drop trap so we could get her medical help. Thankfully, the day after the call went out, the couple who noticed her at first on the Friday, were able to pick her up late on Saturday and get her to an emergency vet hospital.

You can see how unkempt she is and she was very thin. Sadly, the vet found her mouth and throat were full of cancerous sarcomas. We agreed to keep darling Elizabeth from suffering any more and we asked the vet to give her help to start her journey to The Rainbow Bridge. I know many of my readers do not believe in this fantasy, but it helps me and Mom L and Dad P when we have to let go of one of the many abandoned community cats for whom we provide care and love. Elizabeth shared her life with us and we helped escape her earthly body that was in such pain and now wherever her spirit is, she is chasing butterflies and basking in delicious sun puddles, cushioned by soft, fresh green grass.

Please wave at Elizabeth next time you see a floofy cloud pass over that resembles a cat!


Do you know what the future will bring?


I never ever thought my future would hold more than me, Mom and Dad. And then, because I bonded so closely with Mom L, Dad P really missed having a cat that was close to him. This is me when I was dropped at the night drop box at our county animal shelter in 2010.

My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter

ENTER—TKS aka The Kid Sage aka Sage. I had a really tough time accepting Sage. But Mom L and Dad P’s patience got me through that adjustment. Sage came along about twenty months after I made myself comfy in my new forever castle.

Contemplating Zen

Sage and I have become good furriends. I know she always wanted to snuggle, but my previous traumas before coming to my forever castle made me a very hesitant to trust kitty. Na’mean??

And then, as Mom L and Dad P became involved in community cat rescue in 2017, they happened upon a desperate five month old kitten who was traumatized in a hoarder’s home.

ENTER—Katie aka KK aka Kit Katie. Katie came to my castle in the summer of 2018, she was adopted twice and returned both times because she was “too shy”.

Mom L and Dad P said forget that crap!! This kitteh is ours!! And Katie has become such a treasure in my forever castle!

Our concern has been that sweet Katie is only three years old, and she is starting to sleep more than she used to play. I am now—ahem!—a sixteen year old lady cat and TKS is a nine year old gal. Neither of us has the energy to keep Katie playing  and I have to admit, I am also now deaf so’s I can’t even hear her calling to me to play.

ENTER—you decide if this entry may be in my future. I am yet not convinced, but there are possibilities. This was taken in my our master bedroom during afternoon siesta time. Notice any introoders?


Video is worth a thousand meows


Mom L was bizzy bizzy today; taking our three current castle introoders guests to their first ever adoption day. So I had to dictate a very short blog post just to get her to help me show up on Monday. So’s I created a very short little video/slideshow of two of our adult park colony cats showing us all what love and tenderness looks like.

Please meet Prince, the handsome fellow with the white chest and white paws and his new very best furriend, Florence. They have become best buddies over the past year. They demonstrate the gentle and kind compassionate bond many colony cats find with other colony members.

Sweet Florence was our park colony senior cat Garfield’s closest furriend and feline caretaker. Florence, from the Nightingale family, would go up the hill where Garfield lived every late afternoon to make sure he came down for his special wet food and to help him get there without a paw slip.

Humane management of abandoned community cat colonies is the BEST!!

Let me know in comments if you are able to help any abandoned community cat colonies in your area and what you do!! Photos please!


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