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A new Tiffany black diamond!


It doesn’t rain cats and dogs here. It just seems to be raining cats!! Mom L got a frantic call from a nearby donor who also feeds some abandoned cats at the apartment complex where she lives. The juvenile black cat she mentioned to Mom L about two weeks ago is clearly a girl! And very pregnant!! This kitty is probably only 6-8 months old. Abandoned and not spayed. *shakes head sadly*. How can humans be so cruel?

Mom L got on the phone with a Vet Hospital we have used for Delta View Cats spays and neuters and they had space to spay her that day! How fortunate!! But they needed a name for the kitty; so Mom L said “Puffy” because she is so very pregnant and puffing out on both sides!!

The lady who has been watching out for her was able to pick her up and bring her to us in her car without even a carrier. Dad P got the kitty into the carrier and the lady, Miss Kristine, whisked her away to her spay appointment. Everyone at the hospital loved on “Puffy”. She just wanted lots and lots of pets and she purred and purred. Even thought my castle is full with our foster mom cat and her four kittens, Dad P could not turn Puffy to the garage for surgery recovery. So she is in his office in a comfy cage for five days and four nights. She had an intensive surgery because she was getting close to having her kittens.

Once we got her settled in, Dad P said “she isn’t really a “Puffy” at all. I want to call her Tiffany. She is brighter and prettier than any black diamond ever sold at Tiffany’s jewelers!  So Tiffany is happy with us. Her incision came unglued on Saturday so Miss Kristine whisked her away again to the Vet Hospital where the doc stapled her incision rather than trusting the glue. We have a soft collar when needed, and Tiffany is the first kitty to use it.

I think Tiffany TOTALLY ROCKS this soft collar; don’t you??!!

Tiffany will go to her first adoption event May 21 and she is so gonna be a rock star!! Wish our black diamond Tiffany good luck so she can find her forever family.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I made a couple of memes from my castle residents and me, and added one from my current foster kitten, Laughing Samantha ( a member of Butch Cassidy’s Hole in the Wall Gang), aka Sammie. Hope you get a chuckle or forty!!  That’s the number of kitten claws Mom L trimmed yesterday all by her-lonesome-self.  All four kittens got mani’s yesterday, and the pedi’s are comin’!!  Ya know the saying—somepawdy has to do it!!

TKS is first up!

And that’s about enough said about that, right!! Now for ME!!


Yeah, I gotta admit, that at my age, this “fostering” stuff is gettin’ pretty doggone old! But hey?! Some pawdy has to do it, right?

And there you have it. That’s MY DAD P!!! A REAL MAN, RESCUING KITTIES EVERY DAY!! Hope you got some giggles from my memes today.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have a couple of guest memes today and one from me, myself and I!!

As most of you know, we now have a mom cat and four of her six week old kittens in my castle. This is the smaller of the Hole in the Wall Gang. Thankfully, the other eight live at another place…sigh.

Remember Frodo?? He has clearly mastered the art of “hanging out”!

And there you have Senorita Mirabel’s most fervent wish. That some human (s) will come along and realize that she is just the sweetest most adorable six year old kitty ever!! Please send her your most pawerful POTP to help her bring her forever home to her soon. We do not know how long we can keep her in foster care. If no one will give her time and cuddles, then Mom L and Dad P and I will give her a home. She will not ever be returned to the cat colony where we found her. PLEASE SHARE!



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