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We Are a Throw Away Society #BTC4A


Welcome to my October, 2016 post dedicated to the Blog The Change 4 Animals movement. My Mom Linda is my guest today cuz she has something she wants to say.


People often say that we in the USA throw away too much food, too many items that could be recycled, too much trash that is harmful to our environment. We lament our actions and vow to do better. And now we in all or most states we have recycle bins everywhere in public places and rubbish and garbage companies provide us with special bins for all our recyclable trash at home. Great progress on the inanimate objects we used to just throw away.

Too bad, in fact it is shameful, that we have not applied this same effort to cut back on all the cats that get thrown away by humans every day. I know it is not just cats or dogs, but all species of living beings humans take into their home to enjoy until that living species becomes too much effort.

Take the chicks that were dumped outside a Petco store in my city three years ago. Not long after Easter. Guess some child got some real chicks for Easter and then as they began to grow, the parents decided it wasn’t such a good idea after all, and likely the kids no longer found them as cute.

Too ugly and difficult to keep

Too ugly and difficult to keep

Thankfully for these chicks, a cat rescue was at Petco that day and immediately called our friend retired feline vet Dr Josie. She scooped up the chicks and they are now living a life of luxury with her other thirteen chickens in her lovely chicken yard. Those three “throw away” chicks have been producing some very fine eggs.

I see cats thrown away in ways that are very cruel. One of my community cat TNR friends received a call she could not turn down. In the middle of the night she drove several miles to pick up a sweet kitten someone found “thrown away” and left in a park to die. I met Clipper at the last SNIP clinic of 2016 when he was brought in to be introduced to many of us who try to network the “throw away” cats so many Americans seem to have no problem leaving behind.

Can't I just go back to sleep please!

Can’t I just go back to sleep please!

Now ask yourself why would this precious kitten, about five to six months old be tossed aside like rubbish that cannot be recycled?

Answer:  Clipper appears to be semi-paralyzed in his two hind legs which also causes him to me semi-incontinent. Yet he has reflexive movement in his hind legs. Damaged goods to many humans, so he was thrown away, left to die. You should hear Clipper’s PURR MOTOR!! To die for!! So what would you do? Go straight to seeking euthanasia to end his suffering? But did you hear that purr motor? Or would you strive to at least get a diagnosis?

Ok guys, take you photos so I can get back to my nap

Ok guys, take you photos so I can get back to my nap

Clipper gleefully drags his butt around his rescuer’s home to follow her and get more pets and snuggles. Thankfully, a local rescue Umbrella of Hope agreed to get Clipper an x-ray and diagnosis. He has no spinal fracture and they are going to try laser therapy to begin. Just look at Clipper now in his new outfit that will help him scoot along the floor to be near a human, and not cause damage to his rear end

Sweet! Love my new outfit

Sweet! Love my new outfit

At the same SNIP clinic this last Sunday, someone brought in yet another “throw away” cat. One of the volunteers left their home headed to work the SNIP clinic and there they found this sweet sole kitten. Barely two to three weeks old. Alone, cast off in a yard.

Thankfully the volunteer brought this kitten to SNIP and Savannah’s foster Mom Miss Tammy immediately stepped up to foster this sweetie until she/he can be moved to Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner. That is the Alma Mater of both Savannah and The Kid Sage.

Just three days later I helped at Community Concern 4 Cats Kitchen Clinic held at the president’s home and run by Dr Josie. There again I was up close and personal to the “throw away” society of humans in the USA when it comes to cats.

Meet Lara—she has now been living in a community cat colony for about two months. One of the caregivers realized that she and two other cats were clearly new members AND bonded. Obviously they had all come from the same “home”. Like so many others, they had been “thrown away” for whatever reason. Personally, I suspect due to their age and medical concerns.

Please keep sweet Lara in your thoughts.

I am sorry if I got older and could not keep my health

I am sorry if I got older and could not keep my health

She had a microchip which we could trace back to her original rescuers. We are hopeful that they will assist in helping her and her two roomies find another real forever home.

Lara may have herpes which is causing her eyes to water and lesions to break out around her nose. With daily meds she can have a wonderful remainder of her life. She is likely about ten to twelve years old based on the microchip.

Just one more “throw away” cat for America.

Lara never once tried to scratch, bite, hiss during her whole vet examine.

Are we done now?

Are we done now?

I offer this video of sweet Lara. You will need to turn up your sound to hear her purr—and it will be worth your effort.

Lara kept trying to make bread during her entire examine, She is simply another precious “throw away” cat in American society.

When will America stop “throwing away” cats? They are not an “invasive species” on the mainland nor in the state of Hawaii. Cats are here due to humans. Please volunteer at you local animal rescue. Help them save lives.

All community cats originate from some human deciding to “throw away” a cat either by not spaying or neutering it or because they simply don’t want to attend to it, care for it, nurture it, etc.

Just look into these cat’s eyes, “thrown away” by Americans, now living in community cat colonies, not of their own choice. Please help stop our American “throw away” society when it comes to cats.

I wish I could have a home

I wish I could have a home

what did I do wrong?

what did I do wrong?

A warm bed would be really nice

A warm bed would be really nice

Did I do something to make humans dislike me?

Did I do something to make humans dislike me?

Can I go home with you?

Can I go home with you?

My last plea is related to all of us who “share” the need for adoption of adoptable “thrown away” cats, as well as pleas for promoting TNR of community cats. My plea is this—SHARE, RETWEET—If you are not willing to do that at least, then say nothing, leave no comment. Do not leave comments that say “prayers for this cat’s survival” etc. Just tell those of us who work our social media networks a comment saying “shared”!!.

That makes our efforts worthwhile. SHARING IS CARING!

Warm hugs to all who stuck in to read my very long guest post on Nana’s blog.


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27 thoughts on “We Are a Throw Away Society #BTC4A

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  3. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Each and every one of those adorable babies are so beautiful, and are such sweet little purring machines just wanting to be loved. You’re right, we are a throw-away society that doesn’t do enough for our pets in need, and are too quick to abandon our very own when they become “inconvenient”. Unfortunately, working in rescue makes you have to deal with that every day.

    We’ll certainly be sharing, sharing, sharing! Best of wishes to to all of you, and to all the sweet babies in need of forever homes.

    Thank you for blogging – and being – the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    Be the Change for Animals

    • thank you Cindy. I am always disappointed in myself when I cannot post for BTC4A. I don’t think i have missed more than one or two since 2012. I have devoted my retirement years to working this challenge doing all that I can within my means.

  4. mochasmysteriesandmeows on said:

    This is such a beautiful post. We’ll definitely be sharing. It makes us sick the cruelty that is done to animals every single day, and there’s never any punishment for it either. These so-called humans disgust us.

  5. This is such a beautiful post. We’ll definitely be sharing. It makes us sick the cruelty that is done to animals every single day, and there’s never any punishment for it either. These so-called humans disgust us.

  6. I will schedule tweets on this for the rest of the week and beyond. Oh man how do people behave like such s**t. We have a houseful of rescues and everyone is LOVED.

    Marjorie and Silver

  7. Great post Linda!!!!
    I have been thinking about ‘throw-away’ 4 leggeds for the past few weeks. Especially after the Vet I went to for Dhartha Henry’s behavior issue recommended I Euthanize him…throw him away instead of diagnosing him & helping me find a calming med for him….
    As I watched Lara’s video 7 looked at all those dear felines my eyes welled with tears…..
    Nylablue was a ‘throw-away’……he health going bad at just 5 years of age. I took her w/out knowing the full extent. And I kept her. And she had a fab life; we both did!
    And Mingflower before NB; a throw-away….I rescued her from my evil cousin (he used to kick Mingy) & she was with me 18 1/2 years……
    And Dhartha Henry is going to be with me or Mary-Ellen the rest of his life. We do not give up on a cat ‘just because’……
    And we all know why so many cats are homeless @ 5-8 months of age…usually not fixed…no one wants to pay for the procedure…with so many programs all over our countries there IS affordable Vet care & spay/neuter…. (I know; preaching to the choir, lol…)
    Sending you & Savannah & Sage lots of (((hugs))) & ❤

  8. Mom Linda – this is such an important post and so eye opening. I’m going to share on Twitter and Facebook. Mario will also mention it in his next blog and refer back to your post. Thank you so much! You are so very right.

  9. Curzon and Jadzia on said:

    It breaks our heart too… We were rescued off the streets directly by our mama… and then there’s Ollie who was about to be dumped that mama snatched… and Cricket, who the whole apt building was helping until one nbr took her in and found her family… we do what we can. Bless your soul dear.

  10. No kitty or woofie or ANY living creature should be a “throw away”

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Bravo Mom Linda, such an important post and you nailed it. It’s so sad that our society places such little value on life. We shared on Facebook and Twitter, oh, and Pinned it too.

  12. We hate hearing about these cats that have been “thrown away.” But thank cod there are humans like your mom Linda and other rescuers that help these throwaways. Without them this truly would be a sad world.

  13. randomfelines on said:

    We are so glad there are people out there that care….like Mom Linda….and so many others. While there are bad people, we have to cling to the knowledge that good people are making some difference.

  14. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Shared. We are so sorry that such information has to be spread again and again. Purrs

  15. Great post, but sorry that the need is there for it to be written.

  16. Um, prayers for these cats survival. Heh! Great post that should be shared and will be. That cat saying what did I do wrong looks like myself. Sigh. When will we stop throwing pets away?

  17. When we lived in SC, our house was in a wooded rural area along a creek… about 45 minutes from downtown Charlotte…. twice a year – usually around March and July, our area would get inundated with puppies and cats – mainly puppies. We finally figured out that people would get baby pets for Christmas and Easter, then, 2-3 months later, as the new baby grew, they realized that the pet didn’t ‘fit their lifestyle’ or something. SO, instead of taking it to a shelter, where it could have a chance of finding a good forever home, they would take it to the country… and drop it off, in a forest, where it could hunt for food, and next to a creek where it could drink….. Problem was, that the pet didn’t have parents to teach it how to hunt or even know food when it saw it and the banks of the creek were high and steep, so getting a drink was very dangerous. Still, dozens got dropped off every year.

  18. This was a very good post, how can a human being be so cruel! It is really great that some people use their time and money for these lovely animals thrown away.
    It is same in Finland. Peopole take pets without thinking at all, puppies and kittens are cute, but they grow, they need food, vet, everything that needs money and that they are just one trouble more. So sad.

  19. Shared on Twitter and Facebook. We feel so sorry for the “throw aways” and all the pets that lost their homes due to hurricanes and floods.

  20. edithchase on said:


  21. Shared on my FB personal page and my FB blog page. Amen. I wrote a “note” on our FB page months ago after a few horrendous animal abuse cases. People don’t realize that respect for life is respect for life. A person who doesn’t recognize a cat is a living feeling being will treat other humans the same way.
    This is the link for the note if you’re interested:

  22. mistletoeandhitch on said:


  23. Human society is, alas, like that. Anything or anyone which has outlived its cuteness or its usefulness or its novelty, is tossed aside. And that goes not only for cats and dogs and other anipals, but for human beings also. The Holocaust survivors, the military veterans, the old, the infirm, the weak, those who gave to society while they could but are no longer able to do so…

  24. My human hates hearing about the cruel people who throw away pets. There’s a video going around Facebook right now of some guy driving up, getting his dog out of the car and throwing her over the side of the road! It’s horrifying. Fortunately, the dog was rescued by someone who saw the video cam. It’s all just so wrong. Don’t get me started – and DON’T get my human started!

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