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Happy Thanksgiving (safe) Day


I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but this one is sort’a special. This is a day to give thanks for all that we not only “have”, but for all that “we can do and share with those in need”.

Now that’s just my senior cat’s purrspective, but I bet’cha I hear some pawsitive shout outs from my readers.

As for me, I am sharing my special yummy wet cat food with the forty abandoned community cats we help feed around our waterfront area in Pittsburg, CA. My special PAW IT FORWARD effort is called Project Delta View Cats. Catchy title isn’t it?? MOL

Please be sure to share your American Thanksgiving Day good will to Support Your Local Street Cats! They deserve it and they need it! 

Here is our local Street Cats’ message for this giving holiday. 


Artistic Foster Kitten Pipsqueak


Turns out my newbie foster kitten, Pipsqueak aka Pip, has some artist talent in him. Who knew a street cat could be so creative??!!

Mom L turned Pip and his sidekick Katie loose on her iPad and their efforts and team work created a very stunning piece of art. But, I’ll leave it to my readers’ judgment about whether or not it’s as pawsome as I think.

Pip’s interest in art showed up when he tried to help Mom L get the photos properly edited for me to write my Friday Memes for Friday Smiles. I must say that he selected his edits with care and taste for making the photo look natural.

His next opportunity came when he got access to the iPad. It started out with a blank slate, just that stoopy schmousie that runs all over the screen eeekking and wiggling its tail. You know the game I mean, right?

Pip asked Katie to take a look and assist him in getting things started. You see Pip was a bit shy at first to start paw whapping that schmousie, but foster sisfur Katie had no problem giving it a few whacks to show Pip how it’s done.

Katie then backed off and did some coaching while Pip tried it out.

Now he was on a roll!! He got down up close and purrsonal with that schmousie and all the colors created whenever Pip whapped him one.

Pip stopped to admire his art work and to consider just how he wanted to complete it.


Pip’s final art piece revealed!!

If you have created your own artwork, please share in comments!! I’d luvluvluv seeing what my pals are creating!



Loss and Rescue Go Paw in Paw


My readers all know that I, Mom L and Dad P, started an all volunteer organization called “Project Delta View Cats” soon after we moved to our wonderful permanent home.

Our first commitment was to make sure that an abandoned colony of cats, in out new city’s park right on the California Delta, was going to be humanely cared for. That means that we sponsor the cost of loving feeders who make sure that this colony of 20+ cats are fed once a day, with fresh water and that we also monitor their health and provide medical treatment when needed.

We regret to say one of our two most senior kitties, Homer, was found deceased at a feeding station just this last Friday. Our entire all volunteer group is in mourning for Homer’s loss. He has been at this colony most of his very long life. His loving feeders/caretakers found him collapsed next to a feeding station. Homer has been honored with a cleansing burial in a feeder’s property.

Mom L named this senior kitty who loved to have her give him pets, Homer. He had a most likely blind eye on the left, but nonetheless, darling Homer loved the attention of his human caretakers. There is no honor greater than to be accepted, trusted and even loved by an abandoned homeless community cat.

We all know that Homer is waiting for his caretakers/feeders at The Rainbow Bridge. Please take two minutes to read The Rescuers Final Reward on this link.

Our most senior kitty at this park colony is sweet gentle much loved Garfield. Our only ginger kitty.

Garfield is loved by his gentle feline guide, Miss Florence aka Florence Nightingale as she always is by his side to make sure he gets down the hill to get his soft food.

Joyfully we can now share that we have found Garfield a retirement home!! Garfield is about 16 years old, give or take a year or two. He deserves to no longer have to find a cool place in triple degree heat nor a dry, warm place in the winter.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our partners, Community Concern For Cats, for having found Garfield his retirement sanctuary. Project Delta View Cats will monitor his needs and provide him with food, and any medical care to his end of life.

Caring for abandoned community cats is so heart warming and also very heart breaking. We cannot keep them alive, just as our own house cats, forever. But, we can provide them with love, shelter, food and ongoing humane care.

Let me know in comments what you do to help your aging abandoned community cats find a healthy, loving  retirement placement.


PeeEss…you can donate to Garfield’s ongoing food, shelter, and medical costs on our web page; just note that your donation is for Garfield.

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