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Community Cats Are Worth It!


Just in case you didn’t already know it, Mom L and Dad P have started a program in our forever city of Pittsburg, CA called Project Delta View Cats (PDVC). Of course I am the one who told influenced them about just how to go about doing this new Paw It Forward Project for me us. Not sure how they would have gotten this far without my steadfast incessant advice.

But we all know that our community’s abandoned, stray cats are worth every bit of effort we invest in helping them to live healthier lives and to over time have fewer of them left to fend for themselves. We are making sure the community cats we find are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and that their feeders are practicing the most neighborly methods of feeding them and caring for them so’s the whole neighborhood doesn’t see the cats as nuisances.

The hard working volunteers here at PDVC work nights and weekends to try to humanely trap the stray, abandoned, feral community cats we locate or feeders tell us about. Lots of times we work in teams when we have some trap savvy kitties to catch.

Cat trappers working out their strategy

You see this project those trappers are working on involves some down right trap wary cats. They even had one of them snoopervising them while they talked about how they were gonna approach this project that involve a mom cat and some pretty feral juvenile kittens.

Yeah, you guys try that. HAH!! Won’t work!

This smarty pants then went off to tell the other cats what we were gonna do. He hung around to learn that they were using both a regular humane trap and a drop trap!

Electronic drop traps can be triggered from a long distance

That reconnaissance cat watched until he knew just what the trappers were up to and then this is all Mom L saw of him again!

Off to tell the other guys what to look out for…heh…heh…heh

As I said at the top of this post, COMMUNITY CATS ARE WORTH IT!!

As for me, I have been snoopervising from my favorite sun puddle created by one of our skylights.

Snoopervising is such hard work!

Let me hear in comments how you help your community cats. You can also help us,, at Project Delta View Cats by visiting our website and dropping off a few green papers…heh…heh…heh! Thanks for coming to visit me today.


Yoo Hoo!!! Friday Memes Just for You!


My new memes are sure to get your Friday smiles and grins movin’ around on your faces. Just check out the first one.

This cute little pittie girl joined her human and my Mom L and Dad P at a totally awesome fund raising event, Pint for Paws,  for Berkeley Humane Society. Mom L and Dad P and I believe if we support our fellow rescues then it all comes back to us eventually one way or another. This non-profit has helped us rescue some kitties and we know they do great things.

Of course TKS just had to get one in of her own.

What more can I say. TKS is totally obsessed with her favorite spot on the bed next to “her” Dad P during our morning routine. Of course, I, Princess Savannah, am far more willing to share the bed space with TKS and that whatever her name is, KK (Kit Katie).

Well I bet’cha none of my readers ever have a problem when they are at that doctor place and they hear “temperature”!! MOL!!

This cute young adult kitty girl is now residing in Mom L’s office in a large cage. She was found by our neighbor’s who told us she was “very friendly”. And she was, for like thirty seconds, then she would start to growl. Hmmmmmm—nonetheless—Mom L picked the kitty up on Sunday, in a carrier, and we took her to the cat clinic run by our pals Community Concern For Cats.  We needed her checked for a microchip, and to learn if she was female or male and did she need to be “fixed”.

A few more snarls and growls later—and Miss Penelope (Mom L names her) was determined to be “female”, “pregnant”, and no chip.

So we picked her up and brought her home for recovery. She continued to snarl and yet she also wanted to be pet. So back she went to see a Veterinarian, and we learned she had some pain from an injection site so she received a mild pain med.

Who knew!!! Miss Penelope became the most adorable, chilled kitty ever!! And then last night Mom L discovered the unthinkable—Miss Penelope is declawed!!!!!!

YES!! She was abandoned by an apartment renter near us, not spayed, not chipped and declawed! Outrageous I say!!! What say all of you my readers???

So Miss Penelope will be kept in my castle until she is fully recovered from her surgery and then we will find an adoption path for her.

That’s if from me!!


When human homeless and community cat colony collide


I have a dilemma to present to my readers and hope that each and every one will give utmost consideration to their thoughts on this when leaving a comment.

You know that Mom L and Dad P have been helping care for and manage a once 35+ cat colony at a city park within walking distance from my castle. Mom L has been able to bring seven cats successfully through adoption paths, one senior kitty had to be sent to The Bridge and another needed a quiet back garden to live out his senior life as he was hyperthyroid.

This cat colony, all resulting in humans abandoning cats who they once adopted and cared for, has been in existence in this beautiful city park for about sixteen years. The colony grew to over forty cats in the housing recession in my county and our area where we and the cats live was hit extremely hard. People had to leave their homes and they simply stopped off at this park to drop off their now unwanted or impossible to move with kitty. Most were left as not spayed nor neutered.

Long story short the River View Park cat colony stabilized once Mom L worked with the primary caretakers and feeders to about twenty-seven adult cats.

That was true until early March of 2019.

Here is the dilemma upon which I ask my readers to leave a comment. These cats live in a lovely city park right on the banks of the mighty California Delta, the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers that flows into our gorgeous San Francisco Bay.

The dilemma: The colony cats, resulting from abandonment by humans, require a very similar environment, meaning natural foliage cover, trees, access to water, food etc. as many humans who are also currently feeling abandoned after our inability to offer affordable housing in this area. Same habitat needed by both in general. Places where they can hide, camp out, not be bothered by humans who do not approve of their existence and those in authority who must enforce public nuisance ordinances, etc.

The assumed solution: Remove any cover in which the homeless can hide their tent encampments and believe that community cats are resilient and adaptable and can fend for themselves.

If this “assumed solution” happens, what do you believe are the outcomes for both the homeless humans and the homeless community cats? What would you do. Remember this is a city park, very well maintained for families to use in a lovely location on our California Delta.

Let me hear from you my readers, in comments, what you believe is the most humane set of actions to care for both the human and feline homeless in this situation? One further detail to add to your deliberation on this dilemma—as a result of what occurred between this “human and community cat” conflict, this cat colony has diminished from a stable twenty seven cats to seventeen cats—and as of this past weekend is now at potentially ten cats.

We are all really looking forward to my pals comments. Please think about this from not only a “human” perspective, but let me hear from my feline pals perspective too. Savannah’s Paw Tracks holds compassion for both. But in this dilemma can both “win”? Tell me if you have had a similar dilemma and how it was resolved.


Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing


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