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Meet My Fellow Cause Blog Finalists #blogpaws


I try mighty hard to keep my promises. Remember I promised in my Monday post I would introduce my readers to my fellow finalists for the BlogPaws 2017 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Best CAUSE Blog Category.

One of my fellow finalists is a new blog to me. And oh my cat! Does this blog ever have some great information?

Please let me hear a round of APAWS for The Sarcastic Dog!!!

I’m gonna be passing along their helpful posts about “Changing the Conversation about Pit Bulls” to my pals at my local county public Animal Services Department. They have lots of bully dogs enter the shelter as strays and owner surrenders. This type of “bully” dog is often mistaken as a registered dog breed, and it is not as The Sarcastic Dog points out.

The term “Pit Bull” has become a bit of a misnomer in that there is no single breed of dog that is a “Pit Bull” and the term generally includes any dog with a blocky head and muscular body type. Most commonly the term includes American Pit Bull TerriersBull TerriersAmerican Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Frequently, American Bull Dogs and other blocky headed dogs are included under the “bully breed” label as are many other mixed breed dogs making blanket statements about behavior and visual identification that much more difficult and unreliable.”

The next two fellow finalists are pet bloggers I know pretty well and we have even worked on some causes together.

Another round of APAWS for The Daily Pip!!!

This blogger writes about lots of pet related topics including  all things dog, cat and bunnies. She can write the deep inside scoop about all three because all three species live in the same home! How great is that?

Now I’m not too sure, but from reading her blog post on Monday this week, it sounds like there may be some confusion among Ruby, the dog, Rosie, the cat and Lulu, the bunny as to just “who” is “what” species. You have to go read that post cuz it is a laugh to be sure.

On a more serious note, be sure to visit their page with lots of posts about a cause near and dear to the writer—senior and special need companion animals who need our help.

Another fellow finalist are my pals Three Chatty Cats!

One more round of APAWS!!!

They report on all manner of interesting rescue organizations, foundations and even television shows like Shelter Me. Now I wouldn’t have even known about this national PBS television show if I didn’t read about it on Three Chatty Cats.

You can check out some of this television series topics just by visiting their blog post here.

So hurry on over to my three fellow finalists’ blogs and read some of their great stuff. Please be sure to leave a comment to tell them Savannah’s Paw Tracks sent you by for a visit!!


I Cannot Believe It!! Can You??!!!


OH!!  MY!!  CAT!!!!  




Go ahead—you know you wanna touch that gorgeous badge below—PAW IT NOW! You will transport to view all the other 2017 Nose-to-Nose Award Finalists.

I felt like I had been hit smack in my nose when Mom L read the announcement to me. And the category I am in, well, gosh, it just makes me feel so humble. Ya see, I never thought about folks seeing my blog as a CAUSE BLOG. I guess I do get pretty riled up when I am sharing my Paw It Forward Projects or trying to get the work out to my readers when I see somethin’ that just isn’t fair to kitties who don’t have a voice. Why I have even loaned my voice to really deserving woofies when they needed help.

Hmmmm…THAT is what makes me a CAUSE BLOGGER! I care and care passionately about my blog posts that are intended to send a message or issue a CALL TO ACTION to help out other animals.

THANK YOU ALL for being my readers and giving me encouragement to share my “causes” with you. I wouldn’t be here without all of you.

I also wanna thank all those judges at BlogPaws for selecting my blog for this amazing honor. Sadly Mom L can’t get to that conference this year, but she and I will be there in spirit.

My Sunday Selfie is a photo I nominated for the 2016 Nose-to-Nose Awards. And Mom L made some really nice magnets she shared with folks last year. I hope you all like it. The only photo editing Mom L did was to get a bit more light.

This is the image she used to make the pawsome magnets. This says it all for me as a cat who is focused on giving a voice to all those companion animals in need. I am an adult shelter rescue cat and I try everyday  PAW IT FORWARD so others get the same lift up as I did.

Thank you BlogPaws for giving me this honor.

Just paw the badge below to transport to The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.



I Thought We Talked About This Before…!!


What is it with HUMANS!! And their seeming FASCINATION with cats taking a BATH??!!

What! This is my private time!

No matter what we say to the human with the offending camera, they continue to persist in exposing our private bath time.

Pffft!! Get away from my private time with my tongue and my furs!

Still, after that they do not get the hint.

Excuse me!! Can you NOT HEAR me??

And so I must once again register my displeasure—from the “other” side of my nose!

Did that deliver my message??!! BEGONE!!

Does any other cat out there have this problem? And how about you woofies?? Do your humans take photos of your private bath time??? Please leave comments and photos if you can.


PeeEss—thank you all for your replies to my questions from my Monday blog post about what happened to Mandy’s (aka Momma Kat’s) safe tails ending. No, I won’t ever call it a “happy tails ending”. I simply cannot reveal all that I know, but she is safe and will be fed along with her five almost year old kittens. I could not help her find her true “Happy Tails Ending”. And that one is on me, Savannah The Cat.

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