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Nine Reasons Cats Need Carpet on Stairs


Now I know lots of my pals do not have homes that have two or more levels so’s you don’t have the option of getting carpeted stairs installed. BUT—if you could—would these reasons help you convince your humans to add stairs somewhere for you?

One: Chin Rest

Chin rest while napping

Two: Sun shade

Shade from sun puddles that are too hot

Three: Nap cushion.

Cat napping on cushy carpet

Four: Recon tower

Reconnaissance post to know when breakfast is being served

Five:  TV review

Television overview to insure “age appropriate” viewing

Six: Massage table

Ahhhh—that’s just the spot between my shoulders

Seven: Sun puddle lounge

May I borrow your sun shades?

Eight:  Surveillance post

I can see all TKS’ actions from here

Nine: Cat tower!

A place to play with a fur buddy

The not so fur friendly stairs are always those like I had in our last rental home. Hard, unfurriendly, narrow, and no light.

Non friendly feline stairs

How do you like your stairs if you have them?


PeeEss—our foster boys are still with us.

Getting Together More—My Progress Continues


Now I don’t wanna get my readers too excited, but our recent move has had a promising affect on TKS and me. You see, we both kind’a like being in the same room together. If I am in one room, TKS usually ends up there and preferably as close to me as I let her get. And, if she is in a room, I sometimes search her out and join her—again not too close mind you.

My progress just keeps on showing up. Mom L and Dad P are sure I am more confident in this home and I know I am!!

Our first morning in our home found TKS on the top and me on the bottom level of the cat tree in our bedroom. We were both pretty fascinated with that flowing water outside. We had never seen such a thing. We stayed here for a couple of hours. We knew we were safe together.

Watching the water flow past our bedroom balcony—amazing!

After we exited our safe room the following day, we found a way we could both help snooze while Dad P was setting up the TV stuff.

We luvluvluv the new coffee table with the cat bed on the bottom

Sometimes I get to sleep on the lower coffee table cat bed if TKS gets to the couch before me. Guess Mom L won’t be putting any of her little decorative stuff on that shelf, na’ mean??

One of our soon to be fave spaces to share is the medium size cat tree in front of the living room window. I prefer the doughnut hole and TKS favors the top. Works out great for both of us. If I get there first, I don’t ever even hiss at her when she rocks the tower with her leap to the top!

Purrfect tower to share with a sisfur

And I have even begun to allow TKS to get ever closer and closer to me when we both share the couch. This is the closest we have been forever. I kind’a like havin’ The Kid around I guess.

Almost butt to butt—we may never touch butts, but we are comfy

Our latest space to share is in Mom L’s office. I found a totally safe and comfy spot when Mom L put some of her soon to be wall hangings on the black chair. She is still trying to decide where to hand them, so I took advantage of the cat bed she created. What cat wouldn’t? Right!!

Ahhh…this is divine!

Now Mom L’s office chair is about three feet (.9 meters) away from my spot. Her office chair is black. When she entered to take this photo of me, she started to turn her chair around to sit in it and guess who she found? TKS!!! So when I am in my black chair, TKS always grabs Mom L’s office chair to hang out with me and seriously—I don’t mind at all.

I luvluvluv being close to Savvy

I know that is a lousy photo of TKS, but the office window is behind her and Mom L didn’t want to make me run away. I’ll make sure we get a better photo of us together in this special spot.

Now this last place we like to share is also what I call “Savannah’s great big cat tree”. I mean our carpeted stairs. I have always luvluvluv’s having a carpeted stair case to be able to run up and down and to have Mom L play with me going from stair to stair and across the step chasing my peacock feather. I guess TKS thought she would try to be Mom L!  MOL!!!

Come’on Savvy. I’m moving your favorite feather! Play with me!

There you have it. Another progress report. I am still growing in confidence and willingness to accept TKS more and more. I may be twelve to thirteen years old, but I still have a lot more I know I can do.


Are You A Dare Devil?


Now I am asking this question seriously. I wanna find out if any of my readers are the “dare devil” type like my sisfur The Kid Sage. She has been making Mom L awfully scared from the first time she pulled in front of her. Mom L then found out Dad P already knew TKS was doing this but he didn’t wanna worry Mom L. AS IF!!

And Mom L knows she can’t do anything except hope TKS will come to her when she calls. Anything that would startle TKS would be a flat out disaster.

Of course, TKS is blind to why anyone would be worried.

“Tum-tee-dum-dum-doodly-do—such a nice view!”

I really love the view from here. Nothing happens I can’t see.

“I can see down the upstairs hallway and keep an eye on Dad P and Mom L in their offices. And, I can see if HRH Savannah comes out of our bedroom and heads downstairs. If she does then I can sneak up behind her and get a quick butt sniff!

Ahhh…there goes HRH Savannah. I’d best get ready to jump over to the top step to get behind her.

“I wonder if I ought to try and get in front of her sometime. That’s not such a bad jump from here to the second flight of stairs, is it??”

I’m sure I can make the jump to the stairs below. Bet I’d scare Savvy!!

“Oh hiya Mom L. What’cha doing? What did you say? Oh, you don’t want me to try the jump? Why not, I know I can make it just fine. Wait a minute! Did you say no treats or snacks between meals if I ever try that jump? Seriously?

Why is Mom L so testy about me hangin’ out here and thinking about a new jump?

Thankfully, TKS did not try that jump on “that day”. But, we suspect “the day” will come when no one is watching. What do you do that is enough to cause your human to shiver and wring their hands? Let me know in comments. Hopefully some of you are even more dare devilish than TKS so Mom L can get a grip on her wringing hands.



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