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I need more rest


I am sure some of my readers must have one or two youngster furramily members, right? Well, since I allowed my humans to add another feline to my castle, I am finding I need a lot more rest! Just watching her tires me out! Doe that happen to any of you??

She and Katie do a lot of boxing matches. Some are short like this one. Others go on for twenty minutes!! Exhausting watching that!!

Then I have to watch her bunny kick the living life outta Dad P’s clean socks, still warm from the dryer!


She has no patience. She is already had one recon mission to see if she could get away with sitting for a few moments on my throne king size bed. Next time I’ll have to show her what a smacky paw really looks like.

And if she doesn’t get enough food!! There she is, caught red pawed by Mom L! Stealing kibble from her very own kittens’ cage cup!!! Look at her use her paw fork to scoop out the kibble and carry to outside the cage!! No shame!!

Like I was sayin’, this is exhausting to have to watch. Thankfully I don’t have to participate with her in her playtime activities. And then, she looks all innocent, and lays her little head down for a nap! HAH!! I say she is just closing her eyes for show! She is actually plotting what mischief she can get into next!

No wonder I am just exhausted at night and fall into deep slumber on the couch while Mom L watches her TV stuff. Sigh…


Sage’s Sunday Mornings


Sage begged asked me to allow her to share how she and Dad P spend every Sunday morning. I figured, what the heck! Let TKS have her day! MOL!!!

Purrlease! Tell me in comments if ANY of you share this kind of playtime with your humans!

Wow!! Who would ever believe that our bedsheets are NOT HAUNTED!!???

But then the squirmy cat emerged and revealed her identity!

Sagie, known to furramily. and our Dad P and Mom L, is our treasured Jester Kitty. Do you have a Jester Kitty in your home? Who is it and what do they do? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Sagie is always mesmerized by that ever elusive string!

Finally, Sagie turns her angelic face to Mom L, and looks as though she is amazed that Mom L would even be interested in what she and Dad P do every Sunday.


New Mistress of the Princess Guard


I suspect you all knew this day would come eventually. Sigh—I had hoped it would be a little later. But, Dad P and Mom L left the final decision up to me. And I thought, and thought and thought some more…

I mean like the paw writing was right there on the wall in front of me, right? Where there was always three special cat food ceramic pedestal bowls, a new one appeared—just this weekend. You can see my deep burgundy bowl that sets off nicely against my gray furs. And then Sage’s pink bowl that makes her black panther furs go “WOW”!! Katie’s bowl is deep blue that looks very nice with her gray tabby  and white furs. And then, that light green bowl appeared just this weekend. 

That did indeed concern me. Even more concerning was when I saw that same light green dish show up in Saturday night’s line up of dishes being readied for our evening meal.

That’s when the paw writing showed up. So I had to pawnder this pawdicament even more.

I fretted a lot about this one. I am at least sixteen years old. What do I need with some upstart young lady kitten introoding into my cozy castle? Then a thought struck me.

Why I do have a role in my castle that needs some kitty to fill. So, she shall be my “Mistress Guardian of the Princess’ Master Bedroom”!!!

This is my royal decree. Mistress Eowyn shall always sleep on my master bedroom chair, next to Dad P, far removed from where I sleep next to Mom L. She shall forever be assigned the duty of keeping me, her Royal Highness, Princess Savannah, safe. Every night. There!! It is done!!

She may be all nicey nice now, but I will not suffer her ever introoding into my safe space at night next to Mom L.

Peace shall furever reign in my castle under my paws.


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