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Monday Fun Day


Savannah: “What’s that you asked Mom L? Oh, you want me to keep an eye on The Kid Sage while you are out gettin’ some stuff for your new monitor. Why sure, I can do that, no problem.

That monitor sure arrived in a might big box don’t ya think?”

Picture of innocence

The Kid Sage aka TKS: “Hey Mom L, can I play around in this way cool humongous big box while you are gone? I promise to not bug HRH Savannah if I can hang out in this box, ok?”

Humongous box

Savannah: “Well I must say—those Fed Ex folks are certainly punctual. I only called them about ten  minutes ago and there they go with my special humongous package I am sending to Tasmania—or was that TKSmania???”

What’cha mean HRH Savannah? You think I need more bubble wrap?

Savannah: “Yep, there goes that humongous package !”

Send off!!

Savannah: “Hmmm—I wonder if Mom L will notice her humongous monitor box is gone?”

What would my readers do if they had a humongous box to use?? Heh…heh…heh



Wordless Tells a Story


I would really appreciate learning from readers who view this post as to just what you believe The Kid Sage is thinking.

Sometimes words just get in the way of enjoying a moment.


I am joining BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Paw the badge to have a look at lots of wordless meaningful blog posts.

The Food Thief Strikes Again!


*taking a deep breff*—Where shall I start? I know so many of my readers believe that The Kid Sage’s food thief personality is brought on by Mom L and Dad P. You know, they “ought” to not encourage her or “tolerate” her behavior.

But hey, TKS is such a sweet and innocent cat, right?

I can smell beef!

Ummm—I might have to rethink that given her look, na’mean??

So Dad P had not grilled steak in several weeks. He did last week between the rain storms we have been having around the San Francisco bay area. I, purrsonally, do not partake of beef steak from a human plate. However, TKS, well—that’s another matter.

Hey Mom L—excuse the paw fork reach

And to the dismay of many readers, yes, TKS is allowed on the dining table when there are no other guests. Hence, she takes her liberties.

Mine, all mine!!!

To tell it truthfully, Mom L allowed TKS to take liberties just to get this blog post for me!! As for TKS, she was overjoyed she could indulge in the left overs from Mom L’s plate. In fact she finally drug her “kill” down to the floor to give it proper feline attention.

Chomp, munck, slurp

Before you leave a comment, please remember that Mom L and Dad P do not have fur-less kids, nor fur-less grand-kids.  TKS and I “are” their furr-family. So why not have TKS join for a meal now and then?


PeeEss—stay tuned for a Monday Meowsie News update on Momma Kat and her five kittens and the future home of Momma Kat’s Hope Chest.

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