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Savannah’s Family Photos


I asked Mom L to round up some recent photos of me, TKS and KK so’s I can share with all of you what a great furamily we are!

Life is great every morning!

I am gonna start with TKS. She is our family’s bond between me and KK and she is the equal opportunity kitty in our furramily. TKS will sit in any lap available. KK is tending to be more bonded with Dad P right now which causes Mom L a bit of tears, but we are sure KK is finally warming up to Mom L. And of course I have always been and will always be a Momma’s kitty. Of course I adore my Dad P cuz he feeds me and submits to my every demand. And I do allow him to brush me and pet me etc. But—Mom L is my purrsonal person and I know I am her pursonal kitty.

Moving on with more of TKS showing off her bootiful black panfur furrs.

Of course we still have the ongoing effort from KK to bond with me. What can I say—I am a KK magnet!

KK is hard for Mom L to photograph ‘cuz she is always moving. But, Mom L managed over the last couple of months to grab some KK special photos.

You can see that KK finally got to have her time in my tent on our master bed. I didn’t mind ‘cuz I was starting to hang out more downstairs. You ca also see that KK has become courageous enough to sit on the arm of Dad P’s chair and beg for pieces of his chik-hen dinner!! MOL!!

Most of you recall that KK has serious dental challenges ahead of her. She came to us with severe gingivitis at five months old and that has turned into stomatitis. She had a dental in February and had eleven extractions. You can see in this photo that she has problems sometimes getting her lips and mouth to coordinate because they removed her upper right canine toofie.

KK is getting the very best care from our vet, but she will likely have all her toofies extracted later this year.

And now for my photos. Mom L totally luvluvluv’s my toesies! Go figure! You can see my hind paws with my pink toe beans. And of course you all know how much I adore being on my carpeted stairs for play and to enjoy a sun puddle.

The last photos of me are part of Mom L’s ongoing effort to capture my eyes in natural light. For some reason, Mom L seems to find my face very precious and she knows I find her face precious to me as well. We are bonded forever.


Danger! Danger! Shopping bag warning from TKS!!


Aiieeee!!! Danger!! Danger!!! Who knew??  Certainly not Mom L or Dad P!!

We all know in my castle that all paper bags MUST have the paper handles cut so that NO KITTY can get hung up in those handles. I know you all know this, but just stick with me for the learning we all got just yesterday from none other than, you got it!!—the infamous TKS the extraordinaire “let it all hang out” cat!

Wow!! This is pretty cool!

So Dad P left about four grocery shopping, reusable bags, at the foot of our stairs. All folded neatly, no handles showing. And then Mom L came out of the kitchen about thirty minutes later to TKS IN A BAG!!

Whoa! I got this thing to stand up! Cool!!!

Yes, you got it. That bag was lying flat, no handles exposed. But the ever exploring TKS found a way to not only get that bag out of a pile of bags, but she also was able to paw it into standing upright!! Seriously!!

Amazing this thing is standing right up! Sweet!!

Mom L was busy in the kitchen and Dad P was in the garage. Then Mom L came around from the kitchen into the entry way and there was TKS!! IN THE BAG!!! (no pun intended)

Ok! You caught me!!

Mom L was horrified at the thought of what might have happened had TKS been frightened by her or Dad P or any kitty in my castle scaring TKS so that she might jump from that bag THROUGH a handle!!!

Ok!! Stop making this more than what it is—I just like this bag!!

And there you have it. TKS has perspective on what she was trying to do, which was have a bit of fun. However, Mom L and Dad P won’t ever leave another shopping bag with handles anywhere near where this kitty can get a paw on it.

And before anyone says this is comments—yes! My pawrents ALWAYS cut the bag handles. This grocery shopping bag was lying flat in a pile of four. But TKS managed to get it out, upright and take up residence.

Hope you are all having a marvelous Monday!! Got any shopping bag stories to share?? Leave a comment and a photo is even better!!


Sneaking up on morning treats


The Kid Sage has been at it again. She sneaks up on the baggies Mom L keeps our morning treats in every chance she gets. One morning Mom L fell back asleep, leaving those treat baggies out. When Dad P came in to get her up he found the plastic baggie with TKS’ treats on the floor on his side of the bed, torn open, and a tell tale trail of treats leading back to Mom L’s side of the bed!!

Well this time Mom L wasn’t asleep!

Dum-tee-dum-dum…just came over to your nightstand to see the boats Mom L

Oh yeah! Nice try TKS.

Why look what we have here!!

As if you didn’t know those treat baggies were gonna be there! HAH!!! And you got BUSSSSSSTED!!!

WHAT??? ME?? Trying to SNEAK!! Look at my innocent face.

Innocent face my tail!!

Darn! I thought she was really watching the news. Bummer!

I tell you, TKS is a true trickster when it comes to treats and chik-hen.

Have you ever made a sneak attack on your treats?


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