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How we roll when the humans are away


Sometimes Mom L and Dad P have to get going really fast  and early in the mornings. All I ask is that Mom L NEVER forget to give us our morning treats, both those before and those after our breakfast. And she always makes sure we get them before they dash off.

Now you can see that our bed is unmade and we reassure Mom L and Dad P that we don’t mind if they don’t get our two daytime tents set up and the bed all tidied up. You all know that an unmade bed is the best ever for our morning nap time, right?

So first we each start trying out just where we wanna settle down. You can see me in my favorite brown and white flannel bed. I sure do wish I could remember who made this bed! And Sage picks the nice cozy bedsheets and Domino selects the blanket in between TKS and me.

I am sure that Katie is already on one of her beds on the floor next to our balcony sliding window. That way she can keep tabs on passing birds and the comings and goings in our back patio below.

Finally, we end up in our spots and spend a happy morning in slumber.

Do you prefer your bed to be “made” or do your prefer to have your bed left all messed up??


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9 thoughts on “How we roll when the humans are away

  1. An unmade bed has the best spots for napping, right? XO

  2. Y’all sure look comfy! I like the bed made up with the cushy blankets on top!

  3. One of the first things Mom does in the morning after her shower is make the bed. Once she makes it, I am not allowed up there AT ALL. It’s the only place in the house that’s fur-free, and she claims that is important. So unmade is my personal favorite because then I can cuddle up and sleep with Mom.

    Love and licks,

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    My cats would prefer an unmade bed, but I am superstitious and it is bad luck to not make it.

  5. Cats snoozing happily together makes for a lovely, peaceful scenes!

  6. You all look so comfy I don’t mind if the beds made or not. Have a pawsome sleep.xx😻💗🐾🐾

  7. How nice that you all sleep on the bed together!

  8. Carole Schulman on said:

    Mama and I LOVED seeing all of you in bed. And seeing the beds all around too. For me, I kinda love the unmade bed best. That’s hard to come by around here unless mom has to go out really early too. But the best ever is when mom changes the sheets and they are smooth and fresh…just waiting for me. I just LOVE that sensation.

  9. You seem to have things very well under control! We like the bed when #1 is in it or on it! The rest of the time, we like to be downstairs where we have numerous comfy spots to relax.

    The Chans

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