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Sun puddles galore!


Once again, sun puddles are the topic of every kitty’s brain in my castle. After our longest California winter with rain and snow in over twenty years, we are finally slamming into our warm seasons! YIPPEE!! I say!! My old arthritic bones really needs Ms. Sun’s caressing warmth.

I wish my fur looked as good as it does in this photo. Truth be told, my gray furs are not handling my old age very well. Mind you, Mom L brushes me every day for many minutes in the morning and evening. But, my furs are indeed showing my age.

Of course Sage aka TKS is also loving that natural heating pad on her coal black furs. She is clearly disappointed when Mom L or Dad P pull our drapes closed to keep that harsh sun from fading everything in our dining room!

You have seen this before, but Katie is still vying with our Foster Reesie for the new sun puddle spot on top of our new couch.

Truth be told, I think Foster Reesie likes the tower, just above Sage’s comfy spot in our dining room, even better than that new couch! MOL!!!

No photos could be taken of my new one year old brofur, Domino. He does not seem to be drawn to our sun puddles?? Weird boy cat!!


Why humans purchase new sofas


So Mom L decided she needed a new, more firm sofa. Dad P said “sure”. But clearly they knew  that this new sofa was purchase for only one reason—for us cats!

I have been sitting on the new sofa for the last week, next to Mom L, at night so’s we can share TV watching. But Katie is the one kitty in my castle who waited a week to check out just where the warm afternoon sun lands on it. Then she plumped up the back cushion and made herself at home!

And she waited for like  two hours for that sun to move around and get to the spot she liked the most.

She stretched out and relaxed until the sun became even warmer.

And  then she finally gave way to any tenseness and totally relaxed. And this is why humans purchase new sofas. For us kitties!!!


Katie photo shoot


I don’t know if Mom L has had such a struggle photo shoot for a long time. She is always in search of grabbing a photo of Katie, WITH EARS UP.. Not an easy thing to grab when the subject kitty is still so very shy and timid.

But, Mom L lassoed Dad P to assist and here are their outtakes.

Mom L: “Katie, can you look at  me with your ears up?”

KK: “Like  this Mom?”

Mom L: “Not quite honey. Try to get them BOTH going straight up at the same time, ok?”

KK: “Lemme try again.”

KK: “oops, sorry, Dad P distracted me. Why did he do that?”

Mom L: “He was trying to help you get both ears straight up.”

KK: “Sigh—I’m so embarrassed. Can’t you just be OK with showing off my lovely white shawl that drapes so perfectly across my shoulder?”

Mom L: “Oh Katie, your shawl is very special!”

KK: ” How’s about making do with a great profile photo??”

Mom L: ” Hmmm—that’s not really what I am hoping for sweetie.”

KK: “Ohhh—tummy tickle!! Lemme sort out my tummy furs so’s they don’t tickle me during my photo shoot, okay?”

Mom L: ” Of course little one, do what you need to do.”

KK: “Domino is photo bombing my special photo shoot!! Dad P!! Get him outta here!!”

Dad P: ” I got him KK. Now try again for Mom L.”

KK:” How’s this one?”

Mom L: “KK, every single photo of you is always special and always just purrfect.”


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