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Sun puddles galore!


Once again, sun puddles are the topic of every kitty’s brain in my castle. After our longest California winter with rain and snow in over twenty years, we are finally slamming into our warm seasons! YIPPEE!! I say!! My old arthritic bones really needs Ms. Sun’s caressing warmth.

I wish my fur looked as good as it does in this photo. Truth be told, my gray furs are not handling my old age very well. Mind you, Mom L brushes me every day for many minutes in the morning and evening. But, my furs are indeed showing my age.

Of course Sage aka TKS is also loving that natural heating pad on her coal black furs. She is clearly disappointed when Mom L or Dad P pull our drapes closed to keep that harsh sun from fading everything in our dining room!

You have seen this before, but Katie is still vying with our Foster Reesie for the new sun puddle spot on top of our new couch.

Truth be told, I think Foster Reesie likes the tower, just above Sage’s comfy spot in our dining room, even better than that new couch! MOL!!!

No photos could be taken of my new one year old brofur, Domino. He does not seem to be drawn to our sun puddles?? Weird boy cat!!


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9 thoughts on “Sun puddles galore!

  1. You are beautiful, Savannah

  2. i am soaking up all the new sunpuddles these dayz

  3. How nice to see you all (sans Domino) enjoying the sunshines, savvy. We say you look as gorgeous as ever. XO

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    Glad you have some sun. You all look great. XO

  5. mary mcneil on said:

    What beautiful photos of you all enjoying the sunpuddles. Purrs.

  6. I bet those sunpuddles feel really good!

  7. Carole Schulman on said:

    My furs have looked better mom was noticing in photos of me when I was first adopted at 5 years old. , but they aren’t too bad. She brushes up a storm for me, too.

  8. Carole Schulman on said:

    He will! Domino I mean. He just hasn’t thought of it yet.

  9. Enjoy your sunpuddles, Savannah. You deserve them. And you are BEAUTIFUL, whatever your age.
    Pawpats and kitty kisses from the J-Cats.

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