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Spotlight on Katie!!


Mom L doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to capture our precious little Katie on her iPhone. But I still asked to use whatever she has so’s I can share my little special feline sisfur with you.

It is telling that ever since Eowyn went to her forever home, Katie has been playing and playing like a crazypants kitty with any wand toy Dad P can put in front of her. Check out her intense concentration on her fave pink feather wand!!

Katie still had her health challenges with her claw sheathes getting infected. It is NOT the litter. It must be some other sensitivity that our vet and we cannot identify. She is better as long as Dad P and Mom L can capture her every 7-10 days to clean her affected claw sheathes with and antiseptic pad and clear away the impacted litter and gunk!

Nonetheless, our darling girl still loves to get her night time attention from Dad P and her play sessions from him and even Mom L.

Katie rolls around on the carpet every night inviting Dad P to join her for pets and play. Sometimes she even is eager to have Mom L join her play time. But she is and always will be, her Daddy’s girl!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Katie in all her loveliness and sweetness. She is a star in my castle and I am so very grateful that Mom L and Dad P rescued her.


Katie has some aerial moves!


Our little Katie has been getting lots friskier lately! I think having had my Court Jester for a playmate has brought Katie out so’s she can show off her stuff. You all probably know that KK is a favorite for all of us here in my castle. We continue to work with her to help her put all the bad memories and nightmares from her first five months of life spent in a horrible hoarder home. She is five years old now and Dad P and Mom L still cannot pick her up. She is very bonded to Dad P and he spends time with her, before going to bed, to brush her pet her while she rolls around on her posing lounge (a cardboard scratcher).

Katie is so short and not very long, and she weighs about 7 pounds. Such a little doll.

So for us all to get to watch Katie playing with Dad P the other night, well—that was special!! Hope you smile as big as we did when you watch her video.

Are you smiling?


Caturday art in my castle


First things first!!


I remember back in 2013, my second year of blogging, I was invited to my very first Valentine’s Day Ball!! And King Spitty was my handsome escort! Sigh—what a wonderful time we had. Those were such fun days!

Now let me share some creative art that TKS and I created on Caturday. Mom L decided it was time for us to have some fun with games on our iPad. She pulled up one of our fave apps and let us each have a go!!

I started our art class and I quickly figured out that the mousie wasn’t inside that iPad! Then TKS got a shot at it and she was certain that mousie was under the iPad!! Silly TKS!

This is my creation. Nice, right?! I love my color choices.

TKS got to pick different colors and she got into pawing that tablet like crazy, trying to catch that mousie.

We had such great fun! I have a short video of each of us going at our art creations. Stick around for about 30 seconds and enjoy watching us.

This is me—

And now TKS—

You tell we both enjoyed making our art work, right?! Have you every painted with splashes of color?


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