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Where did that cat come from?


You all know about those disappearing house panther cats, right? Well The Kid Sage about scared Mom L outta the house yesterday!!!

Getting ready to watch a bit of TV

Mom L just didn’t see what was lookin’ right back at her, do you?

And the eyes have it

Then Mom L hit the “ON” button and VOILA!! Cat revealed and Mom L gave a shriek!!!

*snicker, snicker*

You have to admit, TKS did somemighty fine hidin’ out there, didn’t she?


Are You A Dare Devil?


Now I am asking this question seriously. I wanna find out if any of my readers are the “dare devil” type like my sisfur The Kid Sage. She has been making Mom L awfully scared from the first time she pulled in front of her. Mom L then found out Dad P already knew TKS was doing this but he didn’t wanna worry Mom L. AS IF!!

And Mom L knows she can’t do anything except hope TKS will come to her when she calls. Anything that would startle TKS would be a flat out disaster.

Of course, TKS is blind to why anyone would be worried.

“Tum-tee-dum-dum-doodly-do—such a nice view!”

I really love the view from here. Nothing happens I can’t see.

“I can see down the upstairs hallway and keep an eye on Dad P and Mom L in their offices. And, I can see if HRH Savannah comes out of our bedroom and heads downstairs. If she does then I can sneak up behind her and get a quick butt sniff!

Ahhh…there goes HRH Savannah. I’d best get ready to jump over to the top step to get behind her.

“I wonder if I ought to try and get in front of her sometime. That’s not such a bad jump from here to the second flight of stairs, is it??”

I’m sure I can make the jump to the stairs below. Bet I’d scare Savvy!!

“Oh hiya Mom L. What’cha doing? What did you say? Oh, you don’t want me to try the jump? Why not, I know I can make it just fine. Wait a minute! Did you say no treats or snacks between meals if I ever try that jump? Seriously?

Why is Mom L so testy about me hangin’ out here and thinking about a new jump?

Thankfully, TKS did not try that jump on “that day”. But, we suspect “the day” will come when no one is watching. What do you do that is enough to cause your human to shiver and wring their hands? Let me know in comments. Hopefully some of you are even more dare devilish than TKS so Mom L can get a grip on her wringing hands.



I Got It! I Think I Got It?


My purple super cat flying cape has been begging me to take it out for a spin. No matter how long I keep watching for something to happen so’s I can fly to the rescue, nothing appears that draws me to ramp up my super flying cape.

Heck, I’m just gonna lie down here and see if something pops into my head. A few crinkle and crackle noises later—Nope, nothing popping anywhere here. Not my head, toes, tail—nothing at all. How am I gonna explain to my super flying cape there’s nowhere for me to fly?

“HEY!! Who tickled my tummy?? What in Ceiling Cat’s name is going on under me and my super flying cape! Come on you hidden tickler, show yourself! What did you say? You aren’t gonna show up??!! Fine by me my little tickler, you are gonna have to suffer my mighty smack down paws!”

Kerwhap! Whop! Slap! Thunk!

Lightning speed smack down paws

“Gotcha you sneaky imp!” Ummmm—now I’m not so sure which paw caught the little sneak. Heck, I’m not even sure “what” that sneak actually is!

What did my mighty smack down paws catch?

It’s up to you my readers to tell me which paw caught my sneaky tickler AND what or who is the tickler’s identity. I won’t lift a paw until I hear from you.


pEEeSS—for those of you who join The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, you might recognize my Sunday Selfie. Mom L was able to crop my face from one of these photos. Gotta luvluvluv online photo editing. And no, Mom L didn’t do a single thing to alter the color of my eyes. Seriously

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