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I’m Late!! But Friday Memes Are Here!!


I’m so late getting my Friday Memes up but finally I was able to borrow Mom L’s thumbs and I quickly pawed the keyboard to bring you two Friday Memes!1 Whew!!!

Oh, and the reason I am so late?? I had to go to my Vet yesterday ‘cuz I kind’a fell on my butt a couple of days ago. My left leg just collapsed under me. Sigh…sadly I have really pawful arthritis in my left knee so it looks like I am gonna be going for something called acupuncture?? Scary but if it helps me feel better I’m up for it.

Now, let’s get the memes going. Here is a guest meme from my very good pal Marty the Manx. Be sure to visit his blog and let him know how much you like it!!

Bwahahaha!! Silly kitty. Guess he got his Christmas tree up early.

I asked TKS to do another one for you this week so she thought one from last year’s holidays would be a good idea.

There you have it. Friday Memes served up a bit late but here to give you your Friday smile.


The Kid Sage Helps Herself


It seems Mom L got tired of having all our favorite toys spread around my castle so she created what she calls “play baskets”. Great! Now we are expected help ourselves rather than being able to paw around one room or another and just grab a toy off the floor. Mom L says her cats before me and TKS always went to their play baskets and selected whatever toy struck their fancy at the moment. Harrruummmpppfff! I say!!

Personally, I am waitin’ until my favorite toys are once again placed exactly where I like to play with them. But TKS, heck she decided pickin’ her own toy out of a play basket was a pretty good idea!

TKS asked if she could share her “wordless” video over on the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. I said sure, why not. Mom L made this video with a free version of WeVideo so they have their logo everywhere. If we like using this online video maker we may just upgrade to get rid of their promo stuff and add mine!

Check out the video and let me know what’cha think. Paw the badge to join the BlogPaws hop!



I Got It! I Think I Got It?


My purple super cat flying cape has been begging me to take it out for a spin. No matter how long I keep watching for something to happen so’s I can fly to the rescue, nothing appears that draws me to ramp up my super flying cape.

Heck, I’m just gonna lie down here and see if something pops into my head. A few crinkle and crackle noises later—Nope, nothing popping anywhere here. Not my head, toes, tail—nothing at all. How am I gonna explain to my super flying cape there’s nowhere for me to fly?

“HEY!! Who tickled my tummy?? What in Ceiling Cat’s name is going on under me and my super flying cape! Come on you hidden tickler, show yourself! What did you say? You aren’t gonna show up??!! Fine by me my little tickler, you are gonna have to suffer my mighty smack down paws!”

Kerwhap! Whop! Slap! Thunk!

Lightning speed smack down paws

“Gotcha you sneaky imp!” Ummmm—now I’m not so sure which paw caught the little sneak. Heck, I’m not even sure “what” that sneak actually is!

What did my mighty smack down paws catch?

It’s up to you my readers to tell me which paw caught my sneaky tickler AND what or who is the tickler’s identity. I won’t lift a paw until I hear from you.


pEEeSS—for those of you who join The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, you might recognize my Sunday Selfie. Mom L was able to crop my face from one of these photos. Gotta luvluvluv online photo editing. And no, Mom L didn’t do a single thing to alter the color of my eyes. Seriously

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