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Sage still has her left hook!!!


I sure do hope you read my Friday Memes post January 27, ‘cuz Sage put that kitty spit shined left hook of hers to use this weekend! That stoopy Domino thought he could land Sage on her butt in a rasslin’ match! And he sure got his comeuppance!!

First they faced off—sizin’ each other up so to speak.

They circled and got their paws settled into the mattress for the upcoming action!

Then in a flash! Sage sent out that left hook and The Domino Kid had to hit the dirt…er…ahem…”mattress”…to escape it’s mighty paw whap!

Sage was crafty and waited for the moment when she could deliver her mighty left hook once more and she literally sent Domie rollin’ head over heals!! His butt went up in the air and it was over as fast as it began!!

And TKS went back to cleanin’ up her might left paw, getting it ready for the next match.


How Do You Help Your Humans?


As most of you know, our humans are always in need of close snoopervision and often require us to take an active part in prepping our blog posts.

I have been attempting to train The Kid Sage (TKS) to assume most of these duties as I, personally, do not like getting that close to Mom L on her desk. For TKS, obviously, no problem.

Are you really going to use THOSE photos? *shakes head in disbelief*

Are you really going to use THOSE photos? *shakes head in disbelief*

As you can see, Mom L requires close snoopervising when it comes to putting together one of my blog posts. TKS is really coming along nicely in her training. She is learning to get involved up close and personal with Mom L.

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Unfortunately, TKS is still young and has a rather short attention span. She can often get distracted while engaged in a work session.

What's up there? Can I get a closer look?

What’s up there? Can I get a closer look?

Mom L: “Sage, don’t you dare try to climb my shelving!”

oh!! Tissue!! I love tissue!!!

oh!! Tissue!! I love tissue!!!

Mom L: “And you leave those tissue in that box where they belong!”

As you can see, TKS and Mom L do have some work breakdown every now and then but under my careful guidance and coaching, I am sure they will work more effectively and efficiently…*please Ceiling Cat let this be so*

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Mom L goes into hospital tomorrow, Thursday, December 11 for a total knee replacement surgery. She will be in hospital for 3-4 days. I have been making sure she has my blog posts scheduled to run through her recovery period which will likely be through the New Year. My apologies for not being able to visit at all from December 11 to at least December 26. Perhaps by then she will have a functioning brain back. If you have ever had such a surgery or know someone who has, then you know it is a great big ouchie owie!!! Dad P will try to get some photos of us girls as we take care of Mom L. Miss Julie, from Sometimes Cats Herd You, is going to help Dad P try to post the photos, at least on my Face Book page.

I am going to re-post four of my interviews from my Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking series. I know some of you may not have seen them before. One has some updated information. 

Now about my Holiday Cards. We have sent as many as we can, but Dad P is doing this so he doesn’t have all the addresses from last year. I am very very sorry that I will likely miss sending my Holiday Cards to all my furriends…but I have created a card to post on Chrissymouse Day. ..I hope you will understand that it may be the only card some of you receive from me. Thank you for your furriendship and understanding.

The Kid Sage Does Selfie!!

Hey Everyone!! It’s me, Sage.

I asked Mom L to help capture a selfie of, well, you know…of me, myself…so it’s my selfie…got that?

Oh wait, I wasn't ready!

Oh wait, I wasn’t ready!

Do it again Mom…

Yeah! Nice one!

Yeah! Nice one!

What Mom L?  Another one…

I don't think get airplane ears this time

I don’t think so…you get airplane ears this time

Once I got the perfect selfie, who needed a third one, right?

I am joining my pals over at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!

Click the badge below and be transported to a ton of fun selfies…go on…just give that badge a gentle, playful paw tap…you can do it…

Sunday Selfies Badge

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