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What’s crawling outta your kitchen sink?


Mom L and I let out shrieks when we saw this black sink monster appear comin’ outta our sink just yesterday! Do you have a black sink monster??? Maybe this is like some kind’a kin to that Nessie the lake monster over in Scotland???

Then we got closer and realized that it was just silly man Domino!! Crazypants boycat!!

He climbed outta of the sink finally and then he just sat on the kitchen counter, knowing he was gonna leave his furs on all those clean dishes. He didn’t event look guilty!

Last thing he did was square off in his meatloaf position and stake out what he thought was gonna be his claim to a part of the kitchen counter while Mom L was getting our dinner ready. HAH!!

He was “invited” down with a sweep of Mom L’s hand and when he landed on the floor, he got a sweet of my right paw whap! Why I never ever counter cruised. This boycat has to learn more manners. Right?


Always check your suitcase


So for those of you who travel now and then know that rule, right? Always, always check your suitcase to make sure ya got everything ya came with and that ya aren’t bring’n back anything ya didn’t intent to bring back. So that is exactly what Mom L did when she was leavin’ that nice place she stayed at with Dad P on their recent little getaway. And when she got home—absolutely NOTHING in that bag once she emptied it out.

Then she turned away for a split second and reached down to zip it closed and AAIIIEEEEE!!!! What a shriek she let out!!!! Somethin’ had been hiding in the bottom of her bag. The lining in her bag is black and that creature that popped out was black too!!

Oh—wait a minute—that large bug looks a lot like my brofur The Domino Kid??!! And yep—that’s what came leaping outta Mom L’s bag. She was certain that some yellow eyed creepy crawly thingy had come home with her from the seaside. MOL!!

As you can see, Domino does enjoy all things that are or resemble boxes. And he doesn’t hesitate to ask Mom L to get him a new one. He is doing that “look ’em in the eye” strategy as you can see!!


Keep away game is fun!!


Do you and your fur sibs ever play “keep away” with a cherished toy? Dad P, Mom L and I witnessed the three youngsters doing just that! It all started with Domino finding an old, small, red mousie toy. Likely from about three Christmas’ ago. It has been in the bottom of our toy basket for a while.

Domie loves to carry his toys around, then stop to play with them in front of Katie and Foster Reesie and then grab them away and dash off. He waits for them to follow him.

Well, Foster Reesie snatched this red mousie away and dashed up to the first flight of stairs to the landing. She proceeded to toss that mousie all around; up against the wall; grabbing it in her paws and mouth. All the while watching Domie, out  of the corner of her eye, looking all wistful seeing his cherished mousie being mauled by Foster Reesie!! MOL!!!

You can see Katie sitting all cute and polite on the upper steps. She waits for her moment. When Foster Reesie is taking a break and brofur Domie is still in shock—Katie makes her move!! SNEAK ATTACK!!!

I thought Mom L was gonna spit out her wine watching Katie’s professional move!!! Here are our “game” participants.

How do you keep score when you play Keep Away??


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