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Keepin’ chilled with TKS


I don’t know what the weather persons have been doin’ to your temps but they have sure cranked ours up to super hot, hot, hot!! But that doesn’t seem to bother TKS as long as she can keep on makin’ her air biscuits!!

She isn’t quite this chill’axed right now seein’ as how we have yet another hissy kitten in Mom L’s office. Her name is Licorice and Mom L and Dad P took her from her first foster who had her hands full with Licorice’s siblings, Mikki, Baby and Doodle Bug. They are all coming along nicely and love going to their foster to get pets and attention. But Licorice, now called “Reesee” was trapped at an older age and she wasn’t doing anything but hissing and spitting.

Long story short—Mom L and Dad P asked a cat trapper pal to come over and assess Reesee and Miss Lisa put a towel on her and just started to pet and rub her. And Reesee LOVED IT!! She still hisses every time a human walks into the office, but now she just melts when a hand touches her. She has never bitten nor swatted  nor used her claws. She reaches up now to give Mom L noise kisses!!

I’ll keep you informed about her progress to move from hissy face to kissy face so’s she can find a forever home!!!


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11 thoughts on “Keepin’ chilled with TKS

  1. Aww, we are loving the video of TKS chillaxing! And we are so glad that Reesee is actually a very nice and sweet kitty, but just wary right now.

  2. 15andmeowing on said:

    She sounds like a sweetie.

  3. LOL! Hissy face to kissy face. Yup. It’s just a matter of time…

    Love and licks,

  4. chrisscatmeow on said:

    loved watching TKS so handsome just like your new comer Reesee. xxx

  5. Mary C McNeil on said:

    Good for TKS – keep the air fanned ! Good luck to sweet Licorice too.

  6. That newbie is a sweetie and you are totally adorable TKS!

  7. Sounds like Reesee is both scared and craving attention.

  8. We hope effurrything will turn out right for Reesee. House panfurs are the best!

  9. What a beautiful house panther! Hopefully she’ll get sweeter and sweeter!

  10. Your newest guest is a beauteous panther! Gorgeous eyes!
    Hope the heat abates, and have a great holiday Monday.

  11. we hope fall will come with some better temperatures… have a super labor day

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