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A Happy Tails Ending for Foster/Rescue Penelope!!


Remember the little news I gave you about an abandoned kitty we named Penelope and we helped in our neighborhood about three or four weeks ago?

Penelope was not spayed, was pregnant with three kittens and appeared to have been declawed. She also displayed very aggressive behavior toward Mom L where she lived in a large cage in her office. Both Mom L and Dad P received several bites that went deep enough to draw blood.

If you work with any feline shelter, rescue, public shelter then you know that “biting” that draws blood will end a cat in quarantine and likely euthanasia. And given that we thought Penelope was declawed we knew we ought not to return her to the outdoors where she had been abandoned.

What to do?? Kit Katie still needs a great deal of attention to help her get beyond being so hand shy. Mom L and Dad P could not foster Penelope long term and could not take her to our county animal services. Fortunately we have a very experienced Director at our animal services and we sought her, and other’s, advice and counsel including the shelter  Chief Veterinarian.

Long story short, we determined Penelope deserved an opportunity to live her life within her own abilities and we asked the neighbor who found her if she would allow us to return Penelope to her as an outdoor cat. Miss Debbie agreed quickly.

About this time, we learned that Penelope HAS CLAWS!! All this time, even though she was biting, she never ever used her claws. Mom L observed her using a cardboard scratcher and heard little claws “rip, rip, rip”! Penelope’s claws had been trimmed back past the quick, almost to the sheath!!! How painful!!! No wonder she was biting!!

Mom L and Dad P set Penelope up in a large cage on Miss Debbie’s front porch. We thought she would spend several days here being fed and getting to know the sound and smells so we could release her.

Well Miss Debbie and Penelope had a whole other set of thoughts in mind!! MOL!!!

Miss Debbie found she could open the cage, clean the litter box, give Penelope her wet food and Penelope never moved from her side. Penelope ate outside the cage and gladly returned to it once it was cleaned.

Standing outside the cage

Miss Debbie spent lots of time sitting next to Penelope’s cage and talking with her. And then she decided it was time for Penelope to come inside and meet their resident cat, Frankie and learn whether or not Penelope could be her inside lap cat.

What a change!!! Yes, Penelope is aggressive toward Frankie. Yes, Penelope still tries to bite. Yes Penelope loves a lap. Yes, Penelope has found a patient, loving human, Miss Debbie, who is working with her to bring her inside forever.

You can see that Penelope enjoys being inside. She also enjoys a nice lap and gives paw hugs to show her appreciation for a kind, patient human.

Dad P and Mom L took down the outdoor cage today, and Penelope is living in Miss Debbie’s office for now. They will keep on working to hopefully make Penelope trust that she is safe once again. But, even if she cannot adjust to being inside and cease her aggressive behaviors, she has found her forever home!

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Welcome home Penelope!!


Boldness Part Two!


I know, I keep harping on the same old subject but come on my pals, how much more do I have to take in my own castle??!!

Banished from my own couch!

See that? There I am, forlorn, in a sun puddle on the FLOOR!!! Know why???

THAT’S WHY!!!! Kit Katie is takin’ over my place, using my special towel that Mom L puts there for ME in the Summer when I don’t need my blue afghan anymore. KK gets there first and stakes out a spot and I am left on the floor! I ask you, what’s fair about this??

Why only today, Mom L had to walk toward KK to get her to dash away. You see ever since Mom L and Dad P had to use so many meds on her draining eye, she has become hand shy again. So they are workin’ on her for that, but thankfully for now when Mom L approached MY COUCH KK ran. Then Mom L sat down and invited me up to my personal spot.

Finally I could settle in for my nice long morning nap downstairs, on MY COUCH, where it is cooler on this hot Summer day. Then I hear the softest paw pat on my nice cool towel. And I feel something moving slowly past me on MY COUCH. I peek open an eye and what do I see??!!!

The gall!! Sneak past me and steal my space!

And now let’s make matters worse. Check out this!!

Both of them!!

And if this isn’t bad enough, I have also had to tolerate KK and TKS trying to sneak closer to my tent on my bed.

What? She couldn’t find another place to nap???

KK also comes right up in the morning when I get my morning snack along with TKS. KK acts like she is part of our family. What?? Did I just say that?? *slaps paw to forehead*—please tell me this ain’t so!

Good morning Princess Savvy. How was your treat?

So you see my life is becoming more and more intruded upon. Everywhere I got, KK wants to be right there and then, after she shows up, here comes TKS. Sheesh! What am I ever gonna do??

Now we are practically nose to nose!

As you can see in the photo above, KK was even bold enough this morning to turn around and face me—on MY COUCH!! *shudders* This is getting really hard to take my pals, really hard. What can I do??


PeeEss—Mom L here…Katie’s eye has apparently cleared up with the antibiotics so that her tear duct is no longer clogged. She still has her limp and gingivitis, but all in all this is the most healthy she has been since coming to us eleven months ago. For all intent and purpose Kit Katie is now home. For good.

Community Cats Are Worth It!


Just in case you didn’t already know it, Mom L and Dad P have started a program in our forever city of Pittsburg, CA called Project Delta View Cats (PDVC). Of course I am the one who told influenced them about just how to go about doing this new Paw It Forward Project for me us. Not sure how they would have gotten this far without my steadfast incessant advice.

But we all know that our community’s abandoned, stray cats are worth every bit of effort we invest in helping them to live healthier lives and to over time have fewer of them left to fend for themselves. We are making sure the community cats we find are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and that their feeders are practicing the most neighborly methods of feeding them and caring for them so’s the whole neighborhood doesn’t see the cats as nuisances.

The hard working volunteers here at PDVC work nights and weekends to try to humanely trap the stray, abandoned, feral community cats we locate or feeders tell us about. Lots of times we work in teams when we have some trap savvy kitties to catch.

Cat trappers working out their strategy

You see this project those trappers are working on involves some down right trap wary cats. They even had one of them snoopervising them while they talked about how they were gonna approach this project that involve a mom cat and some pretty feral juvenile kittens.

Yeah, you guys try that. HAH!! Won’t work!

This smarty pants then went off to tell the other cats what we were gonna do. He hung around to learn that they were using both a regular humane trap and a drop trap!

Electronic drop traps can be triggered from a long distance

That reconnaissance cat watched until he knew just what the trappers were up to and then this is all Mom L saw of him again!

Off to tell the other guys what to look out for…heh…heh…heh

As I said at the top of this post, COMMUNITY CATS ARE WORTH IT!!

As for me, I have been snoopervising from my favorite sun puddle created by one of our skylights.

Snoopervising is such hard work!

Let me hear in comments how you help your community cats. You can also help us,, at Project Delta View Cats by visiting our website and dropping off a few green papers…heh…heh…heh! Thanks for coming to visit me today.


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