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Meet our feline Nemo!


There seems to be some weird thing that is happening from this human COVID thingy. Our partners at Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) are finding that more and more potential adopters are open to considering adult, even senior adult, cats for adoption!! True that—kitten season is almost upon us—but the adoption rate for adults is still on the upswing at CC4C!

So, I asked Mom L if she could find out if any of our Delta View Cats that live in the River View Park colony that we manage and feed might be friendly enough to bring inside for assessment for adoptability.


And you may now ask “why name him Nemo—after the little Disney fish with one fin too small”? Well just check out our Nemo’s tail!!

Hey man! Is this where they keep the food??!!

Nemo was gone when Mom L first learned about this colony in 2017. He did not reappear until early 2019. Early this year, 2021, he appeared to have wound on his side so one of his feeders picked him up and plopped him into a carrier—yes he is that friendly with his feeders!! Mom L got him to our partner county animal services only to learn that the wound was already healed!! 

We got him into a foster home with a volunteer with our Delta View Cats non-profit. We are focused here in our city of Pittsburg, California. Nemo needed to get a medical check-up before he can go to adoptions through CC4C. So he ended up getting his FeLV (feline leukemia) test at the CC4C Kitchen Clinic I have posted about lots of times! Mom L so enjoys being able to volunteer with this clinic. This requires keeping him still while Dr. Josie puts a needle into a leg vein to draw just a teensy amount of blood for the “SNAP” test. 

Such a champ! No fussing!

We learned are the clinic that sweet, gentle Nemo is about eight years old and that he has a great need for a dental. His mouth is very bad and causes him such great pain. We are so relieved that he is negative for feline leukemia and that his health is otherwise very good for his age, as he has likely lived most of his life outside, lost and abandoned.

We will start fund raising for Nemo’s dental ASAP so that he can then go into the adoption path. Nemo so loves being pet and gives the strongest head bumps ever!!

Please do give Nemo your round of APAWS! for having come in from the streets!!



PeeEss—if you  have any green papers just hanging out not doin’ much of nothin’—Nemo sure can use them! He is gonna likely loose most of his toofies. I am hoping some of my readers are able to send Nemo some help with donations to:

We can only  accept PayPal donations at this time. All other donations can be sent to our PO Box:

Project Delta View Cats

PO Box 768

Pittsburg, CA 94565

Trap a cat? Not easy!


So Mom L is trying to trap this bootiful long hair dainty feisty calico gal at a colony we just started to manage. Her name is Baby and she is a kitty cat bully!! Yep! Sorry to say, there is often one in every colony no matter how big or small that colony is. And Baby is all fluffy furs and probably weighs in at about five pounds tops!! But she sure is the queen of this little six kitty colony.

Mom L set the trap and waited to see how Baby would react.

You can see that Baby gave that trap a very wide birth! She wasn’t so sure about why the heck it was placed near her treasured food bowl! You see Baby is not only a bully to a couple of the other cats, she is also a TOTAL FOODIE!! Mom L thought for sure she would dive right after that yummy sardine bait. HAH!!

Baby checked out that trap, all around and then did one of those “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be Ya!!” moves!!!

Mom L is gonna go back and hopes that she can trap Baby and find a foster to help assess her ability to be socialized. She is such a lovely cat, and she truly isn’t feral. Let’s hope Baby realizes that we are tryin’ to give her an opportunity for a forever indoor home!

Do you trap for TNR? Or also trap to try to bring some potential friendlies inside?  Let us know what your experiences are in comments.

Hope everyone’s Valentines Day was filled with the love our park colony boys showed us with their little “taileo message”!! You can show some love  to our colony cats by visiting our Amazon Wish List. We are very desperate for wet food and for a couple of shelters for our colony cats at a local waterfront park.


Lending a paw


I asked Mom L and Dad P to lend a helping paw, or two, to six abandoned community cats who were gonna go hungry over the two week holidays because their feeder was gonna be on vacation. When Miss Sally told Mom L that “I guess they will just starve while I am gone” that did it for Mom L and Dad P.

This is a small colony that my our Project Delta View Cats trapped out and returned the cats to this site back in 2018. There are six cats that come by to dine whenever there is food out. Two orange and white boys, but we only saw one that Mom L named “Alfie”. Then a medium long hair pretty gray girl named Princess but we never saw her. We always saw Baby, a stunning long hair dilute tortie girl and Gigi, a white girl with patches of tan, black and brown…and she has a twin sister that we named Betty. So all in all we saw four of the six in this little colony over the ten days we fed them.

This is Baby. Isn’t she stunning??!

And here is Gigi. She would come right to Mom L’s car to dine.

We only managed one photo of Alfie, one of the ginger mancats. But we could tell that he is younger and very shy around humans. We think the male workers at this site must chase off the cats. They were much more comfy with Mom L than Dad P.

Dad P and Mom L tossed the old dirty dishes that had never been washed and provided the feeder and the cats with two sets of new dishes that can be washed so’s the cats eat from more sanitary dishes. Oh, and we also left a water bowl because the feeder never left water. Sadly, we learned that her bosses do not like the cats and they  barely tolerate her continuing to feed them and they said there was no need to leave water. So, so sad for these cats. We hope to find a couple of fosters for Gigi and Baby and then try to trap them and learn if they are ready to come inside and get socialized. 

I’ll keep you posted on our progress in trying to help Gigi and Baby. Hope your 2021 is coming along great!


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