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Will You Help?


I let you know on my Friday Memes last week that Mom L and Dad P and I were gonna be letting you know how our foster kittens Katie and Lilly are doing with their health challenges. I also hinted that we would be asking for some help to be able to keep doing what we do for community cats and all of my Paw It Forward work.

Back in July this year I hinted that I was going to be writing a blog post about “cat hoarding” from the perspective of whether or not it is “hoarding” versus “being overwhelmed”. As you know if you follow my blog, I never got around to writing that blog series. Yes, series. It will take more than one blog post to present what Mom L and I have learned since late June of this year about this topic. And we continue to learn more even now.

I also posted on #RememberMeThursday about our foster kittens Katie and Lilly. Now I have more to share and Mom L and I hope you will take the time to read this post and look at the photos we are sharing for the first time about where Mom L found foster Katie.

Before I start my story, take at look at this photo of Katie at about the same age as Lilly is now (about five months old).

Sure isn’t tough to tell they are closely related, is it??

Of course we are now almost six month later and Katie is starting to look more like a young adult girl cats. Lovely, don’t ya think?

Now let me tell you right up front that I am asking my readers to help me SHARE a Go Fund Me appeal that Mom L and I started with the expert help of our pals from Dash Kitten. Miss Marjorie and my AdventurCat pal Silver were instrumental in urging Mom L to set up this appeal.

The story on Go Fund Me is about the challenge to bring Katie and Lilly back to health so they could be adopted. The story I am sharing with you all, my closest pals, is how we got here in the first place.

A call to Mom L to help a nearby apartment manager find homes for five or six left behind adult cats when residents moved on. Friendly young adults, no problem. Mom L goes and learns that not only are there more than five or six “friendly” cats just waiting to be plucked up and dropped into a carrier, but that there are kittens involved as well.

As Mom L and Dad P completed their initial cat rescue at this apartment site in late July, they had a count of THIRTY cats, kittens, both alive and dead, that they personally helped. Katie was one of the inside females, not spayed, that the apartment resident “forgot” to mention she had. It started with “I have four females not spayed” to “I have four females not spayed and six kittens”. (PLEASE HOVER OVER PHOTOS FOR STORY TELLING CAPTIONS)

That turned into one spayed senior female, one not spayed not pregnant or lactating female, three females with kittens inside the apartment and Katie who at five months had only recently stopped lactating. Yes, Katie had kittens before she was six months old and all were dead within a week. Mom L found eight dead kittens in the closet area while searching for live kittens.

In the above photos you can see this sweet little tuxie girl who was dying. The resident told Mom L that “such things happen when they are so young”. Mom L was stunned and quickly found a rescue who helped her get that kitten to a vet. Thankfully the vet’s office manage stepped up to take the little girl home and care for her. We don’t know if she made it.

Katie was born in this apartment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She never left until Mom L and Miss Stacey caught her with a towel so they could get her spayed. When Dad P and Mom L tried to return Katie to the outside by the apartment, Katie refused to leave the carrier. That’s when Dad P stepped up and said “she’s coming home with us”. Mom L learned from the resident that Katie had actually NEVER been outside and had no idea what to do. Katie’s first six month of life were spent in a dark, toxic environment with only one litter box between so many cats and kittens. She had kittens so young she didn’t know how to care for them and so they died.

Don’t make me go outside!! (Katie)

Lilly was one of a litter of five, the last litter born to this apartment resident’s hoard. Mom L couldn’t trap Lilly’s mom before she gave birth to her five kittens. But, Mom L and Miss Stacey found the kittens about ten days after birth. They then caught the mom cat who is probably Katie’s sister, and the mom cat and her kittens were fostered by Miss Stacey. Lilly was fortunate that she has only known kind and loving care from a human, unlike Katie.

Lilly is the kitten on the far right of photo

Because there was so much inbreeding going on in this apartment hoarding tragedy, most of the kittens and young adults suffer from immune system challenges.

This is where my appeal to my readers comes in. Katie and Lilly have suffered so many health challenges over the five months with Katie and four months with Lilly living with us. Mom L, Dad P and I have focused on keeping Lilly alive and helping Katie recover from health and emotional challenges from June until late November. Katie has a permanent disability limp, possibly from birth defect or early kitten injury. Thankfully this disability doesn’t stop sweet Katie from jumping and playing and running around.

After many trips to emergency and costly vet diagnostics, we believe the kittens are now ready for adoption. And we are asking that they go as a bonded pair. Katie and Lilly are so closely bonded that when one cries the other gets agitated.

What do you think? Are our foster girls ready for their own special permanent home?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it my friends and followers and readers everywhere. I am not appealing to you to donate to my Go Fund Me appeal. I am asking that you PLEASE SHARE SHARE SHARE this blog post on all your social media platforms to help me replenish our green papers so we can keep on Pawing It Forward.

My Go Fund Me site has all the medical costs and more details about the battle for health with each kitten.

Thanks to all who are willing to SHARE this blog post across all avenues of social media.

My pal Brian, from Brian’s Home, asked his Dad Terry to make an awesome graphic to use as the symbol for our fundraiser appeal. Please feel free to grab it from this post and use it yourself!! Isn’t Brian the bestest??!!!

This badge is smaller version. The one below is the larger.

You can find our fundraiser here or by clicking badge below.



Cat Rescue Work Keeps Going


I’ve been going on and on about our move, and I do have more to say about that, but you know Mom L and Dad P did NOT stop doing what they could to help shelter cats and community cats.

We had only been in our new home about ten days and it was time for the July SNIP (Spay Neuter Impact Program) Clinic. Mom L and Dad P never hesitated—they signed up for their usual full shifts. You can learn more about SNIP if you read some of my earlier posts here and here.

There were eighty-five cats who passed through this last clinic, one was lovingly helped to The Bridge as he was very ill. A full clinic and every single human hand was needed to make this happen. At the last minute Mom L learned there were not enough Vets and it would be cancelled. And then a miracle—Miss Eileen who is a primary organizer for SNIP sent out a plea to Vets across the San Francisco Bay Area and they come through! One Vet clinic owner brought several of his vets and vet techs!! Success!!!

Thought you would enjoy seeing some of the kitties. Their eyes reveal how frightened they are but if only they understood how much this clinic will improve their quality of life.

These pretty Siamese girls came in from a community member who trapped them in her back yard.

Only one would turn around for Mom L, the other gave her backside view! They had to be transferred to individual cat traps to be admitted because the clinic does not allow cats to come through in cat carriers. The policy is in place to try to insure member of the public do not use this clinic to S/N their own pets. This clinic is solely for S/N and vaccinate community cats.

Two more “worried eyes” Mom L checked in for their SNIP experience.

Dad P and Mom L also responded with a “no problem” when the Adoption Manager from Contra Costa Humane Society asked if they could transport eight adult cats from the county animal shelter to my old home at Kitty Corner!! And we were STILL in the process of getting moved! Be sure to hover over photos for captions!

Now you all know that even though I still have lots to share about my move, my Paw It Forward work continues—let me know in comments what you have been doin’ lately to Paw It Forward.


Let the Photo Captions Roll!!


If you visited me last Wednesday then you will recall that I offered my readers the opportunity to put some words into a few kitties’ mouth’s!!

I giggled reading the captions, hope you do to. Here ya go with all the captions from my readers.

From Edie Chase:

Handsome brown tabby sort’a Maine Coon type cat.

Photo One

Wait! What??

What’s going on here?!

Photo Two

"Scuse me while I exit left!

I think they’re aliens, I have to get out of here!

Photo Three


They are aliens, they are trying to eat my face off!

Same photos above of Handsome brown tabby sort’a Maine Coon type cat

Miss Dorothy Williams

  1.  What?
  2.  No way! You’re kidding!
  3. Get out! I do NOT have fleas!

Two French Bulldogs:

  1. I am at the Dogsters touchy feely office getting checked
  2. Aren’t I the cutest thing.
  3. Tongue out Tuesday

Black and White scardy-cat boy 

Austin from CATachresis

Photo Four

Yes I am handsome

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders

Photo Five

Mouses! Here I go

Hey! My tux is not for sale!

Photo Six

What did you call me?

You’re gonna do WHAT?

Photo Seven

Can I get some help over here please

I want my lawyer … NOW!!!

Same  photos above from above: Black and White scardy-cat boy 

Seville from Nerissa’s Life

  1. Who are you?
  2. Of all the ignominious…
  4. If I ignore her, perhaps she’ll go away.

Miss Dorothy Williams

4.  You’re going to remove what?
5. Yes, those!
6. Stop staring!
7. Gone! Sigh!

Erin, The Cat Princess

4. Are you my ride home….. My mum said never to go with strangers…. are you one?
5. Ummm…Are you sure this is the way to the cab?
6. The fare is HOW MUCH? Look me in the eye and say that again!
7. WOW! The view is great from up here…. Is that big bright thing the moon?

Dinah—a feline reader without a blog—but she does have staff!

Anyone can be nervous in a dance contest.
4. OK, it’s my turn now. Hope I do really well.
5. Tango, baby tango! Romance is in my eyes.
6. I can do an Irish jig, too!
7. How’d I do — waiting for the scores.

And now the captions for the last series of photos—

Anxious brown short coated tabby

Bear Cat

Photo Eight

Excuse me!

You want to put WHAT, WHERE?

Photo Nine

I can't believe she is doing this

ONE WAY ONLY! Can’t you read the signs?

Photo Ten

Come on guys, give a cat some help

Well, THAT’S undignified

Photo Eleven

ppffttt!!! on all of you!

Yeah. I didn’t feel A THING. Nope. Absolutely NOTHING happened! I’m cool

Miss Dorothy Williams

8. What you doing back there?
9.  Hey! That thing is cold!
10. You’d think they’d warm it up before shoving it up there!
11. This is what I think about you guys!

You guys are all the best blogville pals ever for pawticipating!!

I was laughing my furry tail off reading your captions. Gotta luvluvluv Two French Bulldogs creativity about aliens at the stabby place!! Right?? Totally what it feels like goin’ to that place!

If you have a particular favorite set of captions you wanna give a shout out to in a comment, please do. The authors will be so proud you acknowledged them!

A special message to all my readers who are sticking with me in 2017. I know I have been a rotten buddy when it comes to leavin’ comments and whatnot. For that I am so very regretful, but I can only do so much without Mom L’s thumbs. I hope you unnerstand—sigh. My reader views are so far down since November 2016 that it looks like Mom L and I may have to decide to toss in the kitty litter and call my blog quits. I’ll let ya know in the next few weeks what we decide.

No matter what, it has been my privilege as a former adult shelter cat to try and make a difference for all those kitties and woofies who have no voice like I do. Thank you all for following me and keeping hope alive for all those rescue kitties and woofies who are left behind.

Until next time—


PeeEss—remember Momma Kat. I do not know how long it will take. Momma has no inquiries and same for her kittens. It looks like MK was a feral 1-2 year old. Thus, she is very shy, only beginning to become socialized. She does have a sweet nature, can be picked up, and is comfortable with other cats. I am hoping the rescue will give her a new name. I hold her Momma Kat Hope Chest in storage so that it will go with her whenever she finds her true home.

However, I have had a sad fallout with the rescue and they no longer trust me. This rescue is a truly honorable organization and I know I am at fault for their lack of trust in me. I don’t know what to do so I continue to fulfill the promise I made to MK in my heart…I will stick with her until she has a home. I just wish she had more updates on her progress. Purrlease hold MK in your hearts and prayers.

Momma Kat with two kittens behind her

Momma Kat

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