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Happy Tails Ending: Just like we like them!!


Remember two weeks ago when I asked all my readers for some help promoting precious Scotty’s search for his forever home???

Well it happened!!! Scotty was abandoned by his humans when they moved and Miss Kandi started feeding him around May, 2020. He was so dirty and thin.

After several months, Miss Kandi was able to win his trust so that she could pick him up and bring him to Mom L and Dad P to transport him to our county shelter for his neuter and vaccinations. They thought he was so nice that they kept him to help him find his forever home. Sadly for Scotty, the noise at the shelter was his undoing and he just withdrew. We found him a really nice foster home and they have had him for about three weeks. He was already fattened up by Miss Kandi, but now he was able to keep his white fur really white!

One of our volunteers with Project Delta View Cats posted Scotty on her Nextdoor network and the very next day a pawsome Dad and his even more pawsome young son, 12 years old, asked to visit Scotty. Long story short, Scotty is now living with them and about to start the best part of his life ever!1

Oh my! I do like nip!!

He is such a love bug. He always gives a little growl to start the conversation with a human, and then he shares his tummy for rubs and purrs.

Why yes, I do believe I want to live with you

Please give Scotty a huge round of APAWS!!!


At the movies


Mom L has been busy, busy with our Project Delta View Cats group so I decided to share some movies with yo. This way she doesn’t have to do so much typing. Hope you enjoy seeing some of our experiences working with abandoned community cats here in our city of Pittsburg, CA.

This is Pipsqueaks mom cat. She was moving his little sister Ellie to a new, warmer location. Mom cats are so devoted and brave.

Next up is L’il Jo, the kitten who had the prolapsed rectum, remember? Look at her chow down now! Watch her ears!!! And yes, she can now poop properly!!

Finally, remember I told you that Pipsqueak’s brother Rocky was trapped the same night as Pip? Well, Rocky, all black just like Pip, is now living the life of an inside kitty! The family whose backyard is home to Pip’s former feline family have taken Rocky inside because he so wanted to be with people. He and resident kitty Sapphire bonded quickly. Check out Sapphire’s spit bath for Rocky.

I’ll share more of Rocky’s rescue story in a longer post. It’s worth the read, trust me.

Before I go, I want to report on my visit to Dr Josie at the Kitchen Clinic this last week. She did a blood draw and urine draw for a complete senior blood panel for me. Believe you me, it wasn’t my idea of a fun day. No sireeeee!!!

Seriously, not FUN!!

The results from the lab are back and sadly, I am at the earliest stage of chronic kidney disease, Stage One. Mom L and are feel fortunate that we learned this very early. I know she and Dad P will always make sure I have the best care and I still have years to go. 



Kit Katie aka KK aka Katie 2020 Beginnings


Katie, as we normally use when talking with her, has had a great start to her 2020 continuing recovery progress. As most of you know, sweet Katie spent her first five months in a hoarding situation. She was forever living in a dark, no windows open, one litter box one bedroom with the human and 25+ cats and kittens. At age five months, when Mom L and Dad P rescued her, she had already had a litter of kittens, most likely deceased. She was terrified and only moved in a “slinking” position.

Katie today.


I want to share some of her recent moments, just since 2020 began. First, you all know how much I luvluvluv my tent Mom L makes for me on our bed every morning. Well, lately, TKS has been getting there before I can. And now! Katie!!!

Oddly, Katie often prefers to jump on top of the tent, collapse it and then take her nap on the blanket pile. Strange KK!

Katie has also taken after her mentor, TKS, and found a mad crazy desire for the humans’ chicken dinners! Of course, Dad P just encourage her!

Oh gosh Dad P! This smell devine!

Dad P is incorrigible and allows her a bit more than a sniff. Much to Mom L’s shock.

Reallly? I can take a taste??!!

And of course Katie just had to start 2020, just last night, by giving Mom L another almost certain hysterical attack of impending doom! Our Dare Devil Katie.

As most of you know, Katie has a permanent limp on her right front leg. The radiologist said it looked like she had some trauma in kittenhood that caused her right shoulder joint to not form properly and there is no socket for the right leg to attach to. Nothing can be done and so far this does not hold Katie back one bit. Just makes her more special to us.

Hope you 2020 is getting off to a great start like ours. What’s new with you?


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