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Spotlight on Katie!!


Mom L doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to capture our precious little Katie on her iPhone. But I still asked to use whatever she has so’s I can share my little special feline sisfur with you.

It is telling that ever since Eowyn went to her forever home, Katie has been playing and playing like a crazypants kitty with any wand toy Dad P can put in front of her. Check out her intense concentration on her fave pink feather wand!!

Katie still had her health challenges with her claw sheathes getting infected. It is NOT the litter. It must be some other sensitivity that our vet and we cannot identify. She is better as long as Dad P and Mom L can capture her every 7-10 days to clean her affected claw sheathes with and antiseptic pad and clear away the impacted litter and gunk!

Nonetheless, our darling girl still loves to get her night time attention from Dad P and her play sessions from him and even Mom L.

Katie rolls around on the carpet every night inviting Dad P to join her for pets and play. Sometimes she even is eager to have Mom L join her play time. But she is and always will be, her Daddy’s girl!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing Katie in all her loveliness and sweetness. She is a star in my castle and I am so very grateful that Mom L and Dad P rescued her.


What a way to start February!


This was one crazy pants week last week!! At least in the world of rescue and humane management of abandoned community cats. Pardon me if I bore you with a long post, but oh well! It’s my bloggy, right?? MOL!!

We started the week with what we thought was a “new” cat that was dumped at our park colony. The cat is friendly for sure. But, when Mom L got a microchip check, that kitty was chipped to HER!!! Back in 2018!!! From the park!!! Mom L finally (*smacking hand to forehead) figured out that this cat was one she thought was friendly and could be adopted so she took it to our “back then” partners at our county animal shelter. The cat was pronounced “feral” and Mom L had to return it to the colony. She disappeared until NOW!!!

Talk about us cats having nine lives! This cat is about 5 years old. No telling where she has been. We fostered her for a short time and now she has been with the best kitty foster ever, Miss Yasmin! Because of Miss Yasmin’s way with scared, abandoned cats,  Senorita is on her way to adoptions this coming weekend!! Her foster adores her! You can see her eating when she returned to the park and now look at her looking at her foster with such adoration in her eyes!! Her name is “Señorita”. Please send her purrs of encouragement for her first time at the adoption even this coming Saturday!!

And not a day past by before my kitty sitter Miss Kandi called for help with one of her colony cats, Sweet Pea, that was walking like a tripod! This darling boy has been in Miss Kandi’s care for twelve years!! He gets fed mid-day and Miss Kandi sits with him in her van for about an hour so he can eat and then spend time in her lap getting and giving nose kisses! So Sweet Pea came to my castle over night and then Mom L took him for medical treatment from our county shelter. They were kind to him but nonetheless, Sweet Pea turned “feral” acting and any exam took sedation. Long story short, he is a senior mancat and likely has arthritis.

But check him out as he transitions behavior from being in a trap to being in Miss Kandi’s arms within thirty seconds of leaving that trap at my castle garage!

Out of the trap and out of the shelter!

Sweet Pea wanted to be back outside and that is where he will live out his life. My nonprofit, Delta View Cats, will make sure that Sweet Pea has a heated shelter where he normally sleeps. The resident at that home offered to run an electric cord for power out his window! And Sweet Pea will live out his nine lives loved and cherished by Miss Kandi and Delta View Cats.

I know you think that was enough for one week—but not in the world of community cat TNR and rescue. Remember, this is all happening in just one week!

A couple of our volunteers have been trying to trap a mom cat at their apartment complex for months and months! She has had four litters in three years! They have fostered the kittens from two of those litters. Finally, they trapped her!!! WOO HOO!!! And they also trapped another young female, less than a year old. Mom L and Dad P offered to recover the two girls as they need to be kept for a minimum of four to six nights. The black mom cat was in heat and the gray juvenile girl was pregnant with six kittens!

You can see mom cat outside the apartment complex, and then both of them as they are being transported to their “freedom” called SPAY surgeries, and then recovering in my castle garage.

The mom cat will likely be released in another 5 days, but the gray girl, named in the Nahuatl language as Tozi (Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water) will be going to Miss Yasmin for foster and then on to adoptions. If you are not in a hurry, please view Tozi’s first video the afternoon of her spay surgery. Would you adopt this kitty? Please do tell me in comments ‘cuz we think she is gonna be crazy adoptable!!


POTP for Our Sweet Katie


I thought I outta update my readers on why you haven’t seen many photos or participation from our sweet little Katie. She has been battling some kind’a bacterial infection that has taken over 10 of her 16 claw sheaths. We have been trying to treat this for months now. Her Vet sent in skin scraping for culture testing and she does indeed have a bacterial infection. But— the “why” is eluding our Vet. And Doc K is the best!

4 weeks ago                                                        Now

You can see in the photo from 4+weeks ago, that our cat litter was encrusted on her claw sheath and when Mom L pulled that clump away, it was oozing puss. And it bled a bit too. In the “now” photo (apologies for the blur) you can see that the skin around the claw and sheath are pink and healthy. But, the claw is discolored. Katie has had 3 long acting antibacterial injections over the last couple of months. And she has been on some nasty liquid antibiotic (Orbax) for the last two weeks.

You can see that precious Katie doesn’t much like this yucky stuff. And you can see that she is very depressed and sad. You see, Katie has never become comfortable with being picked up. And she has never sat in a lap. She allows Dad P to pet her every night and she sometimes sleeps between his or Mom L’s legs at night and when Mom L takes an afternoon nap. Katie, if you recall, was rescued by Mom L and Dad P from a horrible hoarding place when she was only 5-6 months old. She had already had kittens; Mom L could see she had been nursing within the last weeks. Mom L also found dead kittens, barely days old, in the closet; likely Katie’s.

All that said, Katie has to be confined in Dad P’s office so he and Mom L can administer her meds and Mom L cleans all of her claws with an antiseptic pad every day. This infection spread to most of her claw sheaths. She is improving but what happens now that the antibiotics are finished?

By confining her to one place, we can test different litter with her to learn if it is the wheat clumping litter we have used for years that has caused this to happen to her. We are now on our third litter trial; silica non-clumping and her claws are looking better. But she still has the meds in her system so we won’t know for sure until the next week or so. Next we will try to learn if this might be a food allergy. So disturbing.

We sure will appreciate all the POTP (Power of the Paw) you send her. She is very depressed, misses her play buddy Eowyn and we know she thinks she is being punished. We all have leaky eyes for our darling little Katie. Our guest bed is in Dad P’s office and he has been sleeping with her the whole time she is confined. That is over two and a half weeks now. Katie does play with Dad P’s footsies under the covers at night, and she comes up to his chest for snuggles and pets and she sleeps with him all night. But when the sun arrives and daylight begins to show itself, Katie retreat to her hiding spots in Dad P’s closet. And she remains in there all day. When anyone enters the room during the day, and Katie is out on the tower or bed or Dad P’s chair, Katie slinks back to her hidey spots. Breaking all our hearts.


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