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Another Kitten Guest Selfie


I am soooooo purrleased that I have another special kitten who volunteered to be my guest for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. My pals from The Cat On My Head are the hosts of this continuously successful and enjoyable blog hop. Please paw the badge below and join the fun!

Sunday Selfies Badge

This sweet, lovable, cuddly tuxie catgirly is available for adoption from Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). You can check out their website and petfinder pages but I betcha she will be outta there like a flash!!

Just check out this little catgirly’s now markings!

Oh Hi! My pleasure to meet you. Do you have treats?

Oh Hi! My pleasure to meet you. Do you have treats?

What? You don't have treats?? Why am I here??

What? You don’t have treats?? Why am I here??

WAIT!! You're gonna do what???

WAIT!! You’re gonna do what???

This little catgirly is gonna have a home that will forever enjoy her sweet little bi-color nose. Just check out her black outside and pink down the middle—pawsome!


Momma Kat poses

Momma Kat still longs for her very own home. She needs patience, kindness and someone who will realize that she is most likely “formerly feral”. She is starting to socialize and has always been easy to pick up, clip her claws etc. Please keep her in your purrs.

Momma Kat’s Hope Chest Is Complete—Now She Needs Her Home


Finally Momma Kat’s Hope Chest is filled! The generosity of fellow bloggers, cat brands and pet product suppliers was overwhelming. Several even made sure to include items for Momma Kat’s five kittens as well.

As you can imagine, Momma Kat’s rescue is dependent on partnerships between my local municipal shelter, Contra Costa Animal Services and bay area transfer partners. Please notice I did not say  “Momma Kat’s rescue was dependent…”. I said “…is dependent…” because she will not be truly “rescued” until she has her own loving permanent guardians to care for her.

I want to ask my readers to consider finding some green papers to help the two primary partners who collaborated to bring about the early stages of her rescue. And if you don’t have any green papers or silver coins to share then please, share these two organizations who are responsible for the fact that Momma Kat is alive and well today.

First, Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) is my county’s shelter. Their field services Officer John responded to the call from the public about finding Momma Kat badly injured in their front yard.  Please consider donating to CCAS’ Animal Benefit Fund to help other animals who without CCAS would never be alive and able to find caring homes.

Next, please think about making a donation to Bright Haven who is a transfer partner with CCAS. Bright Haven stepped up and took on Momma Kat and her five kittens knowing that Momma Kat required serious surgery. You can make a donation here to help other animals just like Momma Kat.

Next up, the contents of Momma Kat’s Hope Chest! Please be sure to visit their websites to learn more about each contributor.

Door Buddy

Mom L learned about Door Buddy at the 2016 Blog Paws Conference. I decided that Momma Kat ought to have one of these just in case her new family has a woofie or small child. And Door Buddy donated not one but two!


Classy Pet Food Bowls

The founder decide to not only provide Momma Kat with a water bowl and a food bowl, but also to provide each kitten with their own food bowl too! And she made sure the girl kittens have pink and the boys have blue!!


Kitty’Scape Basic Kit Cat Tree by Solvit

Mom L asked the President of DH&A, a marketing and public relations company, if any of their cat brand clients might be willing to donate to Momma Kat’s Hope Chest. Next thing I knew I was pawing at the door for Mom L to bring in this heavy package. Thank you to Miss Jo and her clients for their generosity!


Sleepypod mobile pet bed

sleepy-pod Three months’ supply Merrick and Weruva Wet cat food


Lucy Pet Products three months supply of Cat’s Incredible Cat Litter



Honest Pet Products

The founder of this totally awesome dog and cat toy product company sent enough of all four toys so that Momma Kat and all of her five kittens will have one of each!

Donated by Savannah’s Paw Tracks blog Cat Litter Box and scoop

I told Mom L I needed to donate something if I was gonna be asking all those brands and pet product suppliers to contribute.


Smiling Paws Pet cat litter mat



15 and Meowing Cat Blog

First to donate a product was Miss Ellen! She sent a handmade catnip mat;three knitted nip toys; one small handmade nip kicker toy.


Donated by Cathy Keisha from Stunning Keisha cat blog.

My BFGF (best feline gal friend) Cathy Keisha donated her give away win from Sweet Purrfections for items from Petlinks.

A yummy kitty bed


And a way cool cat scratcherpetlinks-scratcher

Pet Food Express


There you have it. Momma Kat’s Hope Chest will allow her new forever family to bring her home and not have to shop for at least a couple of months or so!!

All I can really ask any reader who happens to come by to my blog today for a visit is to once again—SHARE SHARE SHARE Momma Kat #mommakatssearch on every social media network to which you, and your extended family, have access.

Please contact me, Savannah the Cat, at ms dot savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about Momma Kat and fostering her, fostering her to potentially adopt or adopting her. 

Enjoy viewing my collection of Momma Kat photos.

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My Progress Is Showing


I haven’t “officially” reported on my progress in a while. You see I am an adult shelter cat recovering from early kitten hood trauma. Yep, that’s me. I last talked about a bit of my current progress here.

What I didn’t tell you clearly is that I am finally, after almost five years in my forever home, bonding with Dad P! Yep, that’s right. Every morning now, for about the last two months, I look to Dad P, not Mom L, for my morning pet.

For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you know that I have always been afraid of Dad P, and most other men. But times—they are ‘a changin’!

First time ever in five years—this morning, September 27th, I invited Dad P for a play with ME!!

wanna play

It turns out that I kind’a like the same wand toy TKS likes. It is the wand with ONLY the string attached!


I was havin’ a great romp with Dad P and then guess who showed up??

She is here

Once I saw Mom L was just tryin’ to capture “the moment”—I decided what the Mouses! Let’s do it again!

Let's go again

I forgot all about Mom L taking those photos and focused on my “ME TIME” with Dad P.

Savvy satisfied

I hope my readers understand what a HUGE BIG DEAL this is that I am asking Dad P for pets every single morning. I even give him little head butts! And now—I asked Dad P to play with me! This is HUGE progress for me. Thank you all for joining me in my journey to recover from early kittenhood trauma. Progress can be slow to show up, but it does if our guardians are patient and kind and understand we adult shelter rescue cats need both.


PeeEss—don’t forget to enter to WIN a GIVE AWAY on my blog for the #SureFlap action motivated pet feeder bowl HERE

PeeEssEss—if you wanna WIN the SureFlap action motivated bowl then you get a SECOND CHANCE over at my pals Three Chatty Cats! They have the same GIVE AWAY!! Their post is LIVE Wednesday, September 28! HURRY OVER!!

UPDATE ON MOMMA KAT COMING SOON! She is still #mommakatssearch hoping for her forever home. Check out her new photo

Big eyes


We are joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop sponsored by BlogPaws

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