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Getting old ain’t easy


First lemme tell you, my friends, Mom L and I thought this post was gonna be a whole lot different than it is today. I know, I know—I missed my Friday Memes post. But I have a good reason. You see, I was at my regular Vet DVM place, but with a different Doc. This Doc was very good, except—the Doc forgot the “why” I was there and focused on my dismal sad, lethargic state and my whole senior cat history.

Well I can tell you! I cried, Mom L and Dad P cried! The Doc started to talk about…ahem, koff, koff…ya know…that “end of life” chat. That took the whole focus OFF the real health challenge I was brought in for. Mom L noticed that I had been going in and out and in and out of the litter boxes multiple times within one hour over a few days etc.

But the Doc focused on my senior ailments, and decided it was time to have the “talk” with Mom L and Dad P. Thank Ceiling Cat that Mom L and Dad P know me so well. They said “thank you” but we will get back to you. They left, having forgotten the “why” they brought me in the first place.

That night I literally went between two litter boxes THIRTY times!! Mom L knows, ‘cuz she was counting them and watchin’ over me. Thank Ceiling Cat again, Dad P and Mom L took me to a great emergency Vet hospital on Saturday at about 8 AM PDST.

My pals, I so wanted outta there!! We waited for over an hour in that little room. I know, yes…we could hear that there were several even more critical care needs for other woofies before they could get to me. I did try my best to find an escape route!!

Mom L and I were there for like five hours. But I went home with a urine draw done and a pawerful antibiotic for treating my suspected urinary tract infection. Fast forward to today, Sunday, May 29. I am peeing like a champ!!

And enjoying a bit of time with my nip rainbow! This kitteh may be seventeen years old, but she still has some moves left, by golly!!

Now to add to the state of health affairs for Sage and sweet Katie. Sage was at the Vet about ten days before me. She was not eating for like three days, vomiting bile, etc. Mom L suspects the evil IBD. But our Vet gave her some fluids AND cerenia, to calm her gut track that day. And TKS is back to her darling, always willing to eat anything self!!

And lastly, precious Katie has been back again for that horrible fungus that won’t let go of her claw sheaths. More than on Vet has suggested she might need her claw (s) removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SIREEE!!!!!!! That will not happen in her lifetime. Mom L and Dad P will catch her once a week to treat her affected claws, for the remainder of her life!!! KATIE WILL NOT HAVE HER CLAWS REMOVED!!!

So, that’s what’s happening over the last ten days or so in my castle. Let me know how you are all doing. We all know that gettin’ older is tough, but we can still be active kitties, loved by our humans!


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21 thoughts on “Getting old ain’t easy

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Oh! What happened at your vet upset us so much, Savvy. We would have been crying, too. We know Mom L and Dad P love and know you, TKS, and Katie so well, and will always do what is best. XO

  2. All that vet attention would’ve scared me like crazy. But wow – after that first vet (let’s call him/her the Grim Reaper), they all knew the right answers for the 3 of you. Great update. Stay brave, frens.

    Love and licks,

  3. st francis iz on hiz way if him haz knot all reddy getted ther with blessingz for healthee and ree coveree and a road sign that reedz stay heer pleez for each oh
    ewe …anda kick in de azz for vetz who due knot listen

  4. OMC! This is all terrible. Sometimes I think Vets think they know Waymore than those of us who live every day with our sweet little charges. You sure have your hands full right now. Since we are dealing here at the zoo with many seniors, we understand.
    Noel has thickening of her nails and it is really hard to keep them cut. I’m sorry this is all happening to you folks.

  5. Aww, it’s been rough over at your house. We hate vets (and doctors… like a certain one that consulted with a friend of ours) who seem to want to kill off their patients. I mean, WHAT is up with that? I’m so glad you – all three of you, really – have gotten the care you need, with or without vet help.

  6. Bruce&Peg,and Binky boy. on said:

    Geez,way too much done news,hope the kitties get better.I sent some food for Deltaview cats.

  7. Edith Chase on said:

    Sending healing thoughts. I hope everyone is doing better now.

  8. You all make me realize how lucky we are that our crew is relatively healthy! I’m sorry y’all are having such a rough time. At least they are all on the mend (or undergoing chronic treatment).

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    OMG! Poor kitties! Poor Mom L and Dad P! That’s just toooooooo much all at once. We are sooooooooo relieved that everybody is doing better now, but we think Mom and Dad are gonna need some R&R after all this….or maybe a nice visit to the Rusty Porthole??
    In happier news, our little Gigi is doing amazing! She has discovered the Wonders of the Brushies. And she has finally learned (mostly) that she can come and ask for pets or brushies and stick around to get them with no ill-effects, She came and stayed for both THREE times within an hour a couple days ago. Wow! We are all making progress in every way XOXOXO

  10. Claudia on said:

    Awwww, liitle Miss Savvy-davvy! Sorry you had to see those vets twice, ick!!! Those vets sometimes think they know everything, harrumph!! Well, you just show ’em what you got, princess girl!! 🙂 you are the best!!

  11. 15andmeowing on said:

    That vet is awful to have not addressed your pee issue and make you suffer longer and have to go to the ER. I am glad the meds you have are helping. You are all in my prayers. XO

  12. Mary McNeil on said:

    Gosh Savvy ! We are so glad your Mom & Pop insisted that you be treated for what ailed you – not for old age ! And glad that Sage & Katy are doing ok too…with your folks doing whatever they can to keep Katy comfortable !

  13. I hope all the kids are stable now. This is a rough patch.


  14. Glad everyone’s doing better. I remember when one of our previous cats got poisoned by bad cat food. She was about 18 years old. The vet was impressed that we wanted to nurse her back to health rather than euthanize her. It hadn’t crossed my mind. She survived and thrived for another four years.

  15. Dalton,Benji aka Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs on said:

    I am glad your Mom took you to a better vet place so youu could get the best treatment and I am so happy to hear you are feeling much better. Hope that nast nail fungus can be better helped…
    Good thing your Mom sticks up for you all, phew!!

  16. I’m so glad you went to the emergency Vet and got some real help sweetest Savvy. I’m glad the others are doing better too. Hugs and love from us.

  17. Oh we do wish you could find a way to get rid of the nasty fungus. Since we doubt Katie would go for a vinegar soak we haven’t got a clue. We are so glad that you are peeing like a champ and that TKS is back to eating everything.

  18. Carole Schulman on said:

    Mom Linda, I send every sparkle of love and real care to you, the girls’ Dad and to the girls. You are wonderful parents to the girls, and we, your friends are so grateful for that.
    Katie Isabella

  19. learnwithdash on said:

    Oh heck that bloody vet Jeeeez * growls * Savvy I am so glad you are sorted and the others are recovering.

    I could thump that……

    * takes a breath * OK love to you all and may you all be OK for many a day.


  20. I can understand that your mom does not want the claw removed! The procedure is forbidden here – but for very good medical reasons (like cancer or some other illness that is not curable and very harmful). Declawing just to avoid scratches is not allowed here!
    The problem is, that while that wound heals, the paw is hurting – and might affect litter box usage. Not ideal at all. So if your mom thinks that Katie is better off with the treatment and the fungus the vet should trust her. As long as that fungus doesn’t spread, all is well.
    Good luck for all of you, may you have many more years, Savannah – it is not unheard of for cats to live well into their early twenties! (Already seventeen? I am very impressed!)

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