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Katie is in the house!!!


It’ s true, it’s true, it’s really, really true!!!! Katie is back with all of us in my castle. She is free after one month isolation to medicate her poor infected claw sheaths and to give her oral antibiotics. Her claw sheaths are looking very healthy so far with the new non-clumping silica litter. Paws crossed this is the answer!!

Here is Katie’s release day. Hope you enjoy seeing her walk free as much as we all did. She started by leaving Dad P’s loving hands, then cautiously crept out of her holding cell isolation suite; headed into the hall and freedom.

She stopped once to look back at Mom L and Dad P and then she was joined quickly by her playmate, Eowyn. Eowyn had to sniff her tail to make sure she was really seeing her pal Katie at last! Katie hesitated a moment on the first step and glanced back once more.

Then she and Eowyn exchanged their first nose touch and all was well between the two playmates!

Katie later joined us all downstairs to help snoopervise a DIY project Dad P had going on. She made sure his new wood dirty close hamper was put together to perfection!

Please keep Katie in your thoughts in hopes that her claw sheaths remain healthy!


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