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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back with some fun memes from a very special bunch of rescue kitties living in Ernesto Sanctuary in Syria. If you have not visited this wonderful place, I hope you will do so now. It is an incredible group of volunteers, including medical staff, who have come together to help mostly the cats who have been sadly left behind when their owners had to flee the horrors of the war that is ongoing in Syria. The website has a “donate” button and I encourage you all to consider even a small donation to help these awesome volunteers keep these cats and the other animals they have rescued both fed and in good health.

That kitty clearly is enjoying his daily meal of raw chik-hen!

Mr. Tabby looks like he is still relishing the taste of his meal!

Isn’t he a handsome devil!!

Please consider donating to this amazing sanctuary in war torn Syria.


#RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight


I have been posting my #RememberMeThursday post for seven years. This event was created ten years ago by the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Remember Me Thursday® aims to unite individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.




“Over a million beautiful, adoptable pets will lose their lives in 2022,” states Mike Arms, President and CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center. “We all come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but together, we can raise our voices and share one life-saving message and literally save millions of pets on this one day.”

Please remember, as my blog subtitle says—”I am a former shelter cat making a difference”. I was abandoned at a high kill shelter and almost euthanized before a foster came to take me to her home where I would be safe until a private nonprofit had a space for me. And they did and over one year later, after no one wanted me, along came Dad P and Mom L and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, not only are there millions of shelter cats like I once was, there are many millions more abandoned community cats, friendly, hiding in shadows, under trailers, in shrubs—all hoping they can find just one good meal on any given day. These cats were once able to be trapped and taken to public shelters where they had opportunities to fine forever homes.

But thanks to one Dr. Kate Hurley, DVM, Director of the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program, most publicly funded shelters across the USA are turning to adopt her “Community Sheltering for Abandoned Community Cats”. Ms Hurley has successfully promoted and sold her approach to leaving all abandoned community cats exactly where they are. They do not belong in a public shelter where they might get an upper respiratory infection, like most dogs get kennel cough. But intaking dogs is highly promoted while leaving community cats out in the cold, extreme heat and rain to fend for themselves. Ms. Hurley says this is where they belong. Oh yeah, she says “be sure to spay and neuter them and then dump them back where you found them”. Great idea!!! And just where are all the small nonprofits supposed to find low cost, high volume spay and neuter surgery openings for the thousands of abandoned community cats that the public sheltering system has left up to them to manage???

Our local county shelter is following this UC Davis/Kate Hurley approach to leaving even the friendliest of abandoned community cats and kittens just where they were left. And they have cut back on the number of spay, neuter surgeries they once had for cat rescues to get their community cats fixed. They did not invest in creating a high volume, low cost surgery center that all county residents have access to.

Nope, our publicly funded county shelter wrote a grant proposal to Petco Love to fund a $200,000 dollar investment in hiring dog behaviorists!! Tough luck for the cats.

Please on this #RememberMeThursday, consider adopting a rescue cat from a nonprofit. Do not leave these abandoned community cats, pulled from unimaginable harsh lives on the streets and in the woods, to waste away in foster care, never knowing a permanent home. And even better, consider becoming a foster for a small nonprofit, like our Delta View Cats, that is struggling to bring these friendly adults and kittens into homes for socialization to lead to adoption.

All the kitties and kittens in you see around me in my #SeeTheLight graphic, are friendly adults and lovely kittens, just purring to find a warm and compassionate foster, then an adopter, to give them a permanent home.

I invite all of you to visit the Virtual Candle Lighting page to light your own personal candle in remembrance of all your beloved rescue pets.

Thank you for reading my special Thursday blog post celebrating #RememberMeThursday.


Monday Meowsie News


My Meowsie News is all about the kindness and generosity of humans who truly care about helping deliver humane management and care to our abandoned community cats. This is about Cookie.

My our Delta View Cats nonprofit may be small, but we can sure pull off some darn good fundraising to help an adult abandoned community cat get his mouth back so’s he can eat without crying!!!

Mom L received a call from a lady we have helped before, Miss Melissa. She has been feeding an adult cat she named Cookie for a few years and saw that he was drooling a lot and could not eat the food. We loaned her a trap and then transported Cookie to our county’s  animal services medical team. They assessed Cookie and learned he needed excessive dental care which they do not provide.

Oh my!!! My Our little nonprofit doesn’t have a very well funded emergency medical fund. But we were determined to make sure that Cookie got his chompers back to being comfy!!!

We posted on our Facebook page all about Cookie. And within couple of days we raised enough funds ($2,000 USD) to pay for Cookie’s Chompers!!! Please, if you follow my blog, please, please follow my our nonprofit’s Facebook page! We have such generous and loyal followers and we really need about a kabillion more followers!!

Cookie is doing very well being inside and loved. In fact, Cookie has decided that he may just really like being an inside kitty forever!! Who knew!! This darling boy has been head butting his caretaker, Miss Melissa and even her three year old son. Cookie is finally able to show off his REAL SELF!!!

That’s my Monday Meowsie News. Hope you loved it!!


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