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#RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight


I know my post is late but here it is! I don’t like to miss posting for the #RememberMeThursday adoption event. You see, if humans had not been made aware of how desperate those of us ending up in municipal shelters can be to find real homes, I would have been euthanized in 2010. Yes, I was literally pulled off the “euth cart” by a life saving human Miss Tammy, just as they were ready to take me to the unmentionable room.

I am such a fortunate kitty! Miss Tammy fostered me until there was space for me to be placed in a non profit free roam kitty shelter called Kitty Corner. Oh, the public shelter did try to get me adopted; they placed me in Petsmart cages for about three months. But I was terrified and “did not show well”. Hah!! Who would??!!!

And then I languished for over a year at Kitty Corner. Again no one wanted me because I always hid. But the purrfect human came along, my Dad P, and took his time to get to know me even with my butt facing him from inside my hidey place!! MOL!!!

Please do not ever give up on the shy kitties you find in shelters. We will become your most loving companion if you just give us a chance.


I am joining the #RememberMeThursday Blog Hop at Lola the Rescue Cat

I Am Back #RememberMeThursday


Hey my readers!! I can’t say for sure that I am back on my regular schedule for Mondays and  Fridays, but can say I am back TODAY!!

This is  a very special blog post to honor all those animals who have been left behind in shelters across the USA. Left with no loving family and no permanent home, many left to be killed alone in those same shelters.

Today, we all remember those left behind. #RememberMeThursday.

Let me tell you why this day is especially important to me as I try to bring my blog back to my readers. Before Mom L left for her long dreamed of trip to go on an African safari, she and Dad P became overwhelmed by an unsuspected cat hoarding rescue. And they were the humans who took responsibility for managing that rescue. It lasted for at least eight weeks and then has continued because we are fostering two kittens who are the product of that situation.

Katie, found in a dark environment, terrified of humans and running for her life, was caught with a towel! She would not enter a trap in the residence. She was spayed, determined to be about six months old and found to have been recently lactating. Mom L found several deceased new born kittens in a closet, likely several were Katie’s.

Katie has been too scared to stand upright until only recently and then only part of the time. She also appear to have a permanent limp on her right front leg. No telling why.

And then another Mom cat had her kittens outside and Mom L and a pal were able to save three. We now have one of them, Lillian, who was brought in to try to help Katie become more outgoing. Lilly has helped lots.

But then she is a kitten who knew human love from the time she had her eyes open. Not so Katie.

My point is that Katie could easily have been “that” cat that never made it out alive. “That” cat for whom we write these blog posts on Remember Me Thursday. But, thanks to lots of caring cat rescue groups and some wonderful individuals, Katie’s story will not be a sad one.

She and Lilly are here in my castle, being lovingly cared for by Mom L and Dad P. They are bonded, but both can easily be adopted separately. But how can you deny their devotion to one another?

Only time will tell what Katie’s future will be. Lilly will be adopted fast. But Katie, she will need that very special human or human family to be willing to give her time and space to reveal her REAL SELF. Katie’s rescue story is yet to be written. Will you help her write it?

So I thought my readers might just enjoy seeing a couple of recent photos of me and The Kid Sage ( TKS). I know by now you may have forgotten what we look like.

Luvluvluv having Mom L home

And just before Mom L took off for her childhood dream safari…

Ok. I will wait for you, but don’t be gone too long!

Of course TKS had to use a box to make her message clear…don’t be gone long Dad P.

Do I have to ship myself to Africa?

And she has been thrilled to have him back.


Thanks lots for all who stop by to say “HIYA!!”


A photo to Celebrate #RememberMeThursday


I have just one “meme” for you today. And I offer it to again to celebrate and reaffirm the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s #RememberTheRescue day for Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Mom L and Dad P spent #RememberMeThursday helping some of our new neighbors getting a young Mom cat and her three, four month old, kittens, off to be spayed, neutered and vaccinated, etc. And, this also include one of my most favorite tortie adult cats in need of her forever home.

You see, Katie, the adult tortie, was likely left to fend for herself when her first “family” moved and left her all alone. Our new neighbors soon took her in to feed and take care of her as best they could for over two years. Thankfully, she was already spayed!

Long story, coming on my Monday Meowsie News Blog Post, is that Katie had likely never been to a vet, nor had any vaccinations and she desperately needed them all in order to get her on an adoption path.

So when Mom L delivered some extra cat carriers to our neighbors to help them collect the mom cat and her three kittens, it was a surprise to find that sweet Katie was the first to occupy one of the carriers!! Oh my goodness, was she ever so surprised about where that carrier would take her!!

Wait! That needle is gonna get stuck in where??!!

Precious Katie was not happy about “where” that carrier ended up taking her. But good to know, she is now vaccinated, flea treated, wormed and micro-chipped AND she is negative on the snap FeLv test!! Miss Katie will be up for adoption immediately. She is a total purr lady cat, and wanting her own home preferable without other cats. Yes, Miss Katie is a bit of a Princess!!

I know this is not one of my “regular” fun and funny animal memes, but seriously, isn’t Katie just too cute??!!  If you are anyone you know might be willing to create a space in your home and heart for Katie, please let me know in comments.


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