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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back with some fun memes from a very special bunch of rescue kitties living in Ernesto Sanctuary in Syria. If you have not visited this wonderful place, I hope you will do so now. It is an incredible group of volunteers, including medical staff, who have come together to help mostly the cats who have been sadly left behind when their owners had to flee the horrors of the war that is ongoing in Syria. The website has a “donate” button and I encourage you all to consider even a small donation to help these awesome volunteers keep these cats and the other animals they have rescued both fed and in good health.

That kitty clearly is enjoying his daily meal of raw chik-hen!

Mr. Tabby looks like he is still relishing the taste of his meal!

Isn’t he a handsome devil!!

Please consider donating to this amazing sanctuary in war torn Syria.


Kittens in a Window


Kittens in a window at the holiday time are sure to draw a crowd. And that was totally true when Mom and Dad visited The City on the Bay the last week of November.

San Francisco’s downtown Macy’s store has a holiday tradition of giving a few windows over to the San Francisco SPCA. Their windows in the front of the store are impressive.

Macy's San Francisco

But the windows in the side and back are set up to house available kittens and puppies. They only display the youngsters because they are not distracted one bit by all the commotion and traffic outside their little window world. Adult cats and woofies could not tolerate this as you can all understand.

For your delight I asked Mom to share the kittens she and Dad visited on their short get away. Please forgive some of the window glare, Mom doesn’t have a proper camera so ya get what she gets. Na’mean??

Mine! No! Mine!!

Mine! No! Mine!!

And the little orange tabby boy was confused to say the least. He kept on looking up above his enclosure wondering what fabulous thrills awaited his discovery!!

Holy Ceiling Cat! This is way fun back here!

Holy Ceiling Cat! This is way fun back here!

No so fast young man!

Ohhhh—wonder if I can get up there?

Ohhhh—wonder if I can get up there?

You are gonna have to take your turn.

What do ya mean "wait"?

What do ya mean “wait”?

And then he called on the big guns—I’m still waiting to learn if Santa Paws answered his request.

Whoa!! Thanks Santa Paws for my new home!!

Whoa!! Thanks Santa Paws for my new home!!

Of course Mom cannot turn away from a kitty with gray furs like mine.

Mom Linda, where do you want me to look?

Mom Linda, where do you want me to look?

Mom finally got through to her.

Oh! You want me to look over here!

Oh! You want me to look over here!

I am sure these kittens in the window put a little smile on your face on a Monday. Rest assured that they have all been adopted. Who can turn down such a deal at a Macy’s, right?


Remember Momma Kat. She still waits. Thank you for your purrs and POTP. I have no new photos to share, so sorry.

Momma and her "mini me" months ago

Momma and her “mini me” months ago

An Update to Tigger’s Search: Adult Cat Needs A Home

( click photos to bigify and hover over photo to read full captions)

SPT sidebar 02


(this is a very long post…just a warning if you are in a hurry)

I have something serious to share

I have something serious to share

I am back again with important news that really puts our sweet mancat Tigger, an adult cat,  between that rock and hard spot we hear the humans talk about every now and then.

You see, we thought Tigger would be able to move back to Kitty Corner by the end of this month when his foster Miss Tammy is leaving on a several day holiday.  We were excited because we hoped this would put Tiggy in front of some of the walk in traffic who come looking to adopt adult cats like him.

And then last Tuesday…a fire in an office above Kitty Corner, and Contra Costa Humane Society’s offices…changed everything.  At 1 AM the Adoption Manager and Executive Director were called by the fire department to immediately evacuate all cats (and one rabbit).  Both of the staff members live about 25 minutes away…but by the time they arrived they found the doors wide open and the fire men blowing smoke clearing ozone through their whole space.

KC Fire 01

The staff froze afraid all the cats had escaped outside…but the very responsible and caring firemen had grabbed all the cats they could find and placed them in small offices with doors but no exterior exits nor windows…so the cats could not escape.  WHEW!!!

The property manager was there and quickly let the staff move all the cats to another building just about 200 feet (60.96 meters) down the street.  The space is large and empty…so the two staff drug several cat towers and beds so the cats could hide and be comfy…and food, water, litter boxes….they worked until 5 AM getting the cats settled.


Mom L went over as soon as Miss Chrissy, the adoption manager arrived next morning about 10:30 AM.  Mom L helped do some things and took photos of the cats and their temp home.

I know it looks like there are not cats…but they are all in that one large room and the smaller one…just too tired and terrified to move…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CCHS had no smoke, fire damage…just the toxic smell of the fire and smoke which will keep them out of their offices and the cats out of their space for at least a week if not more.

This puts Tigger in a possible dilemma…he likely will not be able to move into a private suite at Kitty Corner by the end of the month.  And as of today…not one…not even one single call has come in to inquire about Tigger.

I am going to ask once again…Will you help me network Tigger even more than we all did when I first asked on August 14th…one WHOLE MONTH ago.  He needs a home to call his own. Miss Tammy must keep him in a bathroom during the day as she works…and she always lets him out into a hall and a larger room as soon as she gets home.  But he needs to have more space and a home he can claim as his.

On September 5th, I posted my first update…click HERE if you missed the last update and click HERE for Tigger’s full story.

Here are some of the photos you have already seen of precious, loving and playful Tigger…

Tigger early photo collage

I have helped Mom L create a flyer that can be downloaded safely and securely.  My pal Brian, over at Brian’s Home, lets me borrow some of his server space to house rescue flyers and what not.  You can click HERE to be transported to the flyer.

 I am asking, maybe even pleading, for help finding Tiggy his home. Please, if you, or someone you know, lives anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California or even in Southern Oregon…PLEASE download the flyer and post it in Veterinarian Offices, Pet Supply Stores, at an public place that will allow you to post his flyer.
We will provide transportation for Tigger anywhere in California and Oregon if CCHS approves the adoption application.  And as many of you know….Tigger has developed a special passion for a very large box at Miss Tammy’s house…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Because Tiggy (he is known as Tiggy and Tigs to his furriends) loves that box so much…Mom L made him a brand new one…and it will be his to take to his new home…he will also come with one month’s supply of soft food and kibble and a new medium cat tower/scratcher.  He has had an expensive and much needed dental already…so his new family will not have to bear that expense again for a long time hopefully.  He is vaccinated, micro-chipped and all set to go!  Box and all…

 Tiggers very own box
 Please, help me Paw It Forward with Tigger…he could be snuggled up with you or someone you know in a heart beat.  I truly appreciate anything any of you can do to help him.
Paw Pats, Savannah
Head Bonks, The Kid Sage

peeEss…on Thursday I will have a very happy tail account about Cash, the husky, and his rescue

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