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A Favorite Sun Puddle Time of Year


No matter if you are a woofie or kitty, I bet’cha you are much like me—meaning that you have your very own favorite sun puddle during particular times of the year.

My favorite sun puddle in May to early June is in our master bedroom. We have an unusable balcony with a sliding glass door which is covered with what Mom L refers to as “those ugly vertical blinds”. Now TKS and I have no idea why she  doesn’t like the blinds because we both enjoy inserting our bodies in among those very same blinds in search of a special sun puddle this time of year.

Actually Mom L may be referring to the fact that “said blinds” do tend to fall off their track when we kitties push among them to find this special seasonal sun puddle. But I say “ppfffft!” It’s a sun puddle! Who cares about getting to it.

But I have digressed. ‘Scuse me. Let me move along. So this morning Mom L saw me getting ready to settle into this special seasonal sun puddle and she decided to make my morning pleasure into a photo shoot! Yep, she did that very thing.

*sigh* “Such a nice morning”

I realized quickly that I was being spied on by the Momarazzie and let her know I knew.

“got’cha Mom L! I see you and that smartie pants phone”

But then I saw a shadow and knew some bird was offering itself up for some bird TV viewing so I had to take my attention away from Mom L for a second.

“Hey birdie! Come back around one more time!”

Trust me! I did not forget that Mom L was usurping my morning leisure time in a favorite seasonal sun puddle for her “Savannah Photo Shoot”!!

“OK!! Alright already! I see you snapping away on that smartie pants phone!”

I did get in the last harrummppff at Mom L when I started to give her my *back of disdain*. Not sure that made a difference but it sure did make me feel in charge!

“Mom L? This is it, I am done. Now scoot away and mind your own business!

Do your humans ever invade you when you are enjoying a favorite seasonal sun puddle??? How do you get them to move along and leave you alone?? Give me a yeowl out or woof out in comments.



Super Cat


Now you are gonna want to know just “who” is this Super Cat, right? Well guess! Come on, take a wild guess—and tell me if this Super Cat has a cape that can fly!

Ok, ok…here’s a hint. I’ll show you a part of Super Cat’s body as he/she rests under the flying cape.

Who is Super Cat? Under the cape of invisibility

WHAT???? You say not enough of that body part to even lodge a guess as to who is Super Cat? Alright, one more photo of more of that body part.

Can you see the tell tail stripes? (*hint* Tabby Cat Club Member)

Harruummmppfff! Super Cat cannot just hang out under the invisibility cape and wait for readers to determine the true identity of that feline body part.

SWOOOOSH! And off Super Cat flies!!! Wearing the invisibility cape which helps Super Cat fly!

Super Cat flies with the invisibility cape to lift paws off the ground!

Sadly, Super Cat must quickly shirk off the invisibility flying cape.

Get off my tail you cape!!

And yes, you are right. Super Cat is indeed TKS. As you can tell by all her body markings and her tail…TKS is the mysterious Super Cat.

Ceiling Cat knows I would never ever go running around with some stoopid piece of tissue paper over me and think it was a flying invisibility cape, right? Come’on guys! You all know me too well. Remember, I am the adult shelter rescue cat who “doesn’t play”!

Now I confess—I do luvluvluv to fly around Mom L’s and my office wearing whatever Super Cat Tissue cape is available. Just one more sign of my continuing progress.

I, Savannah the Cat, am continuing to gain confidence, self respect and enjoy being loved.


Back Again! Get Your Squee for the Day


My readers had such a fun time making up captions for my last “Get Your Squee Going” . I am again asking you to select one or more of three kitties and create captions for there photos.  These are kitties who were patients at the Cat Kitchen Clinic for Community Concern 4 Cats. Mom L volunteers to help with the clinic set up, record keeping and prepping the syringes for blood draw to do a SNAP test for FeLV.

One kitty has four photos, the other two only have one photo each but their looks certainly speak a whole bunch of words! I bet’cha you guys can come up with some really great captions. I will be sharing the captions on my Monday blog post, February 13.

Remember, your task is to set a caption to each photo that tells what you think the cat was thinkin’ when he/she was at the clinic.

Brown Tabby Adult Male

Photo One

DId I hear you say somethin' about my ears?

Photo Two

Hey, you're twistin' my neck!

Photo Three

Don't make me smacky paw you!

Photo Four

Arrgghh! Stop that nonsense. Remember my paw!

Tabby with White Kitten

Photo Five


You're choking me!!

Photo Six

Look into my blue eyes and melt away

Come on, tell me what you think these kitties are thinking in each photo. The brown male tabby has a series so you can make up a really great story for what he was thinking about his clinic visit.

Be sure to tell me in comments what photo number each of your captions goes to. Thanks for joining in the “caption game” here on Savannah’s Paw Tracks!


Momma Kat

Momma Kat


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