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How do you use your television?


The question for my Monday post is all about sharing how we all interact with our human’s televisions. Of course I am assuming you 1) live with a human who has a TV and 2) that you care one whiff about said TV!

Starting with TKS.

I can see everything in the living room from here! Sweet!

Of course it never crosses TKS’ mind that NO ONE who is attempting to watch that TV can see through her! This is a new sitting post for TKS and it is driving Mom L mad!! Too funny!!! MOL!

I am NOT a copy cat!! I like it up here!

And there you have it. Katie aka KK has decided to try out TKS’ approach for surveying the room from wherever the humans place their TV.  However, KK chose to take the TV perch on in our bedroom.


As for me, I choose to take my TV time in stride. And nap. What in Ceiling Cat’s name does a human TV have to offer us cats!!

Pretty cute, aren’t they?

And I now that Mom L just luvluvluv’s to see my little pink toe pads when I snooze next to her on our couch while she watches her sill human TV.

So come on my pals, share with me how you use your humans’ television??


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11 thoughts on “How do you use your television?

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Well, luckily, our TV does not have a ledge in front of it for Ava to sit upon. I’m pretty sure that’s where she’d be. 🙂

    Gracie is definitely in the same camp as Savvy.

  2. The Island Cats on said:

    The mom never lets us get that close to the TV.

  3. Edie Chase on said:

    My cat Jake doesn’t watch t.v., but he’s decided that sitting in front of the t.v. just like TKS is fun. He’s black too, they could be twins.

  4. S & S & K

    de tee and vee round trout towne iz used ta collectz dustz coz itz knot hooked up !!!
    🙂 ♥♥

  5. My only screen is my laptop’s – apart from the phone, that is. And that gets a very mixed response from Kessy. Sometimes she even wants to scratch it, when I have a squirrel video on it – at others it could not interest her less …

  6. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    The new kids, Korey and Maeve, they like to go behind the tv to hide and under the tv is a great place to prepare to pounce but no one likes the newer televisions like our past cat, Fridge, loved the big, old, in its own cabinet, TVs. Those were the best kitty beds ever!

  7. I walk along the front of the screen exactly when the best part is n, stop in middle of screen and groom myself….good times…

  8. My human mostly uses the TV for her workout videos, so it is not that interesting for us.

  9. we like to be in da middle, so the staff can see snippets LOL

  10. Trixie loves to drape herself over the digital converter box, because it’s nice and warm. The rest of Us don’t care about the TV, one way or the other.
    Savvy, your toesies are stunning!

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