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Will You Help Me Network for Tigger?: Thursday Purrsday


I am back again talking about my pal Tigger.

Will I like my next place?

Will I like my next place?

Tigger’s question in the caption on the above photo says it all for him…

Since being owner surrendered to the county kill shelter on June 29th…as of this week, August 13…Tigger is in his SIXTH foster situation…through NO FAULT of his own.

What? I have to go away again?

What? I have to go away again?

His situation is getting more and more frustrating for him and I am worried that he can easily fall into depression. What a guy Tigger is.  Just read the description Mom L wrote to help Contra Costa Humane Society learn more about him:

Tigger has never met a human lap he did not like. He is outgoing, greets strangers with aplomb and grace. He is a great feline host and makes sure he plays with anyone who will give him some time. Even at 10 years old he plays like a kitten. He enjoys being in the same room as a human; he also enjoys sleeping peacefully in bed, snuggled next to a warm human. He is easy to pick up, hug, cuddle and has absolutely no problem getting his claws trimmed by anyone. Peter held him easily and I clipped away. What a trooper!  He prefers kibble but will eat soft food especially if it is the shredded type. enjoys having his treats. He is outgoing, curious and very handsome.

Doesn’t that just make you want to grab him up and give him smoochies???  Which, of course, he would LOVE!!

Sadly, he is also a ten year old male cat who likely has never been around any other cat…thus he is fearful of other cats…and requires being in a foster with him as the only cat OR in a rescue shelter where he can be isolated from other cats, yet have ample interaction with the humans he so adores and loves.

Some of you may be new to Tigger’s story…click HERE for my first post about him, and HERE for my last post about him…little did I know in that last post how desperate his situation was to become.

Just to catch you up on Tigger’s life over the last six weeks…and likely the life of so many other adult rescue cats all over…but this is Tigger’s Story right now…

  • (Move One) June 29th…owner surrendered to county kill shelter: “owner cannot take cat to new rental”
  • July 2, his  review date to determine if he will live…set for July 8…his review date is then moved to July 12
  • (Move Two) July 6 Contra Costa Humane Society (CCHS…owns and operates my former shelter Kitty Corner) agrees to pull him under their umbrella…the  county shelter then moved Tigger into their cageless cat viewing room…Tigger is observed exhibiting stalking behavior after other cats…he is returned to his cage and CCHS is informed that he is not suitable for their free roam cageless shelter at Kitty Corner.
  • (Move Three) July 10 Mom L finds a temporary foster for two weeks and Tigger is moved from the kill shelter to his temp foster home.
  • (Move Four) July 26 Tigger must leave the temp foster home and Miss Tammy (a fellow volunteer with Mom and Dad), who saved his life by pulling him from the kill shelter for CCHS takes him to foster until another foster can be found
  • (Move Five) August 6 Tigger is placed, by CCHS, along with another male adult cat in a hopefully longer term foster home. However, the worry is that we learn that the other cat also is afraid of other cats as is Tigger.  This foster home apparently does not have much experience  with introducing cats with fear of other cats and so allows Tigger to immediately be in the presence of his new “roomie”.
  • July 10 the new foster reports that “Tigger” is spraying and he must leave.  Later the foster indicates they do not know for sure which cat is spraying and so determines BOTH must be returned to Kitty Corner.  There is space for the other cat there as he has been there before… not interacting well  with the other cats…but there is no space for Tigger
  • (Move Six) August 11 thankfully for Tigger, Miss Tammy agrees to take him back to foster until we can find other longer term arrangements for him.

This is my plea to anyone who stops by today to read my blog. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…if you have the time…SHARE Tigger’s need for a new home.  He does need to be an only cat but he will bring any human the utmost joy, love and pleasure.  Here is his post on the website for CCHS and all the information for how to adopt him.

I asked Mom L and Dad P and they agreed…we will provide transport for Tigger to anywhere in the states of California and Oregon to an appropriate adoptive home.  We will also make sure he has a “Tigger Hope Chest”…this chest will go with him to his new home…

  • One month of cat food
  • New cat bed
  • New cat scratch post
  • New medium cat tower
  • New cat toys including tunnel, nip mat, etc.
 And Tigger will arrive at his new home with his toofies all nice and healthy as we will be paying for his dental as he does have some gingivitis and needs a couple of extractions.
How can ANYONE pass up this handsome hot, hot, hot MANCAT???!!! (HOVER OVER PHOTOS TO READ CAPTIONS)

If you are willing to join me in this Paw It Forward Project, please feel free to take any of the following graphics to use on a blog post you will write for Tigger, or to insert into a Tweet or hopefully many Tweets or even use in a Face Book post.


paw it forward badge for blog post

…Side Bar…

paw it forward badge side bar for post

…Tweet, etc…

paw it forward badge side bar

You are so kind to have read this whole post…again I am humbled to have such pawsome anipal friends…and so is Tigger.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Miss Tammy is my hero because she is the human who pulled me from the needle of death at the kill shelter 2011…she is also the human who found Cuzin Leo’s Dad Dave so Cuzin Leo would have his very own furrever castle…Miss Tammy is every animals’ true hero and champion…Tigger has  her in his court for sure…na’mean???

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67 thoughts on “Will You Help Me Network for Tigger?: Thursday Purrsday

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  3. Oh dear – poor Tigger. This makes us sad. M will help with tweets too.

  4. Katie Isabella on said:

    I have Tweeted it again with a request for a re-tweet and I am about to put it in my sidebar. Savvy, you rock!

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  6. Poor Tigger – he looks such a sweetheart.
    I will try and help spread the news about Tigger too.
    We LOVE golden oldies so we’ll try our best to help him out
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop and we look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you even better, *waves paw* :=o

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  8. I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. I hope it helps. He sure can use a break.

  9. I would take him in a heart beat if I could. My dogs would love him but so would I. He looks so like my Gizmo who lived to be almost 20! These Cats live to be at least 16 to 22 years of age. It is in their genes. Picking up and living in Florida is another story. I hope he would make it here because I would take care of him and would not even want his food. I still have all my cats stuff and beds he could sleep and do what ever he wants. He would show the dogs who is KING CAT Tigger!

    • thank you so much for your lovely sentiments. We doubt that Tigger will do well with dogs, and FL is too far away to transport him. Please if you can, share his need on your FB or send his image in email to friends and family who may just know someone who knows someone who lived in CA

  10. Reblogged it Miss Savannah!

  11. Reblogged this on MusingsbyMartyManx and commented:
    Please help find Tigger a furrever home! He deserves it!!!!

  12. Shared! Crossing our fingers Tigger finds a home!

  13. I’ll definitely share, hope he finds a great home soon

  14. Shared on FB and Twitter. Hope he finds his furever home ASAP!! xo

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  16. foguth on said:

    I googled” Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner” and determined that Tigger was located due East from San Francisco, CA, so will notify my West Coast friends. Best of luck!

  17. Reblogged this on Jeanne Owens, author and commented:
    This sweet kitty just wants to find his forever home. Will you please help him find it?

  18. I’m purrin’ and purrin’ and PURRIN’ that Tigger finds his forever home, soon. And of course, I’m sharin’, too.


  19. Reblogged on katzenworld and shared on social media ❤

  20. Reblogged this on Katzenworld and commented:
    This poor cat is looking for his forever home! Contact Savannah for more details.

    Please share this with your friends 🙂

  21. Poor boy. So much moving around must be so confusing for him. I hope someone can give him a home of his own.

  22. Awwww M is wishing we could take him. But, hmmm, probably not work as I live here too. Oh how we hope he finds a good forever home soon. What a sweet kitty.

  23. We will definitely share Tigger!

  24. I have two – and I do not live in North America, let alone somewhere near North California … But the sweet boy really, really needs a furever home.

  25. We shared and will keep sharing.

  26. I shared it on FB. Good luck to Tigger!

  27. best best fishes two ewe dood…we too lee hope yur in yur FOR EVER; for evers home by monthz end….N high paws ta yur mom & dad S & S for helpin out like thiz ♥

  28. Crossing my paws and sharing. I hope he gets a home of his own soon.

  29. Of course I will help with Tigger! I sent you a DM on twitter. I would like to find out exactly where he is located, so I can share that as well.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  30. Reblogged this on and commented… That little Fuzz Face… breaks my heart! He needs to find a home that is his forever. I am sharing his story with the hope that someBODY will give him a home that is his forever, where he is loved and respected.

  31. Reblogged this on Under the Oaks and commented:
    That little Fuzz Face… breaks my heart! He needs to find a home that is his forever. I am sharing his story with the hope that someBODY will give him a home that is his forever, where he is loved and respected.

  32. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    We are spreading the word about Tigger
    Lily & Edward

  33. smseattle on said:

    Miss Savannah, I just now shared this on Facebook. Thank you for telling us about Tigger! I am looking forward to an update with good news!

  34. I hope Miss Tammy can work her magic and find a castle for Tigger. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a cat lover who doesn’t already have 2 or 3 of them. I’ll start sharing them though I prolly have the same followers as everybody else here. Love how you paw it forward. BTW, did you see that a little boy I blogged about a few years ago died in the shelter without ever knowing a home? Very sad.

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  36. we will get right on it

  37. We are so sorry Tigger is afraid of other cats, we know this makes it doubly hard to find a foster or home for him. We will share and our paws are crossed he finds his purrfect home soon. ~Scylla & Family

  38. kittiesblue on said:

    If Tigger could socialize with other kitties, Mom would be on the first plane to California. Look at that face…Tigger looks like a kitten, and ten is still young! We have added his badge to our side bar and will be purring and praying for him. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  39. Sharing for you sweetie!

  40. Oh miss Savvy. I so wish I could take him in. What a gorgeous kitty. Don’t know if Jay would be happy about it but I am sure little miss Satchie would. Unfortunately, I am far, far away in cold Canada and truth be told, out tiny place is not good for three kitties. Still, I wish I could…

  41. Katie Isabella on said:

    This breaks my heart in two. I have Tweeted it and I will again with the plea to re-tweet. Bless his precious heart.

  42. he is so handsome and he looks a lot like my Tiger who is so sweet, loves to cuddle and my nap buddy.. Oh sweetheart, i hope you’ll find your forever home cause i know that a lot of moving means a lot of adjustments and it may put a lot of stress in you.. hang in there buddy, you will find a home.

  43. Reblogged this on Easy Blog and commented:
    Do you have some room in your crib and in your heart? Please help Tigger…

  44. I hope together we can help this wonderful guy. I will share it and I will reblog this post. Good Luck dear Tigger, may the power of the paw bring you a new home.

  45. I only wish I lived in your country. What a sad, sad tale. I hope that he finds a wonderful new home soon.

  46. Mum and I are tearing up for Tigger. We will share on Facebook and twitter and pray some loving person who doesn’t already have a kitty will step up to the plate! xox

  47. Reblogged this on onespoiledcat and commented:
    Tigger’s story touches us…..this older ginger boy has had it really tough and deserves some peace AND love……if you know anyone who might have room in their home and heart for him – he even has transport and a “hope chest” ! Thanks for reading….the more we share the more chance Tigger has to live out his years in “happy” !!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  48. Paw little guy!! It’s great he has you guys in his corner!!

  49. Poor handsome Tigger…..of course we have a soft spot in our hearts for gingers AND for seniors. We also understand the need for Tigger to be an “only” – Sam too is fearful of other animals and some cats are just like that…..Tigger will thrive on his own getting the attention he deserves. Poor guy – love those nose freckles! We are reblogging and sharing……..hope something happens for him ASAP.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  50. We’ve shared on twitter and FB – good luck gorgeous fellow!

  51. Aw man, Tigger has really had a lot of hard knocks! I’ll make sure to Tweet about him and see where else I can spread the word.

  52. Reblogged this on FOZZIE.M and commented:
    This Thursday my kitties would like to help Savvy Paw it Forward for Tigger..a gorgeous gingerbread man in need of a stable home..our girls are lucky..they have a settled future…can you help share Tigger so he too can know what a real forever home is….

  53. Poor sweet boy…what a journey..we have shared him on google+ FB Pinterest and will keep sharing him…I am sure he will find a home..gingerbread men are adorable xx Hugs Fozziemum xx

  54. Poor Tigger, whee are going to share this post efurrywhere for him!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  55. Reblogged this on Speedy the cheeky Rex rabbit and commented:
    Please help my friend Savannah find a new home for this adorable lap Kitty,Thanks,xx Speedy

  56. Poor little Buddy we have shared on FB and G+ and I will do a post later today,xx Speedy

  57. Oh Savvy weez just in tears fur Tigger. Him’s such a handsum fellow and weez wish weez kuld take him. Weez will share and share and purray fur hims a purrfect home. And weez just know hims gunna get it. Hims so deserves it after bein’ dumped off by hims hoomans cuz of a move. Dat’s so aggwavatin’.

    By da way, meez nominated yous fur a foo awards on meez blog posty tuday. And this is just one of da weasons why. 🙂

    Luv ya’


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