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A Real Rescue Human Is Talking: Monday Meowsie News


I am actually here today to introduce Mom L again. She wanted to give an update on The Kid Sage and me (as though anyone is interested!) and how we are progressing in managing how we share a home together.

Snoozing while Mom L talks away about me

Snoozing while Mom L talks away about me

So as you can see, I am taking this opportunity to get a much deserved break from writing this blog post…take it away Mom L!

Thank you Savannah.  First let me clarify the title of this post.  I believe that Savannah coming into my life saved me, literally, from a retirement spent in boredom and complete loss of any way to exercise my need for a creative outlet.  My consulting business gave that to me for over 30 years.  I am indeed a “Real Rescue Human”.  More on that topic in later posts this year…stay tuned.

I hope Savvy’s readers won’t mind me stepping in to share some of the recent progress the two girls have made  in learning to accept each other.

As most of you know, The Kid Sage arrived November 1, 2013 and we had to keep them separate for almost four  months due to many reasons. One of those reasons was a long absence on our part in January and February 2014 for a long planned trip to South America.  You can read about their progress up through June 2014 by clicking HERE.

I asked Savvy to allow me this post to share some truly wonderful happening between our two girls…and one not very ‘happy making’…but I digress…

I have some photo proof of the following interactions, but not for all…just remember how timid Savannah is/was and how The Kid Sage has tried to establish ‘top cat’ position…Savvy running from her etc…

  • Nana had already ‘won’ the dominant cat struggle about 3 weeks before we ever realized it. We suddenly noticed that when Nana would turn to leave the room and Sage would dash to follow…Nana stopped, turned and hissed and growled…she was standing her ground. We realized that Savvy had not been UTB for a month!!
  • Sage used to jump up on the bed in our shared morning routine, and give her teeny hiss and raise a paw over Nana…Sage no longer ever does this…she does tippy paws on the very edge of the bed to give Nana room and to avoid her hisses and growls
  • Savvy became less and less vocal when Sage jumped on the bed to get her morning brushies from me; Savvy had already had hers
  • Our morning routine now includes treats for both girls and Sage ALWAYS does the search for where I have stashed them! Truly a die hard food hog that girl LOL
  • Savannah began to walk normally across the living room from her bed on the floor to go to the litter box, get a drink or search for a snack.
  • Miracle of all miracles…they are now mostly eating both their AM and PM meals together in the little breakfast nook we use as a “Cat Feeding Station”…and often we can also dispense their AM and afternoon snacks of kibble together as well.
  • Nana will get up and invite me to play with her even with Sage on the couch, or anywhere for that matter…and Sage never tries to interfere though we know should would love to play with Savvy.
  • We have always been able to play with Sage and Savvy never cared so that is still good
  • We never separate them during the day unless Nana needs a rest or break so she can play or eat because she is still watching Sage and leery…but less and less everyday.
  • We still separate them at night…Peter sleeps with Sage and I sleep with Nana…yes…separate bedrooms but that is about to change…our pet sitter left both girls out for two nights a couple of weeks ago when we were gone…no fur was shed!! So we are ready to start leaving them both out all day…and see what happens.

Now the part that is still hearbreaking…

  • Sage is clearly lonely…she desperately wants Nana to play with her; allow her to snuggle with her…it is so precious to watch Sage trying to convince Nana that she, Sage, will be good if only Nana will love her.

And the change that surprised us, actually shocked us, over the last 3 weeks…

  • Savvy, for absolutely NO reason, attacked Sage on the bed during our regular morning routine; then she followed by doing it again in the living room…Sage has been shocked and very afraid.  We suspect Savvy is now trying out her ‘top cat’ power…crossing paws this phase passes.

And now some photos…hope you have enjoyed learning about how our girls are progressing…we have day after day now that is absolutely normal and we are loving it.  We have never had a cat as timid, afraid etc. as Savannah so this has been such new, but much needed, learning on our part.


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And so it ended…Savvy is not yet ready for any “touching” from Sage…but Savvy has been admiring my lap at night…heh…heh.  The Kid Sage is slowly, slowly helping Nana learn what it means to be loved by humans and what she can do to finally show her own cat curiosity.

We are so happy we brought The Kid Sage into all our lives.

Human hugs, Mom L

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45 thoughts on “A Real Rescue Human Is Talking: Monday Meowsie News

  1. Learning by example…BOTH girls are doing so well!!!

    • ahhh Miss Trish you are so right. I have learned so much from The Kid Sage and she has learned that my hisses and growls mean business. I still have to give her a smacky paw now and then just to keep her guessing if I am gonna do it or not…heh…heh (only now “I” get yelled at and told ‘NO’)

  2. Progress is slow with Savvy, but once she gets there, she will be fine! Meanwhile, the Kid Sage has been sent to help things along. I think you are doing a great job! xx

    • Thank you Austin and Caro. The road has been tedious for too control freaks like Mom and Dad! Never in 37 years of cats, even cats with Sibes, have they had this challenge. But…without me and The Kid Sage…what else would they do with all their free retirement time??? MOL

  3. They’ve made so much progress already, hppefully Savvy will come to accept Sage more and more

  4. Sounds like it was all meant to be, if you ask me. Yup, all meant to be…


  5. Seeing Savvy’s journey and now Sage’s as well has been brilliant for Mummy who has never really been around cats and actually had a fear of black cats after being scratched as a child. Slowly Mummy has learnt more and more about body language and how to understand cats so she feels safer round them. Now she happily seeks our the new neighbourhood kitties for scritches on the way home from work. Two of those cats are black! Not only did your kitties rescue you but in a small way they rescued a part of our Mummy too so she doesn’t miss out on the fun that is cats!

    Thank you guys!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It’s long and sometimes difficult, but we can see the progress that has been realized till today ; don’t give up ! Sometimes it’s two steps forward and one step backward ! Purrs

  7. Dat is so pawsum Miss L. Weez be vewy happy fur yous all. Yous know sis Lexi hated me when mommy bwought me home. She splatted me flat out on da kitchen floor wiff hers paw dat wuz big as me head. But mommy hollered “NO Lexi!!” And meez jumped wight up into “da stance” (fighting mode) and looked at hers as ifin to say, “Come on splat me again.” She didn’t, she just ran fwum da room scweamin’ wiff me lookin’ wound wunnewin’ what happened. Mommy dusn’t tolerate da not gettin’ along fur vewy long, and hers always lets da wesident cat be top cat. So sis Lexi gets evewfin’ afur me, but dat’s okay, meez learned and now sis Lexi and me luv each udder bunches. Weez play tugedder a little, but hers is lots older than me so hers gets tired quicker than me. Anyways, weez happy fur yous purrawgwess and weez be purrayin’ fur yous all. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. meowmeowmans on said:

    For the most part, it sounds like some great progress. Hopefully, this latest snafu with Savvy asserting her authority is just a bump in the road.

  9. PS: You could always tell Savvy that if she doesn’t snuggle with Sage you are going to get Sage a boy kitten to snuggle with. ~Scylla

  10. We are so glad things are working out so well we know how much you wanted Sage but how scared of Savvy’s reaction you were. We hope that Savvy will give Sage the love she needs. ~Scylla

  11. Heh heh. “Top Cat” That’s my BFGF. TW wishes I had some cat to help me learn about love.

  12. It feels like it has been leaps and bounds! Thanks so much for the update and the great pictures. Also thanks so much for the help. Check out my Athena Caturday Art-hop, it was all because of you 🙂

  13. Wow Linda this is amazing!! I know all your love & patience & reassurance has helped both girls get to this point!!! We are so glad you hung int here with Sage & Savannah & that for the most part they are comfortable with each other…I love the photo “Sage auditioning for love with Nanna”; that says it all….
    Well done & keep on going! I am sure this friendship is going places!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤

  14. It was always a work in progress when Abby was here. She WAS topcat and she did everything to make sure the others knew she was the DIVA. But they all did learn to live with one another and there was only one time in the whole time span that there was one drop of bloodshed….and Abby with a notch out of her ear.

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    All of this good news is a tribute to your patience and loving care in acclimating Savannah and Sage to each other. Little steps, maybe a bit of a backslide, but all in all, life is good. Hope to see more progress as the weeks go by.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. we are SO glad that you have all been so patient during this introduction. so many people would get frustrated and Sage would have been returned. and while it sounds like Savannah and she has a little ways to go, it is interesting to look back and realize that you HAVE made progress. 🙂

  17. That really is good progress and it does sound like they are working things out. Now you just need to be sure that Savvy doesn’t get too comfortable in her new bossy pants.

  18. We’re so glad to hear that Savvy and Sage have come so far. Isn’t it amazing to look back and see how far they have come? Savvy is doing us proud, feeling brave enough to stand up for herself at last. She has to learn where the boundaries of that new bravery are, and she will.

    Newton knows how Sage feels. He really wants a cat to be his buddy, and no one wants to do that for him. The humans try to give him lots of attention, but it isn’t quite the same as having someone who will groom your ears, is it, Sage?

  19. Thank you for the update on the girls! It is all so worth it isn’t it? That was shocking to hear that Savvy attacked Sage a couple times, but I think your right on assuming she is exercising her top cat powers as well.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. Savvy just needs a bit more time to flex her muscle’s to show that she’s the boss once she is satisfied she will settle a bit more and tolerate Sage a bit more,you never know then Savvy will realise how much fun she can have,it will happen in time,both of your girls are gorgeous,I have to admit I do miss having a cat arount the place,xx Rachel

    • Speedy, every time we load your blog we get a ‘threat has been detected’ warning from our anti virus softward…it show a website called ‘twobunny” something which is NOT you. We are afraid to load your blog right now. email Mom L at lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net so we can talk

  21. So pleased that you stuck it out and it’s going better! Patience! 🙂

  22. I’m so happy you did this blog post because I’ve been wondering how are they really doing. You have done miracles with them. Give it more time, and who knows what other progress you can make. Savvy and Sage may never be the best of friends, but as long as they can get along without fighting, I think it’s a successful blending!

  23. We’re so glad that Sage and Savvy are making good progress. 🙂

    Island Cat Mom here….Sage reminds me of Wally when I first brought him here. At that time I had another cat, Scooter, who was 14 years old. Scooter wasn’t like Savvy…he was much more confident, but he wasn’t a big fan at first of having Wally around. Wally tried so hard to play with Scooter, nuzzle with Scooter and sleep with Scooter, only to get swatted and hissed at….at first. I felt sorry for Wally because he tried so hard to get Scooter to like him. Eventually, though, Scooter learned to accept Wally…and tolerated having him around, even grooming him (which is a good sign). It will take more time…some say it could take as long as a year for some cats to learn to accept one another…but I’m sure Sage and Savvy will get there.

  24. WOO HOO!!!!! You two are doing so good!

  25. Glad to here they’ve made so much progress, here’s hoping this phase passes quickly and the two can continue on comfortably.

  26. You girls have come a long way ! Me and my mom-person are hoping the loneliness for Sage and the attacks come to an end very soon !!
    And that you two sweeties will be best of friends ❤


  27. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man on said:

    Wow, you sweet girls have come a long way. We are hoping the loneliness for Sage and the attacks come to an end very soon and you two sweeties will be best of friends. All the pictures warmed our hearts, love the crossed tails. Thanks, mom L for the update on all the wonderful progress. All of you are amazing! Hugs and nose kisses

  28. I think the girls have made remarkable progress considering the differences in their temperment and “experience”. Savvy has come a long way and now is at least allowing Sage to share SOME space with her and there’s no reason to believe that will not continue to grow. We’re always told to take “baby steps” with something new in our lives and cats are the same way. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future Savvy and Sage will play together and maybe even snuggle together……I think that will make all of us “leaky-eyed” when we see it – most certainly you and Peter will!

    Hugs, Pam

  29. Mom is a Rescue Human, too! I think Sage came at exactly the right moment. Savvy is taking her time, but making good progress. ….we all need to go through a “phase” now and then….

    Love and licks,

  30. pilch92 on said:

    Slow and steady- looks like they are starting to like, or at least tolerate each other. The tails crossing is a good sign.

  31. Step by step things will get better..lately Marbles and Dinnermintz have taken to belting each other..a loud NO will end it…they are getting sck of Winter here and as always they get edgy with each other….it is upsetting to watch..never a drop of blood shed but seeing the girls do this is still not nice….bit by bit..i have had multi cat household all my adult life and they go in roundabouts…much like any other species ..we have good and bad days..and our reasons..i am sure there will be more and more progress 🙂 hugs Bev xx

  32. It can be such a long and laborious process, but it looks like you are making good progress all around. Well done!

    The Chans

  33. It is so encouraging to hear of their progress! Who would have thought they would get along and do so well paw step by paw step.

    I have a friend, and one of his cats, Stan, was about to be euthenased as he was freaking out after being adopted and then kept in a room for six months. My friend took him in to save him from death at the request of his local rescue who were at their wits end.

    My friend took him in, and month in, month out, month in, year out, in spite of Stan disappearing into the rafters, hiding under the floor, and much anguish and nail chewing by my friend – Stan progressed painfully slowly from freaked out young cat to proud, truly ordinary cat. I will never forget my friend’s excited email almost whispering ‘Stann is stood at the living room door watching me’ !!! It took a long time BUT endless patience and complete love won the day. They will here too. Well done Savvy, well done Sage.

  34. The tail-to-tail photo is so cute, my paws are crossed that Nana will love The Kid once and Sage feels no longer lonely. btw: the “trick” with Savannah’s big brother is still working, my mom always thinks you have a real dog (yes, she better should wear her glasses lol)

  35. It sounds to me like there has been some GREAT progress between Sage and Savvy! We kitties always do it on our own schedule.

  36. We are all too familiar with these struggles.
    Keeping our paws crossed and purrs sent for your furbabies.

  37. spittythekitty on said:

    Maybe eventually Savvy will start to see Sage as the always-available play-toy that Sage wants to be! It is wonderful to see Savvy overcome her fear and assert herself as top cat, though. I hope she figures out a way to both be top cat AND playmate one of these days 😉

  38. Give Savvy the same distinct NO when you witness her attacking Sage, that you would give Sage when she would attack Savvy.
    Although my two are getting along VERY well from the very start, occasionally there is fur shed and sometimes there is a scratch on the tomcat’s nose (cannot see any on the black nose of the queen). This happens. When I witness it, there is that determined NO – that NO that ends most of the unwanted behaviour.
    It’s good that Savvy IS making her point clear to Sage. I know how heartbreaking it is to see one cat who wants more proximity and the other being less appreciative. My tomcat did not hiss at my little one when she came (too happy to have company again after the loss he/we suffered), but her headbutts were not to his liking. He has learned – took some time, though. Now she can jump up on the bed directly in front of him and even startle him by that – and mostly he will just twitch an ear. But NOW she has found out how beautiful it is to headbutt her foodslave.
    Greetings from FunTom and purrs from Kessy.

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