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Super Cat


Now you are gonna want to know just “who” is this Super Cat, right? Well guess! Come on, take a wild guess—and tell me if this Super Cat has a cape that can fly!

Ok, ok…here’s a hint. I’ll show you a part of Super Cat’s body as he/she rests under the flying cape.

Who is Super Cat? Under the cape of invisibility

WHAT???? You say not enough of that body part to even lodge a guess as to who is Super Cat? Alright, one more photo of more of that body part.

Can you see the tell tail stripes? (*hint* Tabby Cat Club Member)

Harruummmppfff! Super Cat cannot just hang out under the invisibility cape and wait for readers to determine the true identity of that feline body part.

SWOOOOSH! And off Super Cat flies!!! Wearing the invisibility cape which helps Super Cat fly!

Super Cat flies with the invisibility cape to lift paws off the ground!

Sadly, Super Cat must quickly shirk off the invisibility flying cape.

Get off my tail you cape!!

And yes, you are right. Super Cat is indeed TKS. As you can tell by all her body markings and her tail…TKS is the mysterious Super Cat.

Ceiling Cat knows I would never ever go running around with some stoopid piece of tissue paper over me and think it was a flying invisibility cape, right? Come’on guys! You all know me too well. Remember, I am the adult shelter rescue cat who “doesn’t play”!

Now I confess—I do luvluvluv to fly around Mom L’s and my office wearing whatever Super Cat Tissue cape is available. Just one more sign of my continuing progress.

I, Savannah the Cat, am continuing to gain confidence, self respect and enjoy being loved.


Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary


Now you have to answer me straight and honest—do I look content in both of these photos?

Nights on the couch with Mom

Nights on the couch with Mom

And one of me sitting in my our bedroom.

I am safe, cherished and feeling more and more confident

I am safe, cherished and feeling more and more confident

I am joining Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. I just felt these photos say a lot about how my progress is showing.

Click on the badge to visit all the other photos that speak a thousand purrs and play bows.

blog paws WW


Stay tuned for news update on Momma Kat and her kittens in the coming days. I am still getting facts straight so’s I don’t say anything not for sure true.

Momma Kat poses

Wordless Vet Visit


The Kid Sage and I are joining the Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. Hope we are not too wordy???

blog paws WW

Our annual check up allows Mom  to pick me up, hold me and give me some cuddles. Her best day of the year she says.

Ummm...Mom? Do I have to stay?

Ummm…Mom? Do I have to stay?

The reality…

Luv ya Mom but is not my idea of happy

Hold me tight Mom, this is kind’a scary

The Kid Sage was way less nervous than me.

I can't believe you let her DO THAT to me Dad!!

I can’t believe you let her DO THAT to me Dad!!

I’m not so sure if TKS is gonna be forgiving Dad any time soon.

WAIT??!! Is that stabby stick for ME??!!

WAIT??!! Is that stabby stick for ME??!!

The good news is that we both survived. And, even though the Doc stole my blood, she called to tell Mom and Dad the results were perfect! She said keep on feeding her and taking care of her just like you are.

TKS and I are two happy cats!


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