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Thankful Thursday Indeed—There are SIX!


You guys are sooooo observant! I thought there were only FIVE babies in that photo when Mom L showed me. And then I realized that one of those little heads could NOT be connected to the body I thought unless that kitten was a contortionist!! MOL!!

For those of you in the USA who have access to and use the app called, you will recognize this message Mom L and I saw as a common one.

Kittens in my backyard

While watering my backyard tonight a adult cat jumped on the fence out of the bushes I kept watering I didn’t think much of it and then I heard the little screeching of young kittens they are probably no more than a week old I hope momma comes back does anybody have any advice on what I should do they are soaking wet because I sprayed my plants I put a little blanket on them.

This compassionate person checked through the night to make sure the kittens were safe from raccoons. When he checked at first light there were only two! He then cared for them until someone contacted him at night saying they were with a cat rescue and would take the two kittens to bottle feed.

Dad P and Mom L reached out to our neighbor who lives just across the water from us, and let him know we would try to find the kittens Momma moved and Momma herself. Mom L wrote up a flyer and she, Dad P and the neighbor distributed it around his part of our community to let residents know we were searching for a mom cat and babies.

Next day Mom L received a call and the person had heard kittens mewing at night. The next day same thing and Mom L hopped in her car and there they were!!

All tucked in nice and safe. Now what to do to trap Mom cat? Mom L tried for a three days to catch the mom cat, but she knew what a trap was all about. And then the dreaded news that rain was in the forecast for Tuesday this week. We had to get those babies out of that dirt trench before the rain.  Mom L reached out to several trapper pals and one was able to come to our assistance.

Miss Jeanne and Mom L had neither one ever tried to trap a mom cat using her kittens as the “bait” by themselves, but they had expert coaches and they set up this trap.

Kittens in the carrier in back and set trap in front

Miss Jeanne stayed watching that trap set-up while Mom L dashed off to a doctor’s appointment. And then the MIRACLE CALL!!


Mom L rushed over and sure enough, there was Mom Cat, trying to get as close as she could to her six kittens.

Beautiful, isn’t she? So Mom Cat and her remaining six kittens have been reunited as of Tuesday this week. And that’s enough for a Thankful Thursday post for sure, don’t ya think??!!! Follow this link to join lots of other wonderful Thankful Thursday posts over at my pals’ Brian’s Home blog hop.

I am so very very thankful that we had another successful Paw It Forward project! The first two kittens who were taken in by a rescue person have not been reunited with their siblings. That is another story for another blog post as to why. For now, we believe they are safe and cared for, but we do worry a bit.

Let me know in comments if you enjoyed learning about our most recent cat rescue work.


Introduction: Paw It Forward


Lots of my readers have asked if Mom L and I are gonna let you in on the latest in our Summer of 2018 community cat rescue projects. And yes, we are writing a series to let you in on the inside of what we have been doing.

But just to keep you interested, let me introduce you to my latest of the latest of my Paw It Forward Projects.

I’m just gonna give you one photo and a question now.

Question: How many kittens do you see?

And now the photo…

Let me know in comments how many kittens you see and I will tell you who guessed right on my Friday Memes blog post. And I hope I can reveal the ending to this Paw It Forward Project.




Create a Happy Tail Ending for Starlight


I know it is kitten season across most of the USA and for sure it is right here where I live in Northern California’s San Francisco bay area. So it makes it real hard for this darling three year old cat Mom L recently pulled from the established cat colony she is helping manage, care for and feed. This little girl is so petite, and incredibly friendly which is what drew Mom L to her as soon as she first noticed her in the colony.

Likely the kitty was abandoned at the city park where this colony resides and she was trying to make a place for herself with the colony. Mom L noticed her first because she was so little, then because she was friendly and finally because she was having to tussle with some of the bigger cats to get her place at the meal table.

So Mom L picked her up and plopped her in a carrier and off she went to Contra Costa Animal Services where she received her name “Starlight”. PURRFECT!! Don’t ya think??

She managed the car ride and carrier pretty good.

Mom L has been workin’ with Starlight but the best part is all the support Starlight is gettin’ from the dedicated cat volunteers at my former shelter home. Yes, that’s right. I spent about two months at this very same shelter before I was transferred to a not for profit rescue with a free roaming cat shelter…but enough of me.

This is about Starlight! Check out the wonderful promotion video Miss Mary, a volunteer, created for Starlight and she posted it on a Face Book page Smart Paws Pet Resources for Contra Costa shelter animals.

This is the delightful little photo story Miss Mary created for Starlight and it can be viewed on her Pet Harbor page here.

“That feels great. Can’t wait to join a new family & have people to love.”

“Is that someone coming to meet me? I hope I find a family soon!”

“I adore cheek scratches, treats, and friendly conversation with my pals.”

“I’m a connoisseur of the head scratch, and this one gets an A+!”

“I’m Starlight…

Starlight… star bright, first star I see tonight…”

“…I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight (my own family!)”


Starlight had lots to tell Mom L when Mom L visited her for the first time at the shelter.

I must say they have been super nice here

Starlight has a growing fan club at the shelter and no one can believe that she is still waiting for her true family to find her.  Why just check out how cute her little dainty paws are!! She is very small, weighing only about six pounds.

Mom L can’t pull many more friendly adult cats from the established colony ‘cuz it is kitten season. Most people going to the shelter are looking for kittens so they overlook a precious adult like Starlight.

Will you, my readers, help me help Starlight get the work out that she is ready to meet her new family? Please share this blog post on every social media network you like to take a paw to. I’ll give you my best paw pats if you will let me know in comments if you are willing to help me with this Paw It Forward project…let’s create a Happy Tail Ending for Starlight, ok?






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