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Our Secret Santa Paws Visited!


For my newer readers, let me tell you about the Cat Blogosphere’s Secret Santa Paws gift exchange. Our pawsome blog pals at Sweet Purrfections beg their Mom Paula to coordinate this totally fun event for any of our cat blogging pals that want to pawticipate. We even have international cat bloggers who join in the fun. So we all submit our names and number of cats in our homes and what colors we like, what type of treats and toys and also what we can’t have because of diet restrictions and so on. Then Mom Paula matches us up!

We were Secret Paws for Lola The Rescue Cat (and her sisfur Lexy) in New York. Hopefully they received their package and are gonna have a blast with all the stuff we packed in there. Oh yes, and we always put a little somethin’ in there for the humans, just ‘cuz they serve our meals.

So let’s get going. First up is how we wrapped up and packaged our prezzies for the kitties we were shopping for. As you can imagine, all our gifts had to be sniffed and tasted first, right??!!

Wow! Our shopping list was purrty good this year.

And then comes the “testing” part.

Then Mom L wraps it all up, and Dad P dashes like a reindeer to the post office in hope that Santa Paws will get our prezzie package there on time! Whew!

And now it’s Christmas Day and finally Mom L lets us have at our own Secret Paws package. What an incredible package we received! So beautifully wrapped with special purrsonal gift tags and such lovely hand printing on every prezzie. Gosh, we hated to open those. BUT—we did!!

Of course Mom L made us enjoy the wrapping and what not, but that’s ok, ‘cuz then we got to find out what was inside. First to paw forward was, of course, TKS aka The Kid Sage! She about stuffed her whole body into that box!! MOL!!!

Next up was KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie! She also tried to do a nose dive.

And check out how cool Mom L’s prezzies are.

Now on to check out what was in those beautifully wrapped and tagged prezzies. Katie loved the feather wand toy and all those balls!! She is such a soccer player!

I preferred to be more adult about all this hoopla and I carefully strolled around the debris that TKS and Katie left and guess what I found??

Sniff, sniff…yup…this is the mother lode of silver vine!

Silvervine!!! And then I discovered the incredible scents from all the wrapping paper. Those youngster sisfurs had no idea what they were missing in the trash bag Mom L and Dad P were so carefully guarding. 

 I left the rest of the mauling of the prezzies to KK and TKS. I went off and had a little nap after sniffing all that silver vine and other smells.

Katie is losing patience with TKS mauling the smelly nip purple toy. KK is too polite to wait her turn

And Katie, sweet Katie, was caught looking on at all the joyful things someone she never met sent to her, me and TKS just to help us have a most fun filled Christmas. I am sure KK is thinking ‘I wish all the other abandoned cats out in the cold had this bounty”. Sigh…

This is so nice…but there are so many who need this and so much more

Hope you enjoyed sharing our Secret Santa Paws experience in 2020. We are filled with an abundance of gratitude to have our home and do everything we can to help Mom L and Dad P and all our Project Delta View Cats volunteers bring even a bit of this abundance to all those abandoned community cats we serve in our city of Pittsburg, CA.

Here’s to a stellar New Year for every cat forced to live a life of lost love on the streets. Always Support Your Local Street Cats purrlease.




Stop killing cats: Paw It Forward Project #justiceforoakportcats


I’m gonna paw over the typing keys to my Mom L for this blog post. But first, let me ask every reader of today’s blog post to do me, Savannah the Former Shelter Cat, a huge favor. PLEASE TAKE ACTION TO STOP EAST BAY REGIONAL PARKS DISTRICT (EBRP)FROM SHOOTING ANYMORE ABANDONED COMMUNITY CATS. Thanks my pals for offering your paws to hit the “send” button on your letter to the persons Mom L identifies below.

Hi everyone. Mom L here!

Thanks sweet Savannah, my “Nana”, for letting me have your blog today. I will make this short so you all have time to take action and send emails to East Bay Regional Parks personnel I identify below with their contact information.

But first, let’s review what’s happening here in the East side of the San Francisco bay area in California and why everyone who reads this blog needs to take action, no matter where you live. We need GLOBAL involvement to convince a local parks district to stop hunting innocent abandoned community cats like they are “big game” to be shot and killed! The East Bay Regional Parks (EBRP) district is funded in part by public funds and they are expected to be our stewards of the parks and the animals that call them home—including abandoned community cats!

A video is worth a thousand words. Let’s start with this investigative report from a local bay area tv channel, ABC Channel 7’s I Team reporting.

EBRP has not even agreed to eliminate their policy that advocates and sanctions killing abandoned community cats on EBRP property by gunshot. There is no part of the policy that states they must first seek out assistance and guidance from local nonprofit cat rescues nor local municipal animal services. This is NOT OVER and will continue on if we cannot let them know that the whole world is watching their every action.

Please help us get JUSTICE for Sherbet, Milton, Jerry, Wildflower, Panther, Cali, Tabitha, Simone, Bear, Blue, Whispy, Lucy, Sylvia, Lilimom, Button, Ollie, Nova and more!!

Some of the cats have been saved thanks to their feeder, Cecelia Theis and Island Cat, Resources and Adoption. Here is a sweetie being cared for at Marin Humane Society.

Suspension of killing the cats IS NOT ENOUGH (click for update)

They say the right words but they do not “walk the talk” they spew out on their website. Their only excuse to this colony’s feeder/caregiver is that “gosh, some of our staff have cats as pets and feel awful, but a lot of them don’t like the cats”.
Values: How We Work
Respect: We honor the land we steward, each other, and the park visitors we serve.
Resilience: We creatively adapt to change. We address challenges with empathy, perspective, and determination.
Relationships: Our greatest strength lies in the trust, accountability, and teamwork we cultivate with our colleagues, partners, and the public we serve.
Responsiveness: We communicate openly, honestly, and reliably.
Transparency: We hold the public’s trust through meaningful stakeholder engagement and access to timely and reliable information on decisions and performance.

Robert Doyle, General Manager (
Matt Graul, Chief of Stewardship (
Doug Bell, Wildlife Program Manager ( 
Dave Riensche, Wildlife Resource Analyst (—he and another staff member are the alleged organizers of the cat shootings. They apparently asked for some gun owning employees and they laid in wait until after the cats had been fed, the feeder Cecelia had left and the cats were lounging about cleaning and rolling in the grass and head butting each other; feeling full and safe. The cats were picked off while they appeared to not even be on EBRP property then the bodies removed.
Ward 1 Board Member: Elizabeth Echols;
Ward 2 Board Member: Dee Rosario;
Ward 3 Board Member: Dennis Waespi;
Ward 4 Board Member: Ellen Corbett;
Ward 5 Board Member: Ayn Wieskamp;
Ward 6 Board Member: Beverly Lane;
Ward 7 Board Member: Colin Coffey;


Sample One:
I am commenting on the recent Investigative Report published by local ABC Chanel 7 News. They exposed a common practice and policy at EBRP that sanctions and supports the violent eradication of abandoned community cats by gunshot if found on or near EBRP properties.

This policy is archaic and the time for its removal is long past. Just because these cats were abandoned, then formed a close family knit colony near an area where some endangered birds may nest, doesn’t give EBRP permission to intentionally avoid all humane management paths open to them and default to the path that enables some trigger happy staff to line the cats up at their trusted and safe feeding stations and execute them in front of each other.
There are ample cat rescue nonprofit groups in all the counties where EBRP owns land who are ready to help humanely trap and relocate the cats. Not to mention the city and county municipal animal services that will help make sure the cats lives are not in danger. Why does EBRP continue with this barbaric policy? Is it because some staff take pleasure in shooting these small cats?
Your choice to continue this policy will make global headlines. But for now, this east bay community is watching your every move relative to adoption of humane management of abandoned community cats found in and around all EBRP land. “
Sample Two:
I am writing to express my anger at the reprehensible actions of EBRPD personnel who shot and killed feral cats living on district property. I am also writing to demand a full and public accounting of these events, as well as to demand an immediate change in policy.
Surely there were numerous alternative, humane actions which could have been taken to deal with the issue of the cats allegedly harassing wildlife. The Bay Area has hundreds of animal shelters, rescue groups, animal welfare organizations and Trap/Neuter/Release programs which could and should have been consulted for help. Shooting these terrified animals who are feral through no fault of their own simply should not be an option. It is especially galling that this policy was implemented by a parks organization whose mission should include protecting all life contained on its lands, for which it is merely the steward.
As a concerned person, I implore you to reverse this cruel, inhumane, and frankly ignorant policy and explore alternatives with animal welfare organizations who have expertise with a complex but not unique issue.
Thank you.”

Please read the UPDATED information. There is another opportunity to address the EBRP Board of Directors THIS WEEK IF YOUR COMMENTS  ARE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 3pm PDST ON DECEMBER 14. You do not have to be a USA citizen to add your voice to our cry for #justiceforoakportcats


Happy Thanksgiving (safe) Day


I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but this one is sort’a special. This is a day to give thanks for all that we not only “have”, but for all that “we can do and share with those in need”.

Now that’s just my senior cat’s purrspective, but I bet’cha I hear some pawsitive shout outs from my readers.

As for me, I am sharing my special yummy wet cat food with the forty abandoned community cats we help feed around our waterfront area in Pittsburg, CA. My special PAW IT FORWARD effort is called Project Delta View Cats. Catchy title isn’t it?? MOL

Please be sure to share your American Thanksgiving Day good will to Support Your Local Street Cats! They deserve it and they need it! 

Here is our local Street Cats’ message for this giving holiday. 


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