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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Here come some smiles to get you ready for the week-o-end!

Oh my what a fuss Mom L and Dad P got into when they saw that HUGE charge on their plastic!! Sage’s paw has now been wiped off that account.

Here’s hoping none of you have been asked to “smile” while at the stabby place. If so, sure do hope you tried to run like Katie did back in February! No good comes from that vet person prying open your mouth—just sayin’!

Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Have a great week-o-end!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


You gotta be ready for some smilin’ today; right??!!

First up is darling Sienna from my best New Zealand pals at Dash Kitten.

Ahemm…I sorta feel like Sienna ‘cuz this year has been such a challenge for me. How’s about any of you my dear readers??

Come on my furriends!! How many times do you have to ask your humans to CHANGE THE DARN CHANNEL to something a cat wants to watch??? Sheesh!!!

Yup! That is my dear, strange sisfur TKS. That cat can find a heat source anywhere in my castle before any other cat!!  Give TKS a shout out in comments if you like warm laundry too!!

Hope you are smiling!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I’m late and I know it; so sorry guys. But I betcha your smiles are just waiting to get going with my mixture of old and new memes today.

Do any of you practice for this highly competitive event? Share some stories and photos in comments!


Ever done that? I try to hide mine just to see if TKS or KK will take a nap on top of it.

The kitty in the meme above is a guest from one of the cat colonies Mom L and Dad P help take care of. Scotty was abandoned when his humans moved from a nearby apartment complex. He is the sweetest boy ever! We are hoping to help him find his forever home soon.

Keep smiling!


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