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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hope your are ready for some giggles! Here you go—!!!


And if that doesn’t get your Friday Smile going—try this one out!!! Meet Sebastian and Pepper, livin’ the life on a forty foot boat !

Last try to get you smiling for your whole week-o-end!! You’ve already met my latest castle guest, Buddy

There you have it. Hope you are smiling—maybe even laughing just a bit!! MOL!!!

PeeEss…Buddy has left the house! Keep a sharp look out for him!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hope you are ready for some silliness! I got TKS and KK to do their own memes today and I did mine. You know these are gonna be crazypants, right!!??

First up is TKS and holy cat is she worried!!

Worst news ever for every chik-hen lovin’ cat!!

Next up is the ever clever KK aka Kitty Katie. She has totally mastered this move. And believe you me she gets Mom L and Dad P jumpin’ to her ever need and whim!

Do you have stoopy humans in your neighborhood settin’ off fireworks already?? We sure as heck do and I’m getting darn tired of it!

So do any of you have early fireworks? And how do you feel about that?? Asking for a friend…



Friday Memes For Friday Smiles


Oh my cat!!! I am sooooooo sorry that I missed my Friday Memes last week. But it’s kitten season here and Mom L’s fingers were bizzeee!

But I am back this week!!! First up is our former foster GIGI!!!

And you know we have all been exactly where Gigi is! Have you ever had to throw a hissy fit to get more nom???

And there you have it. The deepest thoughts that TKS has.

Do your humans stand between you and nice sun puddle just to jabber about not much a’nothin??? Let me hear from you in comments!

Have a great Friday!!


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