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Friday Memes and Friday Smiles


We made it to Friday and I have my memes all set for you.

I know lots of my pals can relate to my meme!! Heck my dinner was served so early this week they had to reheat it by the time I was finishing up my afternoon nap!!

TKS so tries to keep up with the latest styles. But she usually missed the point somewhere along the way.

And there you have Mr. Elliot! Watson is a male, not altered, abandoned cat found wandering and pitifully crying near one of our volunteer’s home. He was filthy, matted and yet all he wanted was to have someone pet him. Mom L and Dad P’s new organization Project Delta View Cats got Watson into an adoption path at Contra Costa Animal Services. You see Watson is about six years old and never neutered so he of course tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). No transfer partner rescue would pull him from our shelter but the shelter at volunteers put together a great video and promoted Watson. And yes, his forever home finally found him!! Watson has been adopted by a woman looking for a lap cat and Watson will live the rest of his life doting on his new human guardian.

Hope you enjoyed my memes this week.


Friday Memes From the Young’uns


Well I just had to let the two young’uns in my castle take over the memes today. They really are something to watch. Why I believe Kit Katie may have TKS buffaloed. I put their interaction today into a slideshow with captions for your Friday smiles!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So do you guys think Kit Katie has TKS on her tippy toes? Your reactions in comments please.

And of course our Kit Katie castle guest had to have one of her very own. In fact, this meme cost Mom L to lose at least one or more of her own Kitty Nine Lives.

Yup, all of us girls have now given Mom L her very own special heart attack, gasp of breath experience by walking on the wild side of the banister.

So what do you think TKS was watching that made her rivet her eyes on it? Come on , give me your best guess in comments and I promise Mom L will reveal what TKS was watching like it was a horror show!!!


PeeEss…please be sure to grab Kit Katie’s badge and help us find her the special forever castle she so deserves. She goes in for an X-ray of her front right leg to learn why she has a limp. Mom L and Dad P believe that one front leg may be shorter than the other. No matter, nothing holds Kit Katie back!!


Friday Memes


My Friday memes are all ready for your enjoyment, but first a bit of great news.

My last post was not a very happy one except that Katie and Lilly were returned, not just dropped off in a field somewhere. But Mom L and Dad P knew that splitting up this bonded pair would give Lilly a greater chance at having her own home. And they sure were right. Lilly was adopted after spending only five days back at Kitty Corner!! She is off to a home with another younger cat and one senior cat. No children in the home this time!!!


And now for your Friday smile makers!

This comes from my pal Hitch, and his Angel brothers Pumpkin and Tigger, at Miss Dorothy’s and her son Jacob’s home.

TKS wanted to be sure to get one done for you so she rushed around and came up with this. Let her know what you think in comments.

I know you all miss seeing me so I tossed in a meme of my own. Tell me in comments what’cha think about it.

There you have my Friday Memes for Friday Smiles, edition 9,876,912,309,865,000.


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