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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


First up I have a guest kitty named Katniss. She is the resident house panther for Mom L’s pal Miss Carol Ann. Give her a big shout out in comments for her creativity!!

Of course I asked my own castle family to pawticipate and Katie jumped at the chance!

And I finish up with a little silliness from me!

Hope you are all wearing a smile by now. Let me know in comments if you are gettin’ kind’a tired and maybe a tad bored with my “Friday Memes”. I noticed I do not have many views or comments anymore. I am happy to change up my “act” a bit if my loyal followers and readers let me know!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am late once again. Mom L lost use of one of her opposing thumbs due to some cramp thingy. But I gave her a soft paw whack and she jumped right to the keyboard! Mom L still volunteers at the once a week Kitchen Clinics with her buddy Doc Josie. And sometimes, those kittens just gotta sing at the top of their voice box!!!

This little guy was about two pounds! What a screamer singer!!

Yeah, TKS continues to learn the parameters of her newly imposed diet. It is not a pretty site, I gotta say.

And yes, Mom L and Dad P have allowed this latest batch of rug rats kittens, now five months old, out of Mom L’s office so they can have room to run around my castle! And when this happens?! They close me, TKS and KK up in our master bedroom. Of course, I have my tent and TKS has hers and KK naps in the tower, but really?!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


For your giggles today, I have a couple of guests and my third is from TKS. Let me know in comments which one made ya’ giggle the most!

The above are The Domino Kid aka Domie and Jessie James aka Jessie; two of our now five month old foster kittens. As you can imagine Mom L has a tough time getting any work done on my blog!!

These are four of the five kittens my nonprofit, Delta View Cats, helped rescue after they were dumped at a nearby city park. They are all thriving and up for adoption at our county animal shelter.

And now for TKS’ contribution!

There you have it!! Hope you are smiling now!!


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