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Friday Memes Com’in Your Way


Welcome to my Friday Memes post. I have a couple of guest photos so I sure do hope you will give them a big shout out in comments. Unfortunately, I received one of the photos a while back so I don’t have their blog name or know their human. Maybe some of you can help me identify the first up Friday Meme contributors.

Sounds like what little bipeds do when they are having some rough’in around play, right?

TKS simple can’t get over the fact that her caterwaulin’ can be irritating.

My pals from The Chronicle of Woos said I could “borrow” photos from their bloggy so I helped myself. Handsome Lightning has a bit of a “scardy cat” reputation at home, especially where bikes are concerned.

There you have it. Give me a meow or woof in comments and let me know what you think of the collection today. As always, my paws are open to any guest photos.


Keep the Friday Memes Going?


First let me ask you, my loyal readers, if you are continuing to enjoy my Friday Memes? I regret I have not received any new photos from any of you so you are kind’a stuck with memes from TKS and my portfolios. I am able to get some from my readers if I happen to see a photo, like last week’s Husky Sing and Dance Along, and I ask if I can use the photo. Let me know in comments if you look forward to Friday Memes and I will keep working to get more photos that are not just me and TKS.

Let’s get started!

I don’t know about all of you but I am totally certain that whenever I can’t see any humans or kitties around then I must be unseeable myself, don’t ya think?

The Kid Sage aka TKS found a long lost  forgotten nip toy during the move. Mices! Was she surprised at what she discovered. TKS was not amused at all, nope—not even one tiny bit.

And now for a sort’a guest photo. Mom L captured this photo at the July SNIP clinic. Don’t you think this little guy deserved a definition of what the volunteers were talking about?

More about that SNIP Clinic in a later post for sure. Another successful clinic, stay tuned for more photos and information.

Let me hear in my comments what’cha liked about today’s memes.



I Am Back With My Meme Friday

HIYA!!   SAVANNAH HERE!!! (finally!)

My dearest readers, please accept my apologies for having been gone from you for so long. My move to our new totally fab forever home is almost behind us. We kitties are getting settled into all the tons of great places to nap and play and hang out with Mom L and Dad P.

Now I cannot guarantee I will get right back to posting three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday—BUT I can guarantee I will have my Meme Friday back on schedule starting right now. As always, I will cherish any photos you care to share with me so I can write a meme for you. Even better, you write your own meme on that photo and send it along to me at ms to savannahcoolkat at gmail dot com.

My pals from RA Husky blog let me borrow a photo from them that I thought would bring lots of smiles and giggles to your Friday.

Don’ t you just love how synchronized they are? Purrfect!

My Friday Memes will start to share some of TKS’s and my experiences from our move to our last new home. I have to admit that there were a few startling moments similar to this one.

Trust me, Mom L and Dad P got my message and made sure the rest of my our boxes were unpacked and the contents placed just where TKS and I wanted them. Harruummppff!

And you can tell that TKS was getting rrreeeaalllyyy tired of hearing these words! For weeks!! And those words are still being used to this day in our home. Shameful.

Hope you had a good a time reading Friday Memes as I did creating them. Come on back, please do not be a stranger. And I am doin’ some research to bring some new stories to my blog over the early Fall. Stay tuned!


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