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Meaningful, joyful…Friday Memes


It’s been a scramble around here to get my post ready for my readers…those who are still hangin’ in with me…and I appreciate each and every one of you!!  I know I have been one absent kitty from my blog. But hey?! When we cats are workin’ hard to give do paws on paws rescue work, well, it gets crazy pants busy…na’mean?

So for my first meme, I asked one of the female, not spayed kitties who had a litter at about seven months old to do my first meme.

What a cutie! She is now safe back at the property where we trapped her and where she is being fed very well!

Now let me bring on my UK lady pal none other than Miss Erin, the Cat Princess.

Aiiieeee!! Erin??!! What the heck does that “chop lickin'” mean???

And I made this last meme just for me and Mom L. And I want all my readers to know how deep our connection is.

Thanks for coming around to visit. Please if you have a moment, let me know in memes if you still want me to keep them comin’.


Friday Memes—short and tantalizing!


Well I really wanna know what my readers think about the REAL meaning behind my memes today. Me and TKS have a message to send  about something and to someones. What do ya think that message is and who do ya think we are sending it to?

Seriously, given my last post on Monday and now our memes—I bet’cha no one can even come close to what message we are sending and to whom about what. Go on, give it a try and let me hear your best guesses in comments.

And of course TKS followed my plea!

What’d’ya think is goin’ on in my castle?


Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile


I decided  I ought’a let me and TKS have this Friday Memes just for ourselves. I sure do hope you enjoy the memes each of us came up with.

Let me just say that if anyone reads an unintended message into TKS’ meme, well you gotta take it up with her…just sayin’

And here is my Friday Meme. Such a profound revelation for me.

Yeah, well…what can I say. It was an historic moment for me when I saw what I saw!!

As for TKS…she is all on her own as to what my readers read into her meme.

Yep, she just learned that gettin’ from the North Pole was gonna be a tad difficult for Santa Paws. Not sure where she heard that from…but you know TKS. She listens to crazy stuff on her paw radio.

Let me know what you think of our Friday Memes in comments. I am always tryin’ to impawrove!!!


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