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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hey everyone, so  tickled you joined me today. I really need to hear in comments if any one of my three meme creations made you giggle, even just a teeny bit.

Don’t ya just dislike knowing some other cats choice for lunch?? Purrsonally, I totally gag at anything fishy. Now TKS, she is totally fine with that. UGH!

Ummm—so’s we don’t go outside here in my castle. But I bet’cha some of my pals know what their back up plan is just in case they climb a tad too high. Please share in comments what your best rescue plans are.


Please help me and TKS learn how to behave around this new foster kid, Pipsqueak, so’s we don’t get yelled at by Mom L and Dad P. I know Pip needs his own forever home, but darn…does he have to wreck mine???


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hope you are ready for some smiles today. I have a couple of guests again. First up is a bootiful Russian Blue kitty named Josie, but affectionately called Widget by her family and friends. She has been on my Friday Memes before.

Next up is a handsome ginger mancat. His mom Miss Angela, is a cat trapper pal of Mom L’s.

Of course TKS wanted to get something in so I said “what the heck kid, knock yourself out!”. How do you think she did with writing her own meme??

Have a great week-o-end!!


Friday Memes for Your Friday Smiles


First off, let me totally say I am so sorry I did not get my Monday blog post up. It was gonna be really fun too! Next, thank you all so furry much for letting me and Mom L know that you were sending me the best ever POTP! Miss Ann from Zoolatry even put out a post asking for more POTP!! Did you see the nice photo of me she used?

I am getting pain med twice a day for my soft tissue injury on my right hind leggy. More about all that next week, purromise.

Let’s get going on finding your Friday Smiles!

You know how it goes when the peeps bring in some new kid, right? Heh, heh, heh—they forget I have my furry own Google acount.

Those crazy pants youngsters over at Miss Josie’s Kitty Platoon sure do know how to make sure that the cushy furniture is changed out every few months or so! MOL!!!

TKS and Dad P really do need to have a chat. How are you working out havin’ your peeps around way more than you ever expected??? Give me a shout out in comments purrlease.

Hope you are smiling ‘cuz I am!


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