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Flashback: Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I picked out a couple of memes from the time I started doing them. Hope you enjoy them a second time around.

First up is from a long time pal, Reader Without a Blog (RWB), Miss Dorothy and her Angel kitty Tiger doin’ his best ever “Flash Dance” improv!

Another log time pal, Miss Josie, my former feline specialist vet, now retired and her tabby cat family.

How did they do for your Friday Smile the second time around? Let me hear from you in comments!


Friday Memes make Friday Smiles!


It’s that time of the week when we all need to get our Friday smiles on. I sure do hope my pals like my selections for this weeks memes. You know I have lots of Paw It Forward projects goin’ all the time. And of course you know all about my Project Delta View Cats that I started with Mom L and Dad P in 2018 here in my home city of Pittsburg, California. Right? If you don’t know about this extra special project, give me a shout out in comments and I can give you the 411 on it.

So my first meme is created from a photo of one of our rescue “kittens” from Summer of 2019. Now eight months old, this cutie pie is looking for his forever and ever home.

His foster Mom did a great job getting this fellow ready for hangin’ out with his forever family.

Bwahahahaha!!! Isn’t Emmett a tease??!!! As if all of us kitties haven’t set up that “cat trap” more than once in our nine lives! Show off that belly, bring the human in hoping for a stolen moment of pleasure rubbin’ our extra soft belly furs—then WHAM!! Their hand is toast!!!  Emmett is one of two kitties adopted by the human guardians of Otis, from “The Cult of Otis” blog.

Yeah, well my bad! I got stuck and couldn’t get through my stairs like I thought I outta be able to do. Ever had a moment like this one? Please, please, please give me a shout out with your own experience in comments so’s Mom L can stop laughin’ at me!!!

I do hope you now have your Friday Smile on and are lookin’ ahead to a great week-o end as The Trout Town Tabbies say.


Friday Memes Flashbacks


I did some diggin’ around in my past memes and asked Mom L to share these again to find out if you still like them. Let me know in comments if you got a Friday Smile from my choices.

Nothing like a Tabby Toast!


Unfortunately for TKS, every time she exits the litter box, her coal black furs give away exactly where she has been.

Hope you holidays have been Merry and Bright. Let’s get ready to invite in a brand New Year!


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