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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


More of my silliness for your Friday smiling. And The Kid Sage kicks it off!

She has been workin’ on her left hook what with all her efforts to teach our new castle roomie, Domino, the “ropes” as written by me and TKS. Heh, heh, heh…

These are two of the kittens Mom L and Dad P trapped in early December on our very own street.

They are at the adoption site we use for Delta View Cats and boy are they learnin’ to use that litter box before ya leave home!!! Evidently graybie didn’t and missy doesn’t appreciate gettin’ her little paws wet!! MOL!!!

I guess Katie and foster Reesie got caught in the act of girl talk!!! Have you ever been caught doin’ some gossiping???


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Get your face all set to start smilin’!! Here come my Friday memes—

First up is me, or course. How many times have you heard this and no one ever knows just what that mean? I mean there are grape presses, garlic presses, mustard seed presses—heck there is probably even a NIP press! Why do ya shout out “STOP  THE PRESSES!”

This next meme is contributed from one of the fifty colony cats my nonprofit, Delta View Cats, has the privilege of care of. Her name is Princess.

Our silly dilly foster kitty, seven month old Reesie Pieces, is getting to explore my whole castle now. She gets herself into some might interesting spots, don’t ya think?

There ya have it. Hope you are smilin’ now!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am here with a few Friday Memes to hopefully fulfill your need to get some smiles going for your week-o-end! First up is my new castle staff member, my trustworthy Guard of All Things Edible—the Honorable Domino Kid!

Next up is a neighbor kitty who loves helping her Dad do his garden work. Victoria takes “kitty snoopervision” to a whole new level!

Lastly, I have a meme created by “one” of my now “three” castle house panthers. Now you know one is a simple “foster” and the other two are The Domino Kid and The Kid Sage aka TKS aka Sage. So which of the three do you think submitted this meme???

Can’t wait to hear you thoughts in comments!!


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