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Friday memes for your Friday smiles


My gal pal from England, Erin the Cat Princess, provides the first meme to make your Friday a thoughtful one.

Do you dare to dream? What dreams do you have? Let me know in comments.

In fact the colony cats’ tails don’t even let you know which way that California Delta wind is blowing!  MOL!!

Sometimes TKS dives into a box with complete abandon. Other times, she stops and clearly ponders whether that box has a current resident or not.

What do YOU do if you dive into a new box and find that some other critter is still using it???


Friday memes for your Friday smiles


I got Mom L to get those opposable thumbs working overtime to get her back in the swing of getting my blog posts done. Hope you enjoy the results!

Can you just imagine how many other peeps and kitties are wishing they hadn’t had that second helping???

Yep, that’s TKS! Anything to get more chik-hen!

And so Mom L did indeed move to the other side of our bed to take her own afternoon nap. It’s called “Training Your Human 305” upper division course.


Friday memes for Friday smiles


Yes!!! The Mom L is back with her opposable thumbs in tact and is now capable of pounding the key board for me! Mind you she is still under the weather so this is gonna be a short post.

But nonetheless, here are a couple of memes to help get your Friday day smiles going.

You’re right. Not my best image but hey, it was late at night and Mom L was barely awake and couldn’t stop hacking to get me in focus. So there!! And yes, she started to have “that” conversation with me about “how nice it will be for you Savvy darling to have the sounds of little kitten footsies in the house”.  Seriously????

And there you have it the first image of Kit Katie once Mom L and Dad P returned. I’ll be talkin’ more about her “progress” whilst the Mom and Dad were away. Safe to say this three week absence with having to accept food and love from another human was the best thing that happened to her!! More on this later.

Missed all of you lots. Mom L read me posts at night while she was away but I couldn’t comment. Wait until you see Mom L with Sir Archie from My Three Moggies!!!




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