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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I think you are really gonna get some smiles goin’ with my three memes today. First up is itty bitty Buffy kitty, only five weeks old, and already showing her silliness! She was caught by our neighbor on our street and we fostered her until we could reunite her with two of her siblings.

Domino seems to be getting the hang of writing some pretty good memes himself. He is a very ditzy boycat!

And I, of course, reign supreme in my skill at creating memes for smiles!

Hope all of you are grinning from ear to ear!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

At last I got Mom L to take some time to help me get a few memes posted. Holy smoking kitties—this rescue cat stuff takes a ton of time from me!!

First up is a wee kitten, just caught by hand by a caring neighbor, this afternoon. We have her two other siblings already in foster care, and now there are two more then on to trapping mom!

But this cutie pie has a lot to say in one photo!! And yes, food is on our minds as we approach our USA Thanksgiving celebration.

Of course our new mancat  and our sweet Katie always have edibles on their young minds!

Of course the fifty abandoned colony cats my nonprofit Delta View Cats provides one yummy meal every day of the year are really concerned about getting their meal! This is Sammy.

Hope you have a warm smile to get your Friday going.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am here!! But kind’a in a hurry ‘cuz, well, ya see—I have to get a place prepped in my castle for yet another kitten, tossed away at our city park cat colony, that nopawdy wants. She has been fostered for a couple months by one of my our incredible Delta View Cats volunteers, but now their indoor/outdoor senior adult cat wants to come back inside ‘cuz it is getting cold outside now. So this kitten, Friday, is gonna come stay with me tomorrow.

Please forgive me if I can’t get my act together for three memes—we seniors have to conserve our brain cells ya’ know! MOL!!

The new kid, Domino, just had to get one of his memes into my post. I hope he doesn’t embarrass me too much with his silliness!

Come on, be honest, is that not an OLD one or what??? Did he make you giggle??? You gotta tell me the truth in my comments please!


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