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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My memes this week are pretty good in my humble opinion. I included a furramily member and then tossed in a couple of kitties from the last Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) “Kitchen Clinic” Mom L did. Think you are gonna like these lots, but be sure to let me know one way or the other in comments.

Read on!

That’s KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie above. She is so worried she is gonna get wrinkles or somethin’!

The kitten above was one of the most vocal Mom L can remember at the Kitchen Clinic.

Now this adult male cat knows how to talk to a doctor, don’t ya think?


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Kit Katie aka KK, wanted to be first up today. She truly believes that getting up on the tippy top of a cat tower or the stairs will always help her sleep better. What say any of you my readers? Do you prefer heights to help you nap?

And then TKS jumped up and down begging to be the next in our line up of memes today.

You can probably tell that she has a bit of a ‘tude toward the humans. She’s kind’a sort’a on a…ahem, koff, koff…diet.

Yeah, well I am sure all of you can relate to my ‘tude in this meme. I know that Mom L loved being in England and Ireland where no one ever tried to jump the queue like she experiences here at home.

Hope you get a smile or two from our furramily efforts today.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


My post is a tad late ‘cuz Mom L and Dad P had to take care of cats we were holding over night for their spay today at Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) clinic. They were up early to transport to the clinic so I just managed to get Mom L to loan my her opposable thumbs so’s I can get this post to all of my readers. Get ready for some big Friday smiles!!

The photos for today’s memes are all taken from a Kitchen Kitten Clinic Mom L helped with yesterday in Miss Gemma’s kitchen. Miss Gemma is the president for CC4C. I have covered those Kitchen Kitten Clinics in the past, check out one here.

That little tabby kitten was not happy gettin’ his bloods stolen!!

Mom L also helped with some adult cats. Not sure they enjoyed the Kitchen Clinic any more than the kittens did!!

Yep! I got that right. This tuxie boy did not think this position was what he would call “chillin'”, na’ mean??

And my Russian Blue buddy definitely didn’t like the sound of “urine sample”!!!

Let me hear in comments if you got a smile or two going from my Friday Memes!


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