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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


All my memes are from my foster kittens and from an adult colony girl that has at last gone to her forever home. First up, spectacular and feisty Baby from one of the cat colonies we take care of.

And if you tried, Baby would give you paw whack like you have never had before!!!

Next up are my foster sisters, Jessie James and Laughing Samantha. Sammie decided that her sister’s body is made just right for nice plush pillow!

Now sweet, cuddly Domino Kid is all by  himself. He consoled himself with as many of his stuffies as he could when he came home after seeing his brother Butch Cassidy leave for his very own home. More in next Monday’s post!!

That’s it for my memes. Hope you have a nice smile going!!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles!


Mom L and I are back trying to keep up on our deadlines! We have some giggly memes for you today. Enjoy!

First up is our cutie pie Sage aka TKS. She does have some very creative dreams!

Next is a guest, an itty bitty kitten from the Kitchen Clinic Mom L worked on Wednesday this week. What a little comedian!

And I caught our foster kitten, Butch Cassidy, having some quiet time with one of his fave toys.

Silly mancat!!! Of course all our manly mancats have their own version of a fave toy!!! Some have lions and tigers, others have birds, butterflies and donkeys!! What is your fave cuddly toy? Lemme know in comments.


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


First up I have a guest kitty named Katniss. She is the resident house panther for Mom L’s pal Miss Carol Ann. Give her a big shout out in comments for her creativity!!

Of course I asked my own castle family to pawticipate and Katie jumped at the chance!

And I finish up with a little silliness from me!

Hope you are all wearing a smile by now. Let me know in comments if you are gettin’ kind’a tired and maybe a tad bored with my “Friday Memes”. I noticed I do not have many views or comments anymore. I am happy to change up my “act” a bit if my loyal followers and readers let me know!


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