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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smiles


I have some guest memes today and one from TKS. Hope you are ready for your smilin’ Friday!!

First up is my long time pal Brian, from Brian’s Home. He totally rocks the internet with this calendar cheesecake pose!! Don’t you think???

Next up is a repeat guest from the blog we all loved, The Cult of Otis. Miss Opal is clearly enjoying the company of Thomas.

Of course TKS wanted to get in on the fun too.

Let me know if you are smiling even just a teeny little bit!


Friday Memes for Your Friday Smiles


I decided to just have my furramily highlighted on today’s memes. I hope you find us as amusing as I do!!! MOL!!!!!

This was a touch one for KK. She has indeed been growing a tiny bit and just doesn’t fit into her hidey holes like she used to!

Sigh—always such a disappointment whenever TKS learns she is not allowed to join Mom L and Dad P at the dinner table. Who knew!!! Some peeps just don’t like having a cat come to dinner???

Yup!!! That’s me! If I  want something, Mom L can try to distract me—but I am still going to wait her out and get just what I want! Sigh…I have such a wonderful loving furramily and the bestest ever human guardians. All of us girls are are fortunate that Mom L and Dad P found us, and we found them and we can all live together.

I dream of the day that all abandoned street cats will find the joy of living with humans that I have found.


Friday Memes for you Friday Smiles


I am back again for smiling pleasure. I sure do hope you will let me know in comments what’cha think of my choices today.

I think TKS has a great suggestion and role model for all of us during this stressful time; what’cha all think about that?

Every kitten needs to learn to keep its toesies tidy, don’t ya think?

The Siamese kitten is a recent rescue and the tabby in the last meme is from Mom L’s work at yesterday’s Kitchen Clinic at Community Concern 4 Cats.


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