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Friday Memes: Preparing for the Holidays


Here we go again. Except the memes this week, at least two of them, are gettin’ you all ready for the upcoming  Christmas holiday stuff. I do have a bit of a teaser for my Monday, December 17 blog post you might wanna be sure to hang around and read. It’s kind’a impawtant to me.

Let me hear you shout out in comments just how you do your own power nappin’. And I know my woofie pals get into this sport too so don’t be shy!

Come on! I KNOW you guys all help your hoomans this time of year with recycling all that paper. What’s your best method? Do you tear from the left or rip down the middle?

Sigh—what can I say. I don’t stir much for anything but food, loud noises, food, foster kitten squeaks, food, TKS tryin’ to sniff my butt, food—you get the drift, right?

My teaser for my Monday blog post has to do with asking you all to come back for a visit to learn about how our foster kittens Katie and Lilly are doing health wise. AND to learn how you can maybe help out Mom L and Dad P trying to get back to doing more for all the community cats we are helping.

That’s it!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back as usual with your Friday smile generator. Let me hear your woof, meow or arwoo in comments so I know which one gave you your special Friday smile.

Our crazy pants sixteen week old kitten Lilly is always worried about her hind legs lookin’ longer than her front legs!!

As for me, if I find gold, then buddy that gold is gonna be MINE! Just sayin’!!!

Yeah, just try dustin’ that knick knack! HAH!!! Bet it would fall over and make a loud screeching sound!!

Hope you enjoyed my Friday Memes.


Friday Memes and Smiles


I have a couple of fun memes to get you starting to make your Friday smiles shine!

First up, The Kid Sage has a little somethin’ to get all my kitty and woofie pals smiling big!!

Betcha’ lots of my pals know just what this task is all about! Give me some examples in comments if you feel like sharing.

And of course I couldn’t let our foster kittens miss a Friday Meme just in case they get off to their forever homes before next time. And yes!! Katie and Lilly are both now healthy and ready for adoption!!

Have a great weekend my pals!!


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