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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I missed last week’s Friday Memes ‘cuz Mom L had an “ouchie” on one of her right fingers and she couldn’t type so great. Hope this week’s line up tickles your funny bones once again!

Miss Cleopatra is one of our rescued abandoned community kitties we helped find a home during this human pandemic. She was abandoned at less than one year old, but she did indeed find her permanent castle like I did!

TKS wanted to make sure my readers don’t forget her so she created this silly meme just for you! And trust me she doesn’t allow anyone to use her pillow!

Next up is from our RWB (Reader without a blog), Miss Dorothy. I have known Miss Dorothy for about seven years. Her kitty Mistletoe was one of my mentors as were the orange brofurrs Tigger and Pumpkin. All three left for  The Bridge a couple of years or more ago, but I don’t ever want to lose their memories for me and Miss Dorothy.

Tigger always was a stickler for saving the environment, that’s why he likes his water right from the pawcet!

Be safe, practice social distancing and love your fur babies even more!




Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I am back with my Friday Memes. So sorry to have missed last Fraaiday, but Mom L lost control of her right index finger and she is for sure a “rightie” in typing. Please do forgive her typos…


First up is TKS.

As much as TKS luvluvluvs a nice lap…enough is enough…Na’mean?

Darling Opal, from the Mom and Dad of The Cult of Otis, is pondering just what it means for her Mom Miss Julie to spend time on something called “Zoom:? Anyone out there know what that means??

As for me, I am so tired of having to remind Dad P about the “mask required” when he serves our meals, I may have to report him to Ceiling Cat!!

How are you humans serving you these days—mask or no mask?? Reminder they give “it” to us.


Friday Memes for your Friday smiles


I am sure all of you are having some of the same challenges TKS, Katie and I are having with all this human “shelter in place” stuff. Don’t get us wrong, we get it that they need to keep themselves safe and healthy ‘cuz we love them and of course, want our meals served on time and whatnot.

But after a month of this, we are starting to want them to build a catio so THEY can go outside and play and leave us alone in a nice quiet house.

Katie is having a tough time getting her rest ‘cuz Mom L and Dad P are always asking her if she wants to play. She can’t figure out what it means unless it means that they don’t have anything else to do with their time. Seriously, they outta be able to use their imaginations and let the poor kid sleep, right?

As for TKS, she is starting to roam the house looking for furs she has dropped so’s she can stick them back onto her just to give Dad P enough fur to brush again and again and again!! I swear she is looking mighty thin in some spots.

As for me, I am having to fight for my napping spot on the couch because Mom L is binge watching TV shows! Honestly, I finally started sitting on her spot hoping she wouldn’t like sitting on my spot. But nooooooo, she doesn’t care where she sits for hours on hours on the couch. I never bargained for this, nope, no siree!

How are all of you doing with your humans around and so much time on their paws?


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