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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I decided to just make up my Friday Memes from me, TKS and Katie. Hope you get a smile or two from my selections.

Yep! Katie does indeed “see” things; do you?

Sigh! TKS just has to be the ONLY one who knows where anything food related is stashed put away. As time goes on, she may find she has competition with our “newbie” furramily member Mistress of the Princess Guard, Eowyn.

Have you ever tried to use a product on your whiskers? Shhhhh—just asking for a furriend.

Have a pawsome weekend!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have some furramily memes for you today. Yeah, yeah—I said it—”furramily”.

Here’s one from the kitten that is tryin’ to take over my castle. Let’s wait and see if she has the paw pawer to do it.

I couldn’t get Katie to settle down and pick out her photo for me to make a meme for her. So’s I got TKS to do one.

And I made my own meme to make sure all my pals know just how I feel about making our lives our very own.


Hope you have some chuckles going!


Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I have memes for you today that are sure to make you start that Friday grin! First up is my pal Toulouse from Team Dash Kitten.

Do any of you do your daily workouts in your TP Gym? Just curious—asking for a friend.

Next up is this upstart of a castle guest, Miss Eowyn. She is making Mom L’s office her own personal jungle!

Ok, be honest with me. How many of you still play around with the dangling strings on your humans’ window coverings??

And there you have it. My paws are DOWN!!! I decide from now on who gets invited and when and for how long!!

As our pals at Trout Towne say “Have a pawsome week-o-end!!”


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