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I Gave Momma Kat A Name


My guest selfie is someone you already know. Her name was “Momma Kat” but I decided to give her REAL NAME in my post today. And no, sadly, I have not heard this from her permanent caretaker, I simply kept calling her Mandy in my own cat’s mind and I decided it suits her ever so well.

You see the name “Mandy” suits her purrfectly. So from now on, here on my blog, the former “Momma Kat” will be known as “Mandy”.

You ask “why Mandy?” Here is the meaning of this name, and tell me if you think she ought to have some other name. I purrsonally believe “Mandy” is her REAL NAME.

Abbreviation of Amanda, meaning worthy of being loved

I will be sharing the journey she took to end in her permanent home on Monday. That’s why I chose her to be my guest selfie as I join The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw the badge below to transport faster than a bunny who just ate a mouthful of wasabi to see so many other wonderful selfies.


I have to admit I chose a fave photo of Mandy. I tried real hard to get new photos of her over the last few months, but alas, her permanent home had no time to capture her beauty and share with me. So I hope you enjoy the art known as MANDY!!

Lastly my favorite…

Mandy ready for life as her REAL SELF


PeeEss—Mandy does have a permanent home. Not as I had dreamed of for her, nor her five kittens. But they will all be cared for.

APAWS!! Friday Memes Are Here Again!


I am back again with some silly memes from my pals at the Kitty Platoon. Nope, sadly they do not have a blog. Their human is silly and creative but doesn’t have time, so I get to share their crazy photos!! How cool is that?!!

Captain Fokker is a long revered originator of The Kitty Platoon. He has led his cat-troops through many real life learning situations.

Please let The Kitty Platoon hear how much you enjoy their crazy antics in comments.


News on Monday Meowsie News about Momma Kat’s permanent home.

Get Your Squee! Going—Part One


Do you remember the Community Concern 4 Cats kitchen clinic Mom L helps with? I hope you do. I have posted about it several times over the last year or so. Here, here, here.

Mom L has gone to the kitchen clinic the last few weeks and I asked her to share some of her photos on my blog. Because she has lots of patients, I am gonna make this a four part series. Hang on with you paws cuz you are gonna have some fun!!

You are gonna start squeeeeing right away, then have some ohhhs and ahhhhs.

The marmie/ginger kitten takes a bit of time to catch on—but he does eventually!

Danger stranger

Now the realization…


And then the plea to Ceiling Cat…

calling Ceiling Cat

Final understanding…

Why me?

Next up the scaredy cat tabby boy.


So much for his hopes.

You're kidding

Yup, that’s in your future buddy.

Call for Mom

And then there was the feral adult female cat who needed her toofies and throat checked. Doc Josie got one really fast look and that kitty was GONE! She launched outta that towel wrap at warp speed and flew across the kitchen island and back again. Thankfully Ms. Gemma from CC4C is an expert at capturing all kinds of energetic cats!

You're kidding, right?


Next up!

Worried kitten

And so it goes at all of CC4C Kitchen Clinics. Never a dull moment!!

Stay tuned for Part Two in Get Your Squee Going!




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